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Here’s an idea. How about if Lakewood sets up a “beach” all along the shores of Lake Carasaljo Shavuos night? (They can close off South Lake Drive for more room.)Thousands of “beachgoers”  can set up shtenders and seforim and have a massive maamad kabolas hatorah! Just need the weather to cooperate and a lot of light towers from Chaveirim. Then the thousands of beachgoers can daven in their places come Alos, with perhaps a birchas kohanim that would rival the Kosel....

Reserving the amphitheater by North Lake for my chaburah :)

Any recent experience here? Is there still a need for us to fly out of PHL or is EWR OK? Any difference between arriving in MIA and FLL? Thanks


Fascinating. I think Hatzalah/ Bikur Cholim in Lakewood has actually been doing a lot of this

Plenty of those schools on the grant list have more than enough to go around...

Do you think the vast majority of parents are paying a "what they can afford to pay" tuition?

Schools expenses are somewhat lower? Most schools must have significantly lower expenses (due to PPP and Grant), if not almost zero expenses over the next 2 months.

I think saying that now, where literally thousands of frum people have lost their jobs or had significant reductions in salary that perhaps a school should give some consideration to a tuition break (where you are making it sound like the schools are doing us the favor) is really missing the boat.

I see people advocating not paying tuition across the board, whether they lost their parnassa or not. That is not a reasonable position.


Let's see what the results of the anti body tests in Lakewood are.

One thing is certain , not all of the 1100 people tested positive.

Polio is close to 95% asymptomatic yet it still wreaked havoc in its time. Let’s keep things in perspective.

So technically many schools can have pretty much zero expenses over the next few months. Payroll for the teachers paid by the PPP and other expenses paid by this grant (if it's a post high school institution). The argument for stopping Tuition payments just got stronger...

I think people are missing the point. The argument makes sense if you’re already paying full tuition but the vast majority of parents are paying a negotiated rate. That negotiated rate is based primarily on the parents ability to pay. If there are two less months in the school year, assuming the parent still has the same ability to pay, there is no reason to discount the already discounted rate. If the parent’s income was impacted by the virus, the school may still have a floor as to how much they are willing to discount the tuition which is fully within their rights. Given that the schools expenses are somewhat lower perhaps they should give some consideration to accepting an even lower discounted tuition arrangement . But the basic premise that parents who are already paying a low negotiated rate -“what they can afford to pay”-should be able to withhold tuition is really missing the boat.

If schools got this Grant can they also have applied for PPP? Or is that double dipping?
They can

1) part of the grant is an encouragement for them not to lay off employees. Too many unemployment applications from an institution will raise red flags, hence them not laying off officially. Classes are reduced by enough hours so that teachers would qualify for partial unemployment.
2) did you see the clause where it's encouraged but not mandated to be used for approved purposes?
3) see #2
4) ummm. Might be true for smaller mosdos, but beyond that, not so much...

“The CARES Act stipulates a funding formula to divide these funds among institutions. The formula has two distinct parts:

75% of the funds will be awarded based on the institution’s fulltime in-person Pell grant recipients as a share of the national total.
25% of the funds will be awarded based on the institution’s fulltime in-person enrollment who are not Pell Grant recipients as a share of the national total”

Whoa. Let me clarify.
Institution of higher learning are getting these grants based on their payroll. It is suggested that they use it to pay their employees, but not obligatory.
My outrage is based on the fact that I spoke to several teachers over the last week or so, and while they've all seen a reduction in hours, and have not received paychecks since after Purim, they've been told that they have not been laid off, and should not apply for unemployment. Capiche?

You are thoroughly confused. You are mixing this up with the wrong program. This has nothing to do with payroll or  employees in any way. These amounts are the CARES program. It has zero to do with employees. Zero.
United Talmudical Seminary
Talmudical Seminary Of Bobov
Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah
Seminar L'Moros Bais Yaakov
Rabbinical College Bobover Yeshiva Bnei Zion
Rabbinical College Of Ohr Shimon Yisroel
Kehilath Yakov Rabbinical Seminary
Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitz

I'm appalled. Instead of putting teachers and Rebbeim on unemployment, where they can receive $600+, (a huge bonus for many PT employees in the chinuch field) they're making out like bandits.

Before you make wild accusations, you have the wrong program buddy. The cares act is a separate program providing funding to help all colleges and students that gets automatically deposited in the account of each college or university without anything to apply for on the colleges end , a portion of which is to go to the students, based in part on prior pell. This has zero to do with the unemployment. How about calling each of the above institutions and asking mechila for badmouthing them without bothering to check your facts?

Just Shmooze / Re: The funny/strange/interesting video thread...
« on: January 12, 2020, 08:47:01 PM »
Interesting to note though that the minhag of shared driveways goes back to the rishonim.

One of the driveway owners wasn’t a Rishon :)

Just Shmooze / Re: The funny/strange/interesting video thread...
« on: January 11, 2020, 07:14:00 PM »
I heard they found a מחזר ויטרי, that its said this way because 2 מלאכים, called אדיר, חזק, say kedusha....
so nothing we do is for nothing.
It’s not a machzor vitri; it’s a sefer called ספר הקושיות which is a manuscript of completely unknown authorship that was just published in the last few years, dated from the time of the rishonim solely by its content. As the saying goes, the guy who shared a driveway with the Ramban wasn’t a “rishon” so the manuscript is obviously of dubious reliability. Then there is the Eretz Tzvi who posits that the old siddurim actually had “או״ח” which stood for אופנים וחיות, later erroneously assumed to be אדיר וחזק. There are several early sources (I think סידור רס״ג among others) that don’t support these ideas, hence the more likely explanation, that it simply fits better for the chazzanus, despite butchering the meaning.

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