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I heard that Passaic day camps are cancelled.
If so, certainly not officially. Or even unofficially, in some cases.

How long did that take?
A few weeks.

Did anyone else in NJ wait over 2 weeks for an e-Adjudication? Any way to speed it up? Still nothing!
I never got the e-adjudication email but my number at one point changed from $0 to $231, and I've been able to certify(and get the minimum, for now). So keep checking, even if no email.

Any tips how to reach Kabbge by phone?

This is the only number (of many I tried) that worked for me.  888-313-4078

Am I not eligible or it didn't update yet?
Claim Status: Filed

Date of Claim: 04/26/2020

Weekly Benefit Rate: $0

Remaining Balance: $0

Next Payable Week: 05/02/2020

Last Week Paid:

Last Paid Amount: $0
You need to wait until the weekly benefit amount is updated to $231, at which point you can start certifying.

But you are the first person I know to have gotten any FPUC ($600) for self-employed in NJ!
My wife is self employed and got the $600 (for one week) last week.

Nothing because they'd need to return the remaining 26% regardless...
I was wondering about those who do have 25% to spend on other expenses. @thebudgetdeals based on your post looks like they would not have a reduction in forgiveness, but wondering as to why they chose to interpret that way when the SBA hasn't mentioned it. Also wondering if the 25% cap remains, or if they can use 26% on other expenses.
But can they even have the 74% forgiven? Isn't 75% on payroll the minimum to get any forgiveness?

Preliminary Notes:

The SBA is using the term "paid or incurred". Does that mean either one will do? Can I pay 6 months of payroll now and get 100% forgiven instead of worrying about the 75% threshold and submitting mortgage and utility docs?

Looks like owners can only enter 8/52 of 2019 Schedule C and cannot add any other payroll benefits. Based on the calculation that means that their forgiveness will be reduced as they don't meet the 74% threshold.

Looks like FTE's is actually FTE equivalent, so 2 PT employees will count as 1 FT. Pity if anyone didn't include them in their original payroll calculation to obtain the loan.
What would this mean practically if there are no additional covered expenses and all they have as qualified expenses is their 8/52 (self) payroll?


Probably not but a remote possibility if your wages are dropped to 75% of your previous rate.
They would be, if not for  PPP, which is covering wages of those 8 weeks.

I guess the quote below is what I'm confused about.

If you work those 8 weeks only 3 days a week and earn 75% of your prior income, up to $504 a week, you can still file for partial UI and receive the $600, while also use the funds from PPP.

He's in NJ. He gets an even better deal...
He can earn up to 20% more than his Weekly Benefit Rate and get the difference between his wages and his WBR from UI, plus $600 weekly.
During the 8 weeks of PPP? I'm sorry, I'm not totally following.

In NY:
It's not 26 consecutive weeks, it's 104 days. Each day you file a full claim you get 4 days deducted from your balance.
If you file a partial claim they deduct less days.
Not filing or filing and being eligible for 0 days means nothing is deducted and your current balance passes over to the next week.
Check out this situation I'm wondering about:
Makes sense, thanks! Does the same apply in NJ? I'd imagine so...

You have two choices (and they essentially mean the same thing to the DOL)
1) stop certifying for those 8 weeks or
2) certify that you were working
Your won't have to reapply. Each claim has a benefit ending year date and it will remain open til that date.
Thanks. Does that mean that there is no way around those 8 weeks (for which you are not collecting UE) counting toward your UE total (the 26 weeks plus whatever they add)?

For those who filed for unemployment and PPP, once you get PPP you cant have both. What are people doing who want to go back on UE after the 8 weeks? Certifying for UE for the weeks prior to PPP, then just not certifying for 8 weeks, then continuing? Or do you have to leave UE and then reapply in 8 weeks? Or do you certify and just write you were working?

Does she usually get paid for the break?

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