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Credit Cards / Re: 2/3/4BM Master Thread
« on: October 28, 2013, 09:09:33 PM »
Hmm Im pretty new to this stuff, what would be the simple acceptable answer to that question?
(P.s. I opened an avois 2 months ago and freedom a while ago....)

Simple, not sure if it will be acceptable --

SW is great for earning points for domestic flights, but you want to also try earning points for international trips so you want the UE. Don't remind them that BA is BRITISH airways. ;)

Credit Cards / Re: Where Did Your Inquiries Pull From?
« on: October 28, 2013, 09:02:42 PM »
What time was the 4bm, may be useful info for the future and for the rest of us...

Sunday around 11PM

Credit Cards / Re: My next app-o-rama...
« on: October 28, 2013, 08:53:23 PM »
Ok to update my situation...

Applied for 10 cards last night, 0 instant approvals. The banks and Dan and others have confirmed that's definitely because I gave a new address on my apps - one that was not on my credit report. Oh well. So, today was a day of calls.

Barclays approved Lufthansa. Said they won't approve Arrival or US Airways b/c 1) I have too many new cards open with other banks recently (5 Chase, 1 AMEX since June) and 2) 1 card is enough for now, prove I can use it well, can't split the 10K limit to 2 cards, etc etc. But I didn't really expect to get those 2 since everyone says it's practically impossible these days.

AMEX was amazing. Rep approved PRG then approved Delta then approved SPG (all consumer) and said SPG (biz) would just take a little more pending time, but could be approved soon hopefully. 1 rep did all that. Wow.

Citi approved Plat WMC (consumer) and got the ball rolling to hopefully approve Plat WMC (biz) but it took like 45 min on the phone. Wouldn't approve Visa Sig b/c it's too similar of a card to the Plat WMC (?) and it's too many AA program cards. HUCA got me the "2 cards in 60 days" speech - although I haven't officially been approved for the biz card yet.

So all in all, 5 out of 10 cards have been approved so far, and I really didn't expect the other 2 Barclays to work, so I'm calling it 5 out of 8 with hopes for 2 more :-)

And yet another update...
Today, I got an email that my AMEX SPG biz was approved, so yay! I guess it really did just take some time for them to review it. That also means that one AMEX rep recon'd me for 4 cards!
Then, I got home to find the Citi Plat WMC biz card in my mail so apparently I got approved for that, too!
Bringing the total for my AOR to... 7 out of 10 cards and let's be honest, there was no way I was going to get 3 Barclays cards.

Lesson learned? Don't be an idiot and apply with an address that isn't anywhere on your credit reports.

Can I open a BB account for a family member (with their SS) that has the same address as my BB account?

I purchased $5k VR's in CVS on 10/25 ::).

I was just told tonight that $5000 is the limit, so yeah ok unique case here. Same guy told me he keeps the VR behind the counter. I asked why? He said b/c people come in and hide them among the Hallmark cards. So, yeah, I guess that's like ushadude's comments ;)

Credit Cards / Re: Where Did Your Inquiries Pull From?
« on: October 27, 2013, 10:28:19 PM »
Did a 2 bm last week w Amex and for some reason the 2nd card app did not go through till the next day. Now I have two inquiries on back to back days >:(
How do I combine them?

Did a 4bm and also had a 2nd pull the next day. The biz card I applied for wasn't approved that first day, so I assume it was another pull for that. Was one of yours a biz card?

Credit Cards / Re: Amazon Payments Master Thread
« on: October 26, 2013, 08:23:27 PM »
Where exactly am I supposed to be looking?

Don't know, I didn't read through it, just sharing the links that OP was probably referring to.

My husband had 2 chase cards up for their AF, so it was time for new apps.  I applied him for 2 sw.  Did 1 app.  It said I should call them with reference number xxxx.  So I called and after the first hold I offered to move the CL from one card and close it.  She felt bad for me to close it so she only moved 10K and left 5K.  I agreed to this.
Then the 2nd app.  Different browser.  This time it said pending review and I would hear from them by snail mail. No ref #.  Is this normal?  do I wait until the letter arrives and has a ref #?  If I call now, how do I ref the 2nd application that it is different than the first that was approved?  (first was premier one was ?other? personal)

You'll also need a pretty good reason why you need both cards since they're the same card.

