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Up In The Air / jet blue no annual fee double sign up
« on: October 24, 2017, 10:09:57 PM »
10,000 true blue points for spend $1000 in 90 days no annual fee version

Up In The Air / women only rows
« on: October 20, 2017, 01:52:09 PM »
found this interesting... sure everyone here seen it but still felt compelled to post



Announcement regarding the ticket changes and refunds for Turkey-USA and USA-Turkey flights;
10/9/2017 by Turkish Airlines

Dear Passengers,

Due to the recent developments some changes have been made on Turkey-USA and USA-Turkey visa application processes. These changes do not affect passengers transferring to connecting flights in Istanbul.

Excluding passengers transferring to connecting flights in Istanbul; for all passengers holding Turkish passports flying to the USA and all passengers holding American passports flying to Turkey on Turkish Airlines and AnadoluJet Turkey-USA and USA-Turkey flights between October 9th, 2017 and October 31st, 2017, with tickets issued on or before October 9th, 2017, the following procedure can be carried out till October 31st, 2017:

For Turkish passport holder passengers:

1) Reservation changes can be made free of charge.
2) Refund requests:
a) Refunds can be issued for tickets which have not been used.
b) On tickets which have been partially used, a refund for the unused portion of the ticket can be issued.
3) Extension of ticket validity:

The validity of tickets can be extended to October 31st, 2017 (inclusive) without paying any price difference or penalty.

4) These implementations are applied to only Turkish Airlines and AnadoluJet flights.

For American passport holder passengers;
1) Reservation and route changes can be made free of charge.
2) Refund requests:
a) Refunds can be issued for tickets which have not been used.
b) On tickets which have been partially used, a refund for the unused portion of the ticket can be issued.
3) Extension of ticket validity:

The validity of tickets can be extended to October 31st, 2017 (inclusive) without paying any price difference or penalty.

4) These implementations are applied to only Turkish Airlines and AnadoluJet flights.


Turkish Airlines

Up In The Air / no seats aircraft
« on: July 04, 2017, 04:32:08 PM »
and you thought aa and ly were bad? forget j and f... this might actually happen sooner than we all think...

Up In The Air / elal not showing on amex travel
« on: June 27, 2017, 06:32:25 PM »
dont see this anywhere so thought i'd post... trying to find any combination of el al flights from nyc/yyz/bos to tlv and although availability showing elsewhere including chase, amex travel not showing. found this interesting. anyone experience same?

Up In The Air / united not allowing basic economy online check in
« on: June 20, 2017, 09:17:45 PM »

looks like they are pro actively going to be monitoring the carry on size limits... this is seriously becoming an issue but the airlines love it because they dont have to pay airport and travel taxes on extra fees obtained not through travel... the cost will end up being the same but less in taxes for airlines

Up In The Air / airline customer service hearing on capitol hill
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:38:38 AM »
anyone watching/listening? thoughts?

Tech Talk / blackberry
« on: April 24, 2017, 05:11:20 PM »
anyone have experience with a blackberry classic or other bb that required the recent OS 10 software upgrade and lost contacts? i'm missing some 2,000 contacts and looking for any possible assistance.

Trip Reports / St John USVI
« on: February 08, 2017, 05:00:19 PM »
never wrote a TR before but after always reading and hearing everyone else's, i'm giving it a crack... i will need some time to get pictures up as i have never done it before...

here's where i give a shoutout to stmark because he says This is my first time Posting a tr so I apologize if the wording isn't write or my points were not used to the best of their ability. However, they were my points and I used them how my wife and I wanted to used them so I don't really care if you don't approve or think there were better redemptions out there- my trip my points my experiences. i loved that line and got the motivation to write this right then

was looking for a warm destination to go with family for mid winter vacation... with a relatively newborn, a long trip to hawaii even with a stopover for shabbos in LA was scratched even though i found plenty of availability with the stop and flexible airline and time options... even some premium space on some if not all the flights but i am going to have to wait till next time. a lack of passports for some of the kids made planning a warm getaway more complicated but when i realized i can get some good award space to USVI, i decided to go for it...

booking rooms with points proved to be a minor challenge when the ritz on St Thomas showed no availability, but after calling the frenchmen's reef marriott as an alternate even when they showed no space, the rep was very helpful and suggested i try the westin st john villas.

