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I've been trying that number too (out of separation), but don't get any answer and get disconnected after a few minutes.
Strange, it has worked wonders for me multiple times.

And what's the competence level there, beyond reading what I can see online?
One time I used that number, the competence was quite high. The other, not so much.

Getting to talk to someone is a major challenge.

The other challenge is that I don't think banking information is the problem. I highly doubt it was entered wrong the first time around, and I followed up by sending a color photo of a check, as requested. The funds are still not here.
The only number (of many I tried) that worked for me is  888-313-4078

I got an email from NJ unemployment that I was approved for PUA. The instructions are to certify Sunday May 31 in my half-hour time slot. However when I open the link - the list of Social security numbers shows that my time is Thursday not Sunday.
Any advice how to proceed with this?
Yes - certify on Thursday during your time slot.

So did my wife. And obviously something is wrong, but there's no one to talk to. I sent them a picture of a void check. There's no where for me to update the banking information.
I had no problem changing my banking information when I called.

For a 1099 worker in NJ who is now receiving unemployment benefits, what percent should they be taking out and putting aside for taxes (assuming nothing is being withheld)? 10%?

You can use mine. PM me for my address.
Thanks so much! Hope there ends up being no need, but I'll reach out if necessary!

I need to go into Lakewood with my family for at least a few hours tomorrow. This would have been a very strange question a few months ago, but any ideas where I or my kids could go to the bathroom during the day?

I know im late to the game, and read thru many pages......What (or why) should anyone stop from filing for PUA under taking care of someone with COVID (or for child care) if their salary is less then $1000 a week? Wont they be making more from Pua? (downside would be, the need to find another job in a few months?)
You're correct, there are many ppl currently on unemployment making more than their old salary...

The problem is that Kabbage is not the lender, therefore they will have to go back to the bank who gave the loan
Right. I want to see if I can go back and adjust the amount of my loan, but while I wait on them to get back to me, I also want to start cutting checks with the funds I already have...

This was just released yesterday:

Some PPP loans were approved to partnerships or seasonal employers before the additional guidance was issued and, as a result, those businesses may not have received PPP loans in the maximum amount for which they are eligible. This interim final rule authorizes all PPP lenders to increase existing PPP loans to partnerships or seasonal employers to include appropriate amounts to cover partner compensation in accordance with the interim final rule posted on April 14, 2020

While the above may not fall into the category of partnerships or seasonal employers, the banks now have guidance on how to increase loans to those that didn't receive as much as they are entitled to. If this is you I suggest you reach out to see what they say.
I just got off the phone with Kabbage - the rep was not aware of this, nor were two supervisors she reached out to. She asked me to email her the link (which I did), and she said they will look into it - but as of now, Kabbage is not set up to be able to make any changes to a loan one funds have been disbursed.

Are there requirements or criteria to be considered a seasonal 1099 worker? Say someone who fixes school desks and makes more money during certain months of the school year, and perhaps less in the summer due to less use. Or any contractor who works in a school, but also gets (less) work in the summer. Would that qualify?

And if so, if they use, say, Feb 15 - June 30, 2019 to calculate their loan amount, how would loan forgiveness work if they aren't using 8/52?

So frustrating that they're releasing half-baked instructions.
Line 9 says "Paid" but no direction on what they mean by that... could mean you need to cut yourself a check/transfer, could mean 8/52 is a given regardless...

Documentation needed

In addition to the application itself, you will need to submit some documentation. You must also keep these documents for “for six years after the date the loan is forgiven or repaid in full, and permit authorized representatives of SBA, including representatives of its Office of Inspector General, to access such files upon request.”

Here's what you need:

For Payroll

Nothing! The SBA didn’t list any documentation needed for people without employees. You had to submit your schedule C with your application, so they have the document that they need to confirm what you pay yourself.

Dont know if you also dont need to write the check, or you just dont have to submit the proof
Thanks - yes, so frustrating. So then I'd imagine you both agree that a bank transfer is definitely enough (if not unnecessary) for an independent contractor, and that a check is certainly not required?

Now that it seems clear that an independent contractor will need to show documentation/proof of payment of 8/52 in order for that part to be forgiven, would only cutting a check work? Or would a bank transfer work just as well...?

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