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A college professor who had been teaching Spring Semester classes was assigned to teach Sumner classes but they were cancelled due to the virus. When does she apply? When Spring 2020 ends (and she is now unemployed) or when the Summer semester would have started...?

For those self-employed without a formal "payroll," how are you paying yourself (8/52 or whatever...) to be able to later show your payroll when applying for PPP forgiveness? Just transferring money from one account to another every 2 weeks? Sending yourself a check?

How is it possible that every single self-employed person I know is receiving exactly $231 for UI.
It's supposed to be 60% of income.
(Not to mention that I don't know of any self-employed people who received the $600 per week yet.)
I know self-employed ppl in NJ who got the $600.

Was anyone able to get through to Kabbage?

I signed loan docs last week, it said I should see the funds in my account by May 12th, yet nothing as of today. A friend signed a couple of hours after me, got the same message, and got funds this past Friday (the 8th).
This is the only number (of many I tried) that worked for me.  888-313-4078

Any way to reset a pin online (NJ)? It's saying to call...

I had luck on Friday calling 888-313-4078. Got through to rep after 5 mins of hold time who actually was able to help. It may help to commiserate with them. They are overwhelmed and the agent said he got plenty of verbal abuse from other callers.
This number worked - thanks so much!


Thanks! I tried that and actually did get through to an agent eventually, but she couldn't help me and needed to transfer me to the department that could. Aaaaand then was on hold again until they disconnected me, telling me that the call volume was too high... Back to square one.


We just finally received a lump sum for 6 weeks of PUA (approximately 60% of earnings), retroactive to the week of claim filing.

1 - What happened to the FPUC of $600 per week? Do we need to do anything to get that or just wait?
2 - Weren't we supposed to get benefits retroactively from the date of unemployment, which was 1 1/2 weeks before the date the claim was filed?

It seems that the answer to just about every question these days, including both of these questions, is - wait it out and it will get fixed over time, but it'll take some time for them to get the system right...

Any advice how to get through to Kabbage? They keep ending my call while on hold because of the "high call volume." I want to change my DD info but the website says the only way to do that is to call.

There is no such rule. The rule Whatever you spend on payroll is forgiven, If its 20% 50% or 70% or 100%. Just if you spend only 50% on payroll, the other part wont be forgive only up to 25% of payroll amount. Another rule is that self employed can only use 8/52 on payroll but again, whatever you spend on payroll, w-2 up to 100% SE up to 8/52 is forgiven, no matter what you do with other part
Got it, thanks.

The 8/52 rule contradicts the ďyou have to spend 75% on payroll for forgivenessĒ law (Iím sure  itís written differently in legalese but you know what I mean). Itís bad enough theyíre only forgiving 73-74% for independent contractors, but they canít make a rule like that and then deny forgiveness, it will piss too many people off and is defies the whole spirit of the law (as well as itís letter as indicated above).
Agreed. So you think that there will end up being forgiveness even if it's 73-74%? Or do you think they won't be strict on 8/52? My accountant thinks the latter, even though they are writing the opposite. Who knows...

I think one of the concerns is not hitting the 75% (only getting to 74%) if you don't have other expenses. Meaning why take a larger loan you don't need and won't get forgiven if it will cause you problems with 8/52?

Just Shmooze / Re: Happy Mothers Day!!!
« on: May 10, 2020, 09:48:48 PM »
We all just got done watching a movie with Mom. Unfortunately we could not invite Grandma over today.
I drove 45 min with my wife and 2 kids to my mom's house (she didn't know we were coming), called her to come out to the driveway for a minute, and we wished her happy mother's day in person from the car. Sure beats any good wishes via Zoom...

This was mentioned upthread, in NJ you can enter any SSN that matches with the time slot (for example, if it's time for 5000-6000 you enter 000005000), that gets you through the "pay wall" and then you enter your real SSN to recertify.
Don't think this still works.

In the link from Bluevine ther is no mention about the 1%. It says 8 weeks of payroll (which is 73.85%) +25% for other expenses
The issue is that those who don't have any other expenses only reach 73.85%, below the 75% threshold...

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