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I have no problem with any of your deals. I just wish you would react to comments with less aggression and with more respect for other members.
You and I may differ respectfully who the aggressors are. But one thing is certain my intentions were in the right place sharing my savings with my fellow Jewish Community
It is most unfortunate a few bad apples can spoil the rest of them. I will stop posting and go back to using this only as a reference site as I did when I first opened account 2 years ago.
Sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles and this one isn't worth it. You won. But the people who come here to save money might not agree.
I was always wondering why only 36k in followers when we have 7 million Jews alone here in America. I got my answer unfortunately.
 Take care.

Nope I sent the correct one.. $6.00 or $6.48. For states that you have no tax, thats the price.
I have tax so for me Staples is a better deal.
Thank you  people have a second option now.

Not that big of a deal. Only .48 cents more at Amazon with no tax and f/s

even more so, the same price of $6.00 with f/s from a third party.
$7.06 at Amazon after tax. They charge tax .54 each before tax . Staples is still a better deal. Unless the link you sent is wrong.

Why do I feel every time someone makes a comment on one of your posts a argument comes out of it?
If you read the comments that started it all had nothing to do with the product I was called ignorant. This is not a comment this is personal attack.


You're lucky you weren't around in the good old days when the guys running this place were alot tougher than any of us.

In any case,  mods, please move this convo to js so none of us get stars for the posts made here  :P
If they were tougher they would set you troublemakers straight. This was a thread to save people money on pants. Plain and simple
Few of you decided to hijack this thread once again and build your stars with frivolous nonsense. I would have been perfectly content to post and move on.

But some of you had greater plans for this post as well as me once again.But you accuse me of the very thing your trying to do . Its always the same few people that want to start trouble around here then cry foul .
If I were the mod you'd be losing stars every time you started trouble . If I were your dad you'd be seeing stars. I didn't seek you out , you sought me out and don't you forget it.

Dude, you are way out of line here.

Oh, and please don't pull the "older than thou" card.
A) You have no clue. Some here are in fact older than you (*shock*), and many, definitely have more experience. And
B) "Age", isn't measured in years old around here.

Stay classy, my friend.
Ill bet you the ones older than me aren't the bored trouble makers .
May not be measured in experience but it sure is measured in maturity
You can always know who the kids are without ever meeting them.
Raised a few you get a sense who they are.
Class is my middle name my good man . You do the same.

You bet.

I think it's time for a mod to manually add stars to his profile.   It's seems that's what his goal is.
Hey my Macys posting made the main site. Other than trouble what have you contributed in a positive way.
I can say I helped people save money and you can say? You annoy people?

ALOL. Also give him a couple of digits added to his main site post count and maybe he'll stop board-crapping.
Does Dan have a problem with this or you speak for Dan now?
Is he allowing you to dictate the rules of DansDeals now?
I would think that's a bad business model to have a bunch of bored teens running the show here.
I'm sure my saving people money is a lot more productive than your frivolous postings for stars.

Don't feed the trolls, from the biggest trolls I've seen on DDF.
Ok fine Ill stop Great advice . Thank you!

And you called me a jerk.  Couldn't care less.
lol lighten up bro your coming across bitter man.

Wow.  You're coming across as a really bitter person.

So let me get this straight calling me ignorant you don't consider a personal bash?
Teaching me doesn't require name calling .But then again you did call me stupid awhile back.
Not exactly the best judge of character in my book  . Just wow. is right.

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