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Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Orlando Master Thread
« on: March 07, 2017, 08:15:20 AM »
Does anyone know if there will be a Minyan for Pesach 2017 , in Windsor Palms, that is not part of the "Different Kind Of Pesach" program?

One way/Round trip:
Non-stop/Maximum stops/Any: 1 stop maximium
From: TLV
To: MIA or FLL
Departure dates: April10-13, 2015
Return airports:MIA or FLL to TLV
Return dates: May8-11, 2015
Class: Coach
Seats: Total number of people traveling over the age of 2 : 5 and one child age 1.5 years
Alliance/Airline: Star alliance or Sky Miles
I have enough miles for all the tickets.Late afternoon or  Night Flights only

Please follow the following rules when posting in this thread. Failure to do so may result in you request being ignored or deleted.

FAQs: (if you are looking to purchase a ticket, please post here)

Q: How many miles will my USA-TLV ticket cost?
Q: How can I use my credit card points to book a USA-TLV ticket?

A: Please read Dan's very helpful and informative guides found here and here

Q: Do I have to pay a lot of money when using miles for a ticket?

A: Sometimes. For more information read this

Q: How do I find award availability?
A: For Star Alliance (Continental, United, USairways, AirCanada, Lufthansa, Swiss, and others) see this guide

For OneWorld (AmericanAirlines, BritishAirways, Iberia, Malev, and more) You can use BA's award search engine (you need to have a free BA account to access the engine). In addition you can use Qantas' engine (free account needed as well), which will (to an extent) search Elal. As of this posting, the Elal business flights that show up are coach, and vice verse.
Can someone help me find mileage tickets for TLV-Miami April 10-13, 2015 Miami- TLV May 8-11, 2015. for a family of 2 adults, 4 children ages 9,7,3 , 1-1/2 years old. Night flights with short connection times , 2 flights. I have enough miles for either Star Alliance or Sky Miles Awards for economy ticket. I will pay someone to help me. Thank you. M H

For Delta and AirFrance, use their respective sites. While not perfect, they are quite manageable for the casual searcher.

And of course, many of us here will take time out to help someone who is trying to learn.

Q: All this searching is making me crazy. Is there an easier way?
A: Yes, but it might cost you. Check out,, and

Q: I see AirCanada availability, but when I call AirCanada they say I can't use my Continental miles with them. Aren't they partners?
A: You can only use miles with the airline that issued them. Through that airline (in our case Continental) they can issue a ticket on a partner (ie AirCanada). Trying to call AirCanada with Continental miles, is like trying to use shekels in Mexico.

Q: I can't find availability on my dates. What should I do?
A: You should try to be as flexible as possible. Can you add a stop or 2? Can you be more flexible with your dates? The airports?
If all else fails keep trying. Availability is constantly opening up.

Q: Can someone please help me find a ticket?
A: No! Find it yourself.  ;D ;D Just kidding. Please copy the following lines, and fill it out in your post.

One way/Round trip:
Non-stop/Maximum stops/Any:
From: All airports from which you can depart
To: All airports which you can arrive at. For multiple destinations, just keep adding this line
Departure dates: All possible dates that you can depart on. Please be as specific as possible.
Return airports:
If different from 'To' line. Delete this line for One way tickets
Return dates: Delete this line for One way tickets
Class: First/Business/Coach/Any
Seats: Total number of people traveling over the age of 2
Alliance/Airline: What airline or alliance are you looking to fly with

Please add any other information you feel might be useful

...and remember, please don't PM members, if it's something you can post.

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