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How have the 2nd dose side effects been for people who had COVID?


Also looking for info about the Moderna same question.
(asking as someone who had pretty rough s/e to first shot a year after recovering from covid.

I really don't get why people get excited when someone in Israel says they've cured some disease people get excited. Haven't we seen this story already?
it might have been going on for much longer but I've only noticed it now during corona, but every couple of weeks there is a report of an Israeli cure for covid that is 100% effective and then is never heard from again. I even seem to remember Netanyahu tweeting about it a couple of times. Learned to ignore them, although you never know. . .

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: The current state of COVID-19 in Israel
« on: January 30, 2021, 11:50:37 PM »
why are we not seeing a bigger effect from the vaccines in Israel?

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