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Paying $750 For closed sealed boxes in hand. Brooklyn or Lakewood area.
  Limited amount needed.

Paying $750 For closed sealed boxes in hand. Brooklyn or Lakewood area.
  Limited amount needed.

Anyone coming from Toronto to Brooklyn/Lakewood?
 Or from Detroit to Brooklyn/Lakewood? Pm if yes. Thanks
 Small package wanted to be brought to me.


 Code will be found on the product after clicking on the link.

Is there a justification to why some stores you get an item at one Price while at another store you can get the item for another price?
   Have yet to see such pricing at other stores.


You should fix the header it's not the S10 plus it's the note 10 plus.
  and with select carriers like T-Mobile and unlocked are 409.

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: New Coin Deal
« on: Yesterday at 10:56:38 PM »
You're quoting the wrong person. I never suggested inflation was an appropriate metric by which to judge investments.
   It's good to see you around In this thread, was waiting for members like you to show up here, who have their head on their shoulders. ( Or at least it appears you do from the way you express yourself in the posts throughout the forum.)

Now to say they're not fakes, I won't disagree, but to put the blame on him? I wouldn't.
   He did flip them and make a profit so ... But they do work as discussed in that thread they won't stop them.
   Still sitting on 4 closed rolls in my closet and a bunch more in the mail cabinet.
   They work like magic.
  Would I feel comfortable buying something that I know is not kosher? Maybe and maybe not! But what was done is done.

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Scam or Deal
« on: Yesterday at 10:40:17 PM »
Does Makita even make their tools in those colors??

they do make two colors, but yeah I was turned off by all those colors being listed, I guess they wanted to look like a real listing?

  Yeah I guess we can call it a scam, oh well what a good price.

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