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Unfortunately, I am no longer able to get lines cancelled effective today.  However, I was able to get a credit on a line that I was charged 58 for and they said I could call back on Nov 25 if I get billed anything to get my money back.  How, did you convince them to cancel effective immediately?

I said I have a different monthly plan and want to activate this when that expires (didn't work yesterday umteenth times ;)). Worked today on the first shot. But again, he didn't cancel only freeze. Will worry about cancelling sometime in the future (I might even try their service for a month, you never know).

On my umpteenth HUCA(slight exaggeration ;)), Cancellation Dept. agreed to freeze my account until I notify them that I want it thawed. He said I will not be charged anything. So nice little toy for now. (I'm Getting the "the person you are calling is unavailable now, please try again later" message.)

Any suggestions for an exit strategy?

Payg transferred me to cancelations who told me that cancelations within 14 days need to be done at store. ??? HUCA, or is this their new defense?

I understand you kept the phone for use, is wifi also disabled?
Online data blocked means that Sprint will not send you any mobile data. If you connect to wifi, that has nothing to do with Sprint.

Had anyone have problems signing in to their new account?

Yes. It didn't even remember my username. This morning I got an email that the phone shipped with the phone number. Then I set up a new Sprint login using the new phone number and was able to login.

Does anyone know if the phone is flashable to PP or VM?

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