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look through a few of the trip reports here about Los Angeles, san fran, palm springs and oxnard for some basic ideas of what people did in those areas, u can also check out the PCH (pacific coast highway) thread
sorry i had meant to include the link to the trip reports @Shalom1234

Hi I'm looking to do a trip in California this summer for about 10 days anyone with some good itinerary that they have used? or any good suggestions Where I could get one.
look through a few of the trip reports here about Los Angeles, san fran, palm springs and oxnard for some basic ideas of what people did in those areas, u can also check out the PCH (pacific coast highway) thread

On The Road / Re: Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem
« on: Yesterday at 10:22:38 PM »
is room service or any of the restaurants open during yom tov/shabbos to order basic food? trying to figure out if i need to shell out for a meal plan for day meals when it seems they arent really as worthwhile as night meals (and the breakfast plus maybe a sandwich or a salad should be enough).

Also would appreciate any experiences or info on kashrus at inbal, esp for yomim tovim (Iím generally an ou guy).

Inbal and Citadel will probably be a big difference between milk and meat kitchens. Orient wasn't into mehadrin last I heard but please update.

I'm hoping to get back to israel and trying to figure out kashrus and new hotel options. Can anyone update on whether Orient, inbal or citadel are under mehadrin hechshers for yamim tovim or otherwise? also there are other new hotels like the herbert samuel, brown, paamonim, and now dan panorama is renovated, are any of these options mehadrin and or recommended? and is prima royale a decent option for yom tov?

i will end it right here by answering this q:
after my man sankar left burlington, i started going to a guy named hani. 131 doughty blvd (entrance on morris ave). when u walk in hes the left door. its a very simple store (writes his work in a marble notebook, no receipts u cud take a picture of the marble notebook entry) but he does a really good job imo
i used to go to Gus & Kim's (very eclectic dude and expensive, but he made a $90 clearance suit fit me like a $600 one), but now i am lazy and Mark, one of the salesman at Emporio, does simple tailoring of pants/shirtsleeves with door to door service for normal prices which is a huge convenience to me. his number u can message is 718-813-1398

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Bahamas Master Thread
« on: June 12, 2021, 10:42:22 PM »
Anyone here tried the new renovated Royal tower rooms (with the caesars deal or otherwise)? also any feedback on whether some water areas are heated in the winter? thinking about booking for january (had a great pesach there years ago).

Kenny Rozenberg said that his goal for Tabernacle is to make it a fully kosher experience i.e. ambiance is also kosher - ... no female bartenders
i get the other things but how is this an issue? if its a point of memaet sicha im isha then have all men waiters too? seems strange and possibly illegal.

I don't think I ever implied there was money involved for the Rabonim. Only Rabbi Eisen is making the big bucks. He also happens to be the one behind all of this. For the other Rabonim it's kavod and control. It's not very many Rabonim involved in this. It's only a number of them. That's why only some are mentioned in the two hazmanos.

The bases for this lawsuit seems to be because the Vaad told people not to eat there for personal gain, not because the standard of kashrus was any lower. This is clear and provable.
The Vaad is control hungry. And money hungry. There also happens to be a lot of improvements they need to make.
im sorry for my tone i cant help but be incredulous when u post about lots of rabbis who i know work leshem shamayim, and you say things like they are in it for personal gain and "this is clear and provable"  and then when asked for sources you say u read the lawsuit and the letters (that EVERYONE read).

Your quotes are above. now you are saying that when u referred to Vaad you referred really only to its employee R Eisen? that is inconsistent, as the local rabbis are the ones who said dont accept new hashgachos (not R eisen), and they get no money (and honestly no control or kavod as can be clear here). Do you see why i didnt get the hating on the local rabbis by you without any support?

I read the entire lawsuit. I also read all the letters the Vaad put out over the past year or so.
ahh so u dont know anything. i asked if you have any proof that a the rabbis of the community/Vaad get money from the vaad and your source is the terrible joke of a rushed complaint from a counterparty.

The bases for this lawsuit seems to be because the Vaad told people not to eat there for personal gain, not because the standard of kashrus was any lower. This is clear and provable.
u speak of slander, please if its clear and provable can u provide a resource? as i understand it the rabbis of the community/Vaad get $0 from the vaad.

Oy this is embarrassing
I didnít read it but it shouldnít make it to public news 🤦‍♂️
i stopped going to chimichurri bc of loh plug and following my rabbi (based on the hope to keep one hashgacha and not end up with several and not knowing who to follow), but if my wife would say she really wants it i'd tell her she could eat it. now i won't let anyone buy from there until they do a real apology. terrible chillul hashem, and at a time when we really don't want it. look the jews are gangsters in palestine and gangsters in five towns. Also don't get Tomer piling on, not sure i will even buy packaged stuff there now.
really sad bc chimichurri is delicious, and i really want to try a brgr...

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: NYC Hotels Master Thread
« on: May 24, 2021, 09:43:59 PM »
It has a waterfront view?
no but u can probably see from their roof/pool/lounge area or top floors (but those arent good for shabbos).