so i called the westin and told the rep that i wanted to come with the family but didnt went to be stuck in a small room and needed a bigger room. i dont have status and i had many marriott points which i could transfer so when he said he can confirm an upgrade, i topped my spg account off, booked four night at 20k a night and ended up with a 3 br villa with private pool. i realized afterwards that i could of stayed till fri with 5th night free but it ended up not being such a big deal. $40/nite resort fee. total 80,000 spg (40k converted from 120 marriott) + $160

now, i needed to make sure i had flights and get the food in order and bathing suits packed

i booked avios jfk-stt on aa sun morning returning thu afternoon... 20,000/pp r/t x 5 plus an infant (2,000) total cost (102,000 ba and $79 taxes) i realized after spending time on DDMS that i could add the lap child for free so i called ba and got the 2,000 avios back and taxes credited back to cc. i then called aa direct and asked to add the lap child. before i knew it, she was back on the reservation and we were ready to go... both flights were not so full and we had plenty of space to stretch. business/first on the way there was lie flat which i could have had but ultimately, the short flight made it not worth getting upset about.

we bought some chopped meats, steaks, hot dogs, cereal, cheese, breads, rolls, froze a couple milks, pre-prepared baby chicken, made some pasta on sat night and packed it all up with a george foreman and a sandwich maker... lots of snacks, tuna etc... there wasnt going to be any kosher there and the chabad shliach on st thomas has a small but expensive menu and some of us are picky eaters so  adding my aa account number to the reservation which linked my cc, i was able to check 2 bags free,  each containing some of the food secured by the clothes. we also took a lot of the snacks etc... in the carry ons and kids backpacks.

reg domestic aa product. no wifi. no individual screens. no meals. kids travel well and we were prepared with projects, books, games and snacks and before we knew it, we were landing...

westin has a lounge in the airport where we were able to check in to the hotel having prepaid for ferry transportation to st john. i am a big fan of saving money but for the hassle of shlepping through st thomas with suitcases, infant in infant seat, 3 kids, carry ons and more, i decided that that $120/pp ($90/child) r/t bus to direct ferry to island provided by westin was well worth it. otherwise, i would have had to take a taxi to the port, taken a local ferry service to st john, then another taxi to resort and it all seemed extra stressful. not having to touch my suitcases from the baggage claim to my room was freedom.

bus to ferry was short and uneventful.
we loaded onto the ferry quickly and a couple minutes later we were sailing... a few seamen give a little guide/tour but it was very loud and hard to hear. they spoke without microphones which i found strange given that there were speakers... we were a little tired having woken up quite early to get to airport so we just relaxed and took in the views. we passed the ritz and some other islands along the way, were able to see st croix in the distance and about half hour later, we were docking at the westin.

greeted warmly by the staff, with cups of rum and punch (or just punch for the kids), we were handed a portfolio which included the resort map and room keys together with bottled water and whisked away to the waiting golf carts which would later prove to be costly... 

Up In The Air / TRIPLE AVIOS on BA, American, Iberia, Openskies and Finair
« on: September 07, 2016, 10:12:39 AM »
Eligibility and Pre-registration

1) This promotion is only open to Eligible Participants. An Eligible Participant is a British Airways (“BA”) Executive Club member, aged 18 or over, who books and travels on a Qualifying Flight (see definition below). BA reserves the right to verify the eligibility of Eligible Participants. By taking part in this promotion, Eligible Participants confirm that they accept the terms and conditions set out below.
2) To participate in this promotion, Eligible Participants must:
a) pre-register for the offer by following the "Register now" link provided on the online registration page supplied by BA and complete the registration process on (a "thank you" message will be displayed to confirm that your registration has been successful); and
b) book and fly between 00:01 BST 6 September 2016 and 23:59 GMT 11 December 2016. Triple Avios Points will be awarded on up to 8 flight sectors. A sector is a single qualifying flight between the point of departure and final destination with no scheduled change of aircraft.
3) Eligible Participants must quote their Executive Club membership number at the time of booking each Qualifying Flight and also at check-in for each outbound and return part of their journey in order to qualify for the promotion.

