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Pickup location[oak park mi]:
Drop Off location[oak parak]:
Pickup date & time[28/2]:
Drop Off Date & Time[3/3]
Preferred Car Size[any]:
Age[20] (if under 25):
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On The Road / Re: Hertz President Circle
« on: February 25, 2019, 11:25:27 PM »
1 st question
 yes of course you but this was regrading someone under 21 making a national account with a different birthday and then using that status that you get from it (EE) to status match to hertz PC (assuming you are using usaa to make the account) not to actually use the national account to do rentals just using it to get status
2nd question
(from personal experience as always YMMV)
 with usaa hertz can created account at 18 no prblem
avis i created account with wrong birthday called them up to switch birthday they did it over the phone and was able to rent from them
national wont let you rent or make account under 21
havent tried much else
would you care to walk me through getting an hertz account (under 21) with usaa

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