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On Feb 26 it said valid for entry within 10 days
I have a flight ex-Tel Aviv on March 18th. DF and myself are vaccinated but the kids aren't.. so if I need an ishur from vaadat harigim for the kids, I'd rather do it as early as possible so that I can know where I'll be for Pessah  :-X

Question for whoever got an ishur from vaadat harigim: how long is the ishur good for?

From MOH COVID-19 Telegram channel:

What exactly is meant by #10?
SDV airport back in business?  ::)

I would think it's to exit, not enter.
Yes, to exit. But isn't that the main issue when you live here?

She seems to believe that kids of vaccinated parents will require vaad harigim's approval  :-\

Up In The Air / Re: Ex-TLV Routes and Flights Discussions
« on: Today at 03:32:24 AM »

Anyone knows the % of 60+ vaccinated, by any chance?

And machlimim recovered in Israel?
Machlimim are treated like vaccinated

Is 1,000 confirmed? Is London and Paris approved as well?
Initially yes
Sorry not London. Just US, Germany, France and Ukraine

Now that the airport is officially reopening, sort of, will all the daily flights TLV-NYC be flying as scheduled?

There are thousands of bochurim, seminary girls, and couples, with flights scheduled these next few weeks, and if they start to again limit flight schedules there will be chaos.
1000 daily for the time being.. across all of US, London, Paris etc.. it will be chaos

Joint Prime Minister's Office-Health Ministry-Transportation Ministry Statement

(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Office, the Health Ministry and the Transportation Ministry)


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Tuesday, 2 March 2021), convened the Corona Cabinet for continued discussion of the outline for entry to, and exit from, Israel.


Pursuant to Prime Minister Netanyahu's directive to the Cabinet last night to make the outline for entry to, and exit from, Israel more stringent, the Cabinet approved in principle the outline that was formulated by the interministerial team chaired by the National Security Council and the Health and Transportation ministries, starting on Sunday, 7 March 2021, as follows:


1. To allow the entry of up to 3,000 Israelis daily, starting from Sunday, 7 March 2021, according to the air travel outline and with the number of flights to be determined by the Transportation Ministry in coordination with the Health Ministry. This number will also include those people passing through the land crossings according to the coordination that will be carried out between the Transportation and Interior ministers.


The Transportation and Health ministers will report at each Cabinet meeting and will recommend such changes as may be necessary.


2. Israelis returning from abroad will be required to quarantine at home in accordance with the instructions of the Health Ministry including on the issue of advance tests, except for people who have been vaccinated or who have recovered, who will also be required to undergo tests.


3. The Israel Police will focus on enforcing home quarantine and will assign top priority to enforcing quarantine for those returning from abroad.


4. The necessary resources will be allocated to the Israel Police in order to carry out the enforcement with emphasis on up to 660 additional inspectors (state employees) in coordination with the Public Security Ministry.


5. Technological means will continue to be advanced as will be the necessary legislation for their use in enforcing home quarantine.


6. Quarantine hotels will be utilized for citizens who cannot maintain home quarantine.


7. Vaccinated Israeli citizens will be allowed to leave Israel in accordance with the limit on the number of flights that will be determined by the Transportation Minister and while meeting the Health Ministry conditions. An exceptions committee for those leaving Israel will discuss applications by unvaccinated citizens to leave the country.


8. The regular permits committee for dealing with applications by foreign nationals will continue to operate, chaired by the Interior Ministry.


9. A budget will be allocated to the Transportation Ministry for its responsibilities stemming from this decision, in coordination with the Finance Ministry.


10. Additional airports will be prepared in order to make the process more efficient, in coordination with the Finance Ministry.


11. Staff work will be carried out by the Health, Transportation and Tourism ministries regarding the future entry of vaccinated tourists, which will be duly submitted for Cabinet approval.


12. Regulations will be submitted to extend the situation until Sunday, 7 March 2021.


The regulations will be submitted for Cabinet approval as soon as work on them is finished.






I'm assuming vaccination required for 16+ only.
What about quarantine for kids below 16 on their way back from abroad?

So...leave the kids in Israel for Pesach? Now that's what I call Pesach vacation
Why just on Pessah?  ;)

Seems will require some form of negative test.
Negative tests for everyone, including vaccinated people, both on way in and out

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