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Hydroxychloroquine has become so politicizes it is hard to know what the truth realy is.



What is the best option for a data plan for a Verizon Mifi preferably unlimited?

Rx only:
True but Labcorp offers an RX for $10 through PWN health
Does anyone know if that will get me the Roche test?

Took the Roche test yesterday, positive result as well.
Where and how did you get one in Cleveland - Is there a way to order one one online and get the Roche test?


its nice to see how a whole community is being smeared just like that
חלילה - it is undisputed that in Boro Park they have a different הנהגה in regard to covid 19. I was just attempting to offer my 2 cents on why.

For whatever reason  Chasidim have a different הנהגה ....
There seems to mistrust to the Government ingrained in them, even though we live in a מדינה של חסד attitudes did not change much from the Carpathian Mountains. This is for health issues פרנסה and other thing in our interaction with government ודי לחכימא ברמיזא.

Do you have any insight into WHY people in those two neighborhoods might be acting differently?
For whatever reason  Chasidim have a different הנהגה ....

Can anyone please explain why it would be so hard to put in a mask when davening indoors?
I guess it depends on each person, I know many who are planning on staying in an outside minyan that allows after proper social distancing one does not have to wear a mask at their place, then to come inside until it safe to w/o a mask.
Personally I find it difficult to wear one properly more than 15 minutes.

YIGC had a sign up for the tent and had 2 minyanim.

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