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General Discussion / Re: dental school
« on: December 17, 2013, 07:57:36 PM »
Finishing up dental school this coming May. Then off to an ortho residency.
Id be glad to answer any questions.

taken in kauai-kalalau trail, ke'e beach

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Kauai, HI Master Thread
« on: August 28, 2012, 12:41:29 PM »
Hey Dan,

Thanks so much for all your tips and all your credit cards!!!
My wife and I came back from Kauai last week and had the most amazing time. Although it was only 4 full days, it was totally worth it.
I know there are a bunch of trip reports out there, but it helped me to see all of them so I figured I'd give back, and I'll put prices bc i always wanted to know them before we got there.

We started off flying direct EWR-HNL First Class on United. I know it wasnt a lie-flat, but it was amazing. You can stretch out the whole way and not touch the seat in front of you. Hard to go back  to coach after. Right now im in middle of writing to United to ask for some points back because I called the week before to confirm Kosher meals and they said yes. When we got to the plane they said they dont serve kosher on domestic flights(a 10 hour flight-I remember getting meals on flights to Miami like 10 years ago!)The stewardesses were really nice and opened up all the $15 snack boxes for us which was nice, and thank G-d my wife brought some tradition soups so not too bad. But just a warning for all you out there...$0.

We then hopped on a Hawaiian Air flight from HNL-LIH using 5,000 united miles. Even though its an international airport it kinda feels like youre back in 1975....$0.

Got to Kauai and picked up our mid-size SUV(Nissan Rogue) for 4 days for $200. 

Wanted to spend some time on the North Shore, so used 24,000 Starpoints to book 2 nights at the Westin Princeville Suites. Beautiful resort with like 5 different pools all over so youre bound to get one that was empty. We were super jet-lagged so we woke up at like 6 every day which was amazing. Davened, ate some breakfast(got $10 at the store for declining room service), and sat out from like 8-10:30 both mornings. At that time the weather was amazing to just sit out and relax in the infinity pools which were totally empty.

After the pool we went down to the Lihue area to just walk around and then went to Wal-mart to pick up some $5 knock off Tabi's which were great. We then decided to go kayaking and went to the one all the way down the Wailua River so we wouldnt have to paddle for an hour. While we waited for the kayak to be ready we walked around the Kamokila Hawaiian Village. Village was fun and kayaking to fern grotto and secret falls was great. Nice hike and pretty waterfalls...$35 each of us.

The next day we hung out at pool and then went into Hanalei which is a chilled surf town. Rented snorkels and snorkeled at Tunnels Beach. Nice coral and fish, but swimming with the sea turtles is awesome..$5 each of us

Next we started the 11-mile Kalalua trail. Well we only did 1.5 miles but it was still fun. Beautiful views of the Northern coast only accesible by boat, heli or feet. Really pretty, but steep and rocky. $0

After that we drove down to Poipu to stay and the crazy and ridiculous Grand Hyatt for the next 2 nights. Thanks to Dan I opened up the Hyatt card as a Diamond member and got the Garden Suite. Its like the Disney version of a hotel where everything looks perfect and everyones always smiling. We told them it was our anniversary(ok maybe we used the word honeymoon) and they gave us a $100 poolside cabana rental which was nice.$0

Next day hung out in our cabana which comes with a cooler filled with iced bottled water for the morning. In the afternoon we took 6 seater airplane tour of Kauai by Wings Over Kauai. First of all they're awesome. So nice, easy to talk to, good people. I sat up in the copilot's seat-that was fun. We were up for about 70 min with a great tour guide who knew a lot about the island(he must have read Kauai Revealed :-). Was pricey but totally worth it. $125 each.

We went straight from there up the 17 mile long Waimea Canyon Drive. Road is a bit windy but the views up top are amazing. Dont stop at Kalalua lookout though. Keep on driving till there is no more road-the views from there are much better.$0

The next morning we sadly had to fly out. Had a 12:40pm flight to HNL, but the HNL-EWR flight wasnt leaving till 7pm. So we took a $2.50 bus ride over to Pearl harbor/USS Arizona memorial. Its about a 15 min bus ride but make sure to have exact change. The memorial was really nice. You can prob spend about 2-3 hours going through the whole site, theres a submarine there and few other things besides the Arizona.
Then we flew home, and are now planning for the next vaca. Thanks again

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