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Itís another amount plus 600. You should see both amounts come in at the same time in your bank account though not mentioned when you certify,

I only got the other amount....not the 600$

I got approved for PUA (NJ) but received well less then 600$ What did I do wrong? Isnt every claim at a minimum of 600$?

ALOL!! Me and my friends... Yep, China is full of good news. Everyone agrees, except me and my friends, looking to make good news fake again.

How many countries need to be back to normal before you will stop with your panic? 10? 20? 30? Is there even a number or will you just preach negativity forever?

You guys want to have some fun? Look up the numbers from Florida nursing homes. As of April 18, there were 303 facilities with known infections. Given what we know about spread and survival rates among nursing home patients, how does the entire FL have a total of 2000 deaths, including the nursing homes?

Once again you and your friends LOVE to call anything positive, fake news.


Whats your excuse for Israel and South Korea? Australia and New Zealand?


The minute the yeshiva's open, the virus will go away!!

It is beautiful to see everyone back again in yeshiva. But I dont understand the lack of masks and 2 meters? Is that something that will change now?

My kids started school again BH!! (Grades 1-2 7-8 and kindergarden) rest of the grades should start this coming Sunday.

Only Charedi schools have these limitations. Dati and Chiloni schools have fully reopened.

What happened there during the winter?

Winter is starting there now...and they are opening up again (Australia/New Zealand) which would contradict the theory, though South Africa is having a spike now as are some South America countries.

Interesting, so 216 hospitalized and 22 dead in the worst flu season in a decade was worse than thousands hospitalized and 266 dead AFTER spending hundreds of billions of shekel shutting down everything far in advance and increasing resources in a fashion unmatched in the Western world. Got it.
Iím sorry? Not sick rate?

In the U.S. alone, seasonal flu has already caused 32 million illnesses, 310,000 hospitalizations and 18,000 deaths this 2019-2020 season, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), making the mortality rate for this season 0. 5%. The incubation period for the flu I 1-2 days on average, so people know they are sick relatively quickly making it easier to identify and contain outbreaks

People get the flu, it sucks, they recover.

Thats what Covid is like in Israel.

If you get covid19 And you have life long damage That's a different story

This is Covid in the USA.

My point is calling it like the flu is dependent on where you live. In my community for example I know not one person who got sick. BA'H! I do know multiple who got the flu. 

Everyone on DDF who said this, please come to me hat in hand. Jk

But in all seriousness, I have friends who are still sick 2 months later.

People who are still weak, suffering from fatigue. Medical sources are saying people have long term lung, kidney, liver etc damage.

My question is, where does this arrogance come from?
Also I strongly urge people to cultivate friendships with people who differ from you in opinion and also at least a few medical professionals.

I think like because I have such a diversified corpus of friends, many I strongly disagree with at times, all whom I respect, it opens the mind to a broad array of ideas.

In Israel the flu was worse. Period.

In the USA COVID (death rate not sick rate) was worse. Period.

BH I applied Sunday through Eastern Union, I got the money this morning. 5 days start to finish. BH BH BH BH

I wish people would just convey nice messages without making up stories. It's distracting.

Crazy that even in Israel where everything is pretty much back to normal, shuls remain closed (outside minyanim are flourishing) yet in the States people are already opening indoor shuls.

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