Qualifying Flights

4) Subject to Clause 6, a Qualifying Flight is a published or corporate negotiated net fare flight in any selling class or cabin on: (i) a BA prefix on a BA long-haul or short-haul operated service or (ii) a British Airways (BA), American Airlines (AA), Iberia (IB) or Finnair (AY) prefix transatlantic flight operated by BA, AA, IB, AY between the EU, Norway, Switzerland and North America, Mexico and Puerto Rico (iii) an OpenSkies service from Paris Orly to Newark or New York JFK. The promotion does not apply to travel on flights operated by any other BA franchisees, codeshare partners or oneworld Alliance members.
5) All flight bookings are subject to availability.
6) The Qualifying Flights for all sectors of the journey must be booked, ticketed and purchased in a qualifying country, and all travel must be completed within the Promotional Period.


8) Eligible Participants who book and complete their journeys on Qualifying Flights within the Promotional Period will qualify for a triple Avios bonus based on cabin of travel.
9) Eligible Participants will receive triple Avios Points before any cabin or tier bonuses on all tickets except reward flights.
10) Eligible Participants can calculate the number of Avios Points they can collect through this promotion on a Qualifying flight by clicking here
11) Avios Points will be credited to the member’s account for which details have been provided account within 24 hours of completion of the Qualifying Flights. Avios Points are not transferable and no cash or credit alternative will be offered. This promotion has no cash value. All Avios Points and Tier Points are issued subject to the Executive Club membership terms and conditions, a copy of which can be viewed here.
12) Bookings made over the telephone will carry a non-refundable £5 offline booking fee per person per ticket. Calls cost up to 5p per minute from a BT landline. Calls from mobiles may vary. Please contact your travel agent / travel partner for any applicable service fees when purchasing a ticket from them.
13) Qualifying Flights are subject to availability and capacity control in the booking classes eligible for this promotion at the time of booking. BA does not accept any liability in the event that Eligible Participants are unable to book a Qualifying Flight for their chosen period of travel.
14) This promotion cannot be used retrospectively. This promotion only applies to those who book and travel within the period stipulated in 2(b).

Change of travel arrangements

15) Eligible Participants who change their travel arrangements after the date of booking will not be eligible for any Avios bonus award unless their revised travel arrangements also qualify under the terms and conditions of this promotion.
16) All bookings under this promotion will be covered by the fare rules and conditions of the original fare. This includes any applicable refund and change fees. All refunds are subject to the fare rules for the class of ticket booked. Fare rules and conditions appear in your booking details when you access your booking on through the ‘Manage my booking’ functionality.

Disclaimers & Notices

17) This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or deal, including but not limited to: (i) redemption bookings; (ii) travel agent or industry discounted fares (including agency, industry, employee discounts), inclusive holidays, group discount fares, child/infant fares or senior citizen fares, whether or not booked in one of the qualifying classes; and (iii) bookings made with vouchers (e.g. shareholder's discount voucher).
18) All Passengers are carried by BA in accordance with its General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage (copies available on, at “Legal” – “General Conditions of Carriage”) and its Notice and Conditions of Contract as stated on each ticket or itinerary as provided.
19) BA reserves the right to cancel this promotion or amend the terms of this promotion without notice in the event of major catastrophe, war, strike, civil or military disturbance, earthquake or any actual, anticipated or alleged breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other similar events beyond the reasonable control of BA.
20) Personal data will be taken where necessary from Eligible Participants but shall be limited to those details reasonably necessary for the administration of the promotion and shall be subject to BA’s Privacy Policy. This information may be shared with any third parties reasonably involved in the promotion without liability to BA or such third parties.
21) BA is in no way liable for the reproduction or indirect access via third party website or homepage access which reproduction misstates or omits any of the information or terms and conditions of this promotion.
22) Subject to clauses 22(a) to 22(c) below, this promotion and any other non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with it is governed exclusively by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales:
a) If you are resident in the United Kingdom but outside of England and Wales, then the courts of Scotland or Northern Ireland (depending on your residence) also have jurisdiction;
b) If you are a resident in a member state of the European Union (EU) other than the United Kingdom, then the courts of that member state also have jurisdiction; and
c) If you are a resident of a country which is a signatory to the Rome Convention, your contract is governed in all aspects by English law but you will have the benefit of any mandatory rules of law applicable in your country of residence.
23) Promotional materials form part of these terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions will prevail in the event of any conflict between these and the promotional materials.
24) The promoter is: British Airways Plc, Waterside, PO Box 365, Harmondsworth, West Drayton, UB7 0GB. Registered No. 1777777 England.

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