Credit Cards / Re: Chase Reconsideration
« on: October 25, 2013, 01:48:06 PM »
Also, you should look for "etc" in the Wiki.

I googled! I don't see how a "health savings account" would help an argument to get 2 SW cards! Also, I googled GIYF to find out that means. And ETC is a steakhouse in Teaneck, no? #sarcasticsmileyface

Credit Cards / Re: Credit Card Special Bonus Points Stories
« on: October 25, 2013, 12:59:07 PM »
My friend called SPG and told them it was his Anniversary.
He got 10,000 bonus points.
Amazing. I'd pay the AF for that.  ;)

Credit Cards / Re: Chase Reconsideration
« on: October 25, 2013, 12:57:17 PM »
Not true.  Just takes some HUCA and explanation. (HSA, etc).

Can't find HSA on wiki or acronym thread. Can I get some help?

Credit Cards / Credit Card Special Bonus Points Stories
« on: October 25, 2013, 11:23:31 AM »
First time starting a new thread, so if you think it's crazy, I can delete it it'll probably die out soon enough anyway. Purpose of the thread is for people to share stories/experiences of getting special point bonuses for things other than actual offers from the banks.

I'll start:        (Sorry for long stories, I feel like it helps b/c otherwise ppl will just ask a million Q's about how it worked in each specific story, so just figured I'd give all the details to begin with.)

A few weeks ago, my new BA was declined at CVS trying to buy VRs. I spent 20 min in the store on the phone with Chase trying to fix the fraud alert. Found out it was b/c of the large purchas on new cc and also b/c my address is in NJ, and I was buying in NY. They said they would add my NY address (which I actually have) to all my accounts so this issue shouldn't come up anymore. (Of course I thanked them for their fraud security.) Later that night, I called to complain about my experience, and they gave me 5000 UR for the hassle.

Last night, my new SPG was declined (at CVS, how coincidental). I called AMEX, found out it was b/c new card, large purchase, possible fraud, etc. and they could only verify my identity by hanging up and calling me on my verified phone number. BUT they legally can't call after 9PM so they said wait till tomorrow. I went nuts on them b/c, forget legal reasons, they should have other ways to verify my identity! (Again, of course I thanked them for the security. You should do that b/c they don't understand why you're upset if they're just trying to protect you.) Got transferred to CS and she gave me 1500 Delta points. (Couldn't add points to SPG b/c it was locked out for the fraud.)

Then, I decided to call Chase again b/c my SP was declined at the post office 2 days ago for $3 (for which I called right after, fixed the fraud - what fraud? I have no idea - but couldn't get her to give me points) and then yesterday I was declined at a parking meter in NYC. Rep said parking meter never registered as an attempted transaction, so it was probably a fault in the meter, not a Chase decline. I complained for a while how this has happened 3 times with different cards recently (and she found out that my NY address was never even added on to my Chase accounts!) and she gave 2000 UR as compensation for the hassles.

So yeah, getting points for not spending money is fun.

CVS in Manhattan told me last night that there's a new rule that came down from corporate - A person can only buy $500 in gift cards per day. Just sharing the experience, I know ppl have heard otherwise before or have heard it and found other cashiers to do it.

Credit Cards / Re: Chase Reconsideration
« on: October 25, 2013, 10:33:10 AM »
I believe Dan responded to this question before that for Chase cards there is no time limit and you can get the renewal bonus right away again.  It's for cards like SPG that I believe you need to wait a year before getting bonus again. 

Is that correct?
Amex in particular.

Thanks for the corrections guys, good to know!

A friend of mine applied for 2 southwest cards to get the 50k bonus X2, and eventually get the companion pass.
This was his first app with Chase.
He got approved instantly for the Premier for 6k CL, and got pending for the plus. He called up recon a few times, and they told him he can't have both because they are "the same card". Nothing to do with his credit.
Anyone ever had this happen?
Any suggestions?
He applied for the wrong cards - those 2 ARE the same, just one is a lower level card. To get the companion pass with new cards, you need to get 1 personal card and 1 business card.

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