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PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes, Clean Refreshing Scent, 40 Count Non-Alcohol Sanitizing Wipes Canisters (Pack of 6) – 9120-06-CMR
And try to use Dan's referral link.

Lighting deal over. And future posts please use Dan's referral link.

6-8 weeks told me. Will be on the lookout for the envelope and see what happens.
 More like 9 weeks already.

What we'll do for free stuff! While you can just go out and buy the same exact thing for under $5!
If it's free it's for me.

Getting something for free after spending an hr to get it vs finding a job for that hour and buying it outright is two different levels.

Just Shmooze / Re: Buying Group Master Thread
« on: Today at 02:23:13 AM »
Just found out the issue was that they ran out of checks
Lol, same issue in lakewood. The funny part is they have much less items being received and now they're running out of checks. But a day later got it all.
 Bh bli"ah all is good.

General Discussion / Re: NYC parking fines
« on: Today at 02:13:47 AM »
The cops are able to ticket you for doing all the aforementioned shtick.  Especially if they see that you put tape on it... omg you’re screwed.
In bp this week they're cracking down big time. For fake registration, inspection and ... everything and anything.

Up In The Air / Re: Flying Blue Promo Awards
« on: Today at 02:02:58 AM »
There is a problem with AF website for the past week or so. Try on your phone.
Will do, thanks.

Up In The Air / Re: Flying Blue Promo Awards
« on: Today at 12:51:14 AM »
   Is it me or was it always like that you needed miles in your account to search for award travel?  when i try to search for travel my pointer becomes a block like a red circle not allowing me to search,nor change the date, anything associated to travel with miles i cant do without miles in my account.

Up In The Air / Re: Aegean Air award ticket booking
« on: Yesterday at 11:55:40 PM »
You should get whatever the operating airline gives.
Is that a yes?
 Probably best to look online and see if he can find any info or contact the airline directly.

Sorry, should have clarified, never did any of these tours, in my younger days I was an airline pilot, started flying for the airlines at a very young age , my first position was a 2nd officer-yes they had a 3rd pilot at the cockpit those days, if he was pilot rated and an FE he was called a 2nd officer, if he had just an FE ticket then was called a Flight Engineer with no promotion possibilities to FO.  I studied at Braniff International Airlines at Dallas Love Field, upon graduation they hired me as a B727 2nd officer moved up to Captain on the 727 with Eastern Airlines , flew as an FO on the Tristar L1011 my favorite airplane of all time, then flew as a B767-200 Captain for a Norwegian Airline Braathens Safe till 1997 when it was acquired by SAS.
Wow, didn't know we have pilots on the forum.
 So we getting a new thread with trip reports from @ludmila past life experience flying as a pilot. ;)

Also what's this suppose to mean? Quoted from the DDMS.
 What does this mean?

“You must call Virgin Atlantic at 800-365-9500 to get them to price the award without the extra pricing for taking a connecting flight.”

What’s the extra pricing and connecting flight?

I'll be the 3rd. can we airbnb it when no one is there?
First another 17 ppls.

General Discussion / Re: Car Mechanic Thread
« on: Yesterday at 08:55:54 PM »
I have one that I use for the last couple of years.
Is it worth spending 28$ for a better one?

General Discussion / Re: Car Mechanic Thread
« on: Yesterday at 08:38:56 PM »
What's wrong with the $5 ones on eBay?
Do they work?

Anyone here receive there rebate?

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