Trip Reports / Re: Ventana Big Sur Getaway (upper Pacific Coast)
« on: May 23, 2021, 01:33:31 PM »
Nice TR.
Any room or food pics?
food pics below (first day milchigs/salmon werenít great, shwarma was excellent with all the fillings provided (note itís not on menu but she told me she would have the week I was there so always contact rebetzin binie before u go to see options). Chicken on bone and marinated chicken were good but not shwarma level. Soups for lunch generally were never heated hot enough to enjoy, and didnít like the mushroom barley though I liked the butternut squash (wife thought too sweet). bourekas heated for lunch were good and a smart inclusion. egg salad and tuna were also good for lunch (tuna was a bit more israeli-tuna tasting) and they all came with delicious pretzel buns, and lunch and dinner came with great salads. we really could have both lived off of one portion each meal if needed.

room pics are in the TripAdvisor review I can repost later.

I was looking at the ventana big sur, last week it had points availability for my dates, last night it didnt, today it does. Is that a glitch or did rooms really become available? Also on a related note, how close-in can i rely that there will be points availability?
fyi my trip report on Ventana is here/on tripadvisor. seemed like close in there were no rooms available in early may when i went.

Trip Reports / Re: Ventana Big Sur Getaway (upper Pacific Coast)
« on: May 20, 2021, 01:33:08 AM »
Review of Ventana here with some pics, may supplement as I go through. Still want to post on stops/hikes we did at some point.

Trip Reports / Re: Ventana Big Sur Getaway (upper Pacific Coast)
« on: May 19, 2021, 11:29:13 PM »
Great start.  We have been pre-contemplating a drive up the coast and a stay in Ventana.   Great to hear that the Chabad food option is viable and not priced exorbitantly. Did you use Hyatt points?
Looking forward to the rest...
yes all hyatt points, we splurged 60k per night for the vista hot tub suite (which has the most privacy, a large outdoor space really all to ourselves).

Trip Reports / Ventana Big Sur Getaway (upper Pacific Coast)
« on: May 19, 2021, 10:58:31 PM »
Trying to do this on Tapatalk...

We had done a little hike in Big Sur on our way down the pch a few years ago and always wanted to come back and stay at the uber expensive Post Ranch Inn. When we both got vaccinated and then had a personal tragedy combined with way too much work, we decided we needed to get away for a few days and really relax/imbibe some nature.

Part 1 Flights

I found 20k saver fares on business class flights (on on aa jfk to SFO A321 three class plane that I jumped on, using a bunch I had held onto for a few years and having a friend transfer the rest through marriott points. This flight was a 7:30 morning flight so we had to get up early but having the comfy bed (fabric and plush throughout, and imho better than the leather delta one flatbed and the mint bed which is hard in the wrong places) was key to pick up 2-3 hours of sleep so we could last the west coast day. We grabbed some kosher goodies at the aa lounge and hopped on at final call. Iím a bubby so I took extra chobani and bagels just in case. The kosher breakfast was decent and overall the service was excellent, I even got a bourbon to bring to the hotel.

On the way back I booked the latest mint flight Thursday night leaving at midnight for about $500 a ticket with points on my Amex plats (so I get 35% of my points back). About a week after I booked the price doubled and never came back down so I was happy I grabbed em. All the suites were available but my wonderful wife preferred we sit together so alas I gave up on that value (this is the old mint suite anyway, not such a novelty).
Unlike my previous redeye JetBlue mint experience, this one was a bit bumpy. Though the tuft and needle stuff were nice, I felt the seat was pretty uncomfortable for sleeping and had hard parts at places where u place lots of weight (shoulder etc if on your side, and u canít sleep on your back if you are fat like me bc itís right). I still got my 2-3 hours but not as great as aa.
Service was also weak, didnít get headphones til up in the air for a while, no drinks for a while and they forgot to even give us their drink menu at first, and a Pesach meal!! I did eat some gefilte joining the mile chai club, and the raspberry roll was fine too as a Pesach shlishi tribute, but itís kinda crazy they are still serving these on mint. The raspberry gelato at the end (had to be glidini) was delicious though, and the flight arrived over 20 Minutes early.
on the bright side, i grabbed a small bulleit bourbon for shabbos, and their takeaway am snack bag was all kosher, but that green juice was pretty nasty...

Next we can talk about the actual stops on the way to ventana, an alila (and hyatt) resort.

In the interest of time, if anyone is interested the food from Chabad of monterey supplied by the hotel for a $100 total surcharge for the whole stay was delicious and plentiful, and I highly recommend this for anyone that enjoys the outdoors.

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: NYC Hotels Master Thread
« on: May 14, 2021, 06:13:35 PM »
Looking for a hotel like the 1hotel Brooklyn bridge but it is pretty expensive, is there any hotel similar either in Brooklyn,queens,Manhattan ,with a porch is even better, thanks appreciated
see above LES Indigo is a good value with low floor rooms for shabbos if u want with outdoor space.

Limonnana is a excellent, good to see SFO finally get some good food.
. Thx Dan I saw your post but have u been to Oakland kosher? Saw good reviews for that too.

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