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Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
« on: March 18, 2021, 01:19:50 AM »
Thanks, any info on place in westgate?
I once used him. Really nice guy 7328065597

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
« on: March 13, 2021, 09:40:29 PM »
Does anyone have any good recommendations for a cleaning crew to clean my apartment for Pesach?

Up In The Air / Re: Random airline-questions.
« on: January 10, 2021, 07:44:06 PM »
Is there any way to change a round trip reservation to 2 one way reservations?

Up In The Air / Re: United making it easier to get status due to Covid
« on: November 14, 2020, 07:13:21 PM »
They announced that they are allowing you to use your United Credit card to earn PQP

Your card can help elevate your status
we'd like to share key program updates that apply to United MileagePlus® Cardmembers for the 2021 program year.

NEW for the 2021 program year, your card-earned PQP can be applied to Premier 1K® status if you, the primary Cardmember, meet the Premier qualifying flight (PQF) requirement (36 PQF).*

Earn up to 1,000 Premier® qualifying points (PQP) on card spend
You earn 500 PQP for every $12,000 in card spend, up to 1,000 PQP in a calendar year, with UnitedSM Explorer Cards, United ClubSM Cards, United MileagePlus® Awards Cards and United MileagePlus® Cards with annual fees.

As of January 1, 2021, if you have more than one qualifying United MileagePlus Card, you can combine the PQP earned from all of your eligible cards, up to 5,000 PQP in the calendar year. Please note that PQP earned from the UnitedSM Presidential PlusSM Card and UnitedSM Presidential PlusSM Business Card are excluded from this cap.

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: NEW Chase Ink Business Preferred in 2017
« on: November 09, 2020, 01:38:23 PM »
Is there any reason not to close a business card? Im asking because Dan usually writes not to close accounts but rather to downgrade. Does this apply to a Business card as well?

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Chase Freedom Unlimited Master Thread
« on: October 15, 2020, 12:42:21 AM »
I signed up for the Freedom Unlimited for the 5x Grocery. When I got my first statement it was just giving me the regular 1.5. I called to see why that was happening and the rep started telling me that there is no such thing as the 5x on grocery. I directed him where it clearly was still showing that this was the signup promotion. He said he will put a note in my account to make sure it gets updated. I just received a letter from chase telling me they are confirming that this promotion expired and will not be receiving the 5x on groceries.

Anyone else had this? Any tips on what I can do next?

I already have a Freedom Unlimited and only signed up specifically for this bonus.

Up In The Air / Re: Infant Travel
« on: October 15, 2020, 12:33:10 AM »
Is this still enforced? asking about taking a double stroller on AA, and who enforces it? In other words, if I get past security, will they make me take it back when I get to the gate?  Asking about AA Domestic small plane flight.
(Not checking in luggage, so I will be going straight to security)

I just flew from LAX on AA and was told by the bag check that if my (double) stroller weighs more than 23lbs I will have to check it in with my bags. I ended up taking off the wheels so when she weighed it, it was less than the 23lbs. When I got to the gate there was a gate agent that started telling me that I can't bring this stroller because it weighs more than 20lbs and that she will have to carry it herself down the steps because they don't have a shoot. I actually watched her carry it ( she was an older women).

Does anyone know if this going to be a new thing??

2 Months for Gold
4 Months for Five Star
6 Months for Presidents Circle

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Free upgrade for 3 months AwardWallet Plus
« on: March 28, 2020, 10:55:35 PM »
Where are you seeing that? Mine expires in a month and the only option is to pay to extend..

I got this email from them


We’ve decided to offer a complementary upgrade to AwardWallet Plus for all members with a free account to help you stay on top of your points and travel reservations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AwardWallet Plus gives you access to the following:

Track expiration dates for an unlimited number of accounts.
See historical point balances and transaction history for some loyalty accounts.
Accounts update in parallel instead of sequentially, and you won’t be limited to checking a balance once per 24 hours.
With global travel on hold, we wanted to make sure you don’t lose valuable rewards because you weren’t aware of an expiration date. You won’t need to provide a credit card or remember to cancel the upgrade—after 3 months, your account will automatically revert to AwardWallet Free.

Thank you for being an AwardWallet Member.

Deals/Deal Requests / Free upgrade for 3 months AwardWallet Plus
« on: March 28, 2020, 09:53:10 PM »
You can upgrade for free. No CC needed. Account will automatically revert back after 3 months

Pickup location:Greater Lakewood Area
Drop Off location:Same
Pickup date & time:04/06
Drop Off Date & Time04/20
Preferred Car Size:Minivan
Age (if under 25):
Best quote:$559

Echo show 5 $50

On The Road / Re: Hertz Master Thread
« on: February 09, 2020, 07:55:02 PM »
why would you call?

I happen to have been on the phone with them so I just asked...

On The Road / Re: Hertz Master Thread
« on: February 09, 2020, 07:41:55 PM »
I got PC status from having the United Club Card. I only had the card for a few months then decided to change it to the Explorer as I did not think the AF was worth it. I still have PC status and asked a Hertz Rep when it expires and she said she doesn't see an expiration date. Does anyone know if that makes sense?

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