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Up In The Air / Re: US barring Chinese carriers
« on: June 03, 2020, 10:48:42 AM »
China only allows 1 flight a day from the US to China (same as every other country), so this will have little impact.

The President should find better things to do with his time.
i think its more of a longer term thing than now due to covid19. but its sure making noise

DL Blue
hilton - from citi
marriott bonvoy - spg
all lines still intact

i did hear from a friend that his business plat was lowered

Up In The Air / Re: Cheap JetBlue Mint fares ($399 transcon)
« on: May 27, 2020, 05:13:49 PM »
Looking for "cheap" under $500 mint tickets JFK-LAS. Is there any tracking websites that track mint fares? I booked a ticket and didn't realize that the charge did not go through until an hour later and the ticket was cancelled and the prices shot up. Looking to choose another date or hope someone cancels their ticket and the price goes back down... Any way to track without checking a few times a day myself?
doesnt google flights have such a feature?

Pocono or upstate NY?
I understand that the consortium of upstate NY camps are applying lots of pressure to get their seasonal permits but haven't heard if any actually received
It's a large group and doesn't only include frum or chassidish camps
There are many that aren't as well

CGI montreal sent an email cancelling camp and issuing refunds
the following is an excerpt of said email which seemed interesting:

Although we are forced to cancel camp, we will refund 100% of your payment. We make this offer knowing that the financial impact on camp is challenging, as we have, and continue to incur huge expenditures anticipating camp’s opening and ongoing expenses.

Attached is your record of payment to date. We take the liberty to request your support to assist us with our current cost and losses. Please consider donating the deposit and perhaps some of your payments towards camp, for a donation receipt (US receipt option as well).

None of those you listed are out of the kindness of their hearts. Landlords would much rather give a tenant a discount and he pays now that need to wait until they start allowing evictions again for example.
they were examples and there are plenty more... everyone has been impacted to some extent.
the camp wont be able to provide the service which was applied for - that is 100% certain 
so whether out of the kindness of their hearts or not, they should be forthcoming with their thinking etc... not just say were not depositing checks or charging cards until.... and we'll keep you posted....
thats what i'm saying.. so parents can know what they are dealing with... then, they can discuss refunds of a deposit if they arent comfortable or wont be able to pay in full on short notice

There is a counter argument that kids have been locked up and home for two months and let them go to camp and have a carefree few weeks. I wopld love if my daughter would be able to go (although since she had symptoms i'm not that concerned from a health standpoint)

I do agree camps should try to be understanding with parents who have been adversely affected financially but keep in mind it is likely the camps are also going to take a big hit
agreed but at the end of day, from my experience, people in all fields are taking hits and hurting but they also are working with their tenants, landlords, banks, lenders, grocery stores, etc... so if its no fault of the parents, camp directors should be understanding and open/honest. just be straight forward without rif raf,,,

im speaking from limited experience but dont say the deposit is non refundable etc but say here is what we are thinking this is our expectations, we will decide by x date if we arent opening, etc.... something like that... camp is a month away
parents need to plan and decide too

CGI Montreal is governed by Ontario?
that is toronto

according to this article, cgi montreal is also not opening this year

i am still not sure why with all the guidelines etc that camps would want to expose themselves nor do i understand parents that are comfortable sending. i am torn between both sides

so many things can go wrong and although its great to want to "open the country back up" i think overnight camp is a luxury albeit a very beneficial one so it should be treated as such and the overnight camps should really think of a way to make the parents feel better and comfortable by just saying outright that camp wont be the same if it does open and you can get a refund etc if you so desire... why wait till  a week before? how will they expect payment etc on such short notice?

just think they should be a mentch about it.... like everyone else offering deferments etc... people lost jobs, might not have money the right thing and see what the parent body also thinks and then make a decision... its not only about money this year

How come I can't find the flight on FlightAware or FR24?
dont know  - not sure how to search there without flight numbers etc...
maybe contact the reporters?
Ben Zion reported from Jerusalem. Associated Press writer Joseph Krauss in Jerusalem contributed to this report.


“Etihad Airways operated a dedicated humanitarian cargo flight from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv on 19 May to provide medical supplies to the Palestinians,” the airline told The Associated Press. “The flight had no passengers on board.”

when will there be a post on DDMS about camps not refunding deposits? granted they might have not deposited head checks or charged cards but many people wont be able to pay the some 2,000 balance (and thats just one session) on short notice
has anyone asked for and been given a refund of deposit?

Now that I pretty convinced camps won’t open. Is there a tread on above ground pools. One that is 4 ft deep but will be taken down at the end of the summer.
i bought this one for $367. about a month or so ago... its not 4' deep but close...
walmart also credited me the freight shipping

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