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In reference to what?
in general, describing gog umagog. It may have been in a different source. Iíll double check the person who told me

In light of the recent attack by Iran (Persia) on Saudi Arabia, please note the Psikta on this weeks Haftorah:
i heard this years ago.

Although I canít personally attest to its truth, Iíve heard stories of tzadikim who have been driver in a car on E for multiple hours. Rí Eí Abuchatzeira zatzal?

In light of the recent burglaries maybe we can arrange volunteer night patrols with lights? Also anyone familiar with the law regarding what lights a citizen can display?

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i really wish we can make a fad to not use smartphones anymore. Life would be way more enjoyable ImHO

Eli Maslaton 730-1340 maybe

Deals/Deal Requests / Starbucks Coffee
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Anyone know the cheapest place to buy Starbucks ground coffee ?

DíBlasio drops out

Anyone know someone who would give a haircut in my house?

Anyone else feel weird about the sushi and selichot combo?
yup, wasn't gonna say anything here in the 5T thread

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Original song is Despacito
that we know

Can we back up here? What exactly is the problem with this?? Someone is offering a service of placing a note into the wall and offering to either take a picture or video to prove that he did it. Whatís the problem?

Spotted in Monsey

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