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General Discussion / Re: Is the down?
« on: Today at 01:34:47 AM »
True story!

What, you can fly to Chicago for a steak, but you can't fly in for XYZ?
I guess that's why lots of ddf members couldn't make it to izzy's, not wanting to be mishubid to all simchos.  ;)


The Sazerac company brands, including buffalo trace, blantons, eagle rare, pappy and many more, owned by the Goldring family, don't sell their chometz and thats where problems arise.
However the Heaven Hill brand(Parker's, evan williams, elijah craig), owned by the shapira family, sell their chometz and is kosher-see star-k list.

General Discussion / Re: VPN
« on: Today at 12:46:35 AM »
While traveling specifically in Israel i was able to watch all my baseball games with a simple tap of a button to change my location when the the mlb app wouldn't work.
   I've tried many but none come close and very happy i found a normal easy one which is free and works.

Back again with 60% off.

Some Poskim hold itís not a problem, since bourbon is only kitniyos sheavar Pesach.
Didnt think of that, interesting to hear that there's 2 sides to the argument, I guess that's why you should ask your LOR.

so why don't you just use the same coupon over and over and throw a random coupon in the shoot?
some useful DPs:
I don't believe anything changed.
I just used a 4 coupons at self checkout in the same transaction, not sure if theres any limit
The toms river S&S solution center printer prints out coupons missing one line of the barcode. NONE OF THESE COUPONS WILL SCAN ANYWHERE!!! i bought one GC at a regular checkout line so I have one "good" coupon that i can scan, and throw a dif coupon into the coupon chute.

Tech Talk / Re: Kosher Phones
« on: Yesterday at 10:52:16 PM »
Currently have "Hot" Kosher sim card for Israel, where can I get a kosher phone in Monsey for Israel? (My understanding is that it can't be a kosher phone from the US and has to be one from Israel or on their network??)
False, I know cellular Israel knows how to change some of the settings on select devices which would filter the phone allowing the use of a kosher sim.
  Call up cellular Israel and ask which phones you can buy in America and bring there to use.

wouldnt it be funny if that starts trending? lol  ;D
Would be hilarious but I doubt that's going to become a trend.  ;)
  Sorry, you ain't becoming famous overnight.

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Ue boom 2 red only $59.99
« on: Yesterday at 10:43:29 PM »
Thanks got 5
Yup that's why we have "Thanks=A like button click"

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Ue boom 2 red only $59.99
« on: Yesterday at 10:42:37 PM »
Thank you
2 Shipped already, thank you.
Was waiting for another deal on these.

General Discussion / Re: VPN
« on: Yesterday at 08:07:27 PM »
I would like to get a VPN to show I am located in NJ (its legal to play poker online in NJ). Are there vpn's where I can choose where I want it to show where I am? If so, or anyone know of one that pings NJ, please let me know.
thank you
The best I found was this site, using it for a while already.

but what if I saw this deal elsewhere?  ;)
Then why not post it, #Selfishbb1836.  ;D

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