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Round trip
Any stops
From: NYC
Departure dates: August 16 2015
Return dates: August 25 2015
Class: Any
Seats: 5
Alliance/Airline: Any

read the wiki and write it like it says
what price did you find?

NYC-TLV 8/16 to 8/25 eco

//NYC-TLV 8/16 to 8/25

I'm assuming buying visa GC's and cashing them out; I'm just not sure how, since serve/redcard have monthly limits, and money orders can get suspicious, even online, when its that kind of volume.) I'm guessing he's not giving away his MO so easily. I don't blame him, with that kind of MS. You can almost make a living off that! (That would actually be hysterical, to open a business card for a business that's function is to spend money on business cards. I'd love to set the look on the person reading the applications face when he reads that. ;D)
I asked in regards to the UPS method

I guess your referring to the UPS method?
can u please explain this method?

Up In The Air / Re: Airline Compensation Master Thread
« on: June 12, 2015, 12:47:18 AM »
Airline: Air Canada
Flight: LGA-YUL
Class: Economy (award ticket)
Incident: was held in the aircraft almost 4 hours after landing
%75 off base fare on my next AC ticket (sold it on ebay for $75...)

Up In The Air / Re: Airline Compensation Master Thread
« on: June 12, 2015, 12:08:27 AM »
Airline: ELAL
Flight: TLV-BRU
Class: Economy
Incident: delayed luggage
$75 plus 100 Matmid points

should I fight for more?

There at least a few ones around that are the buyers and the TA.
and they pay the brokers a higher price then the individuals?

It goes with any brokerage, but in this case a TA doesn't want to  be busy looking for points when he knows where he can always find.
this was a helpful answer.

Why do a need a broker when selling a house? Why don't I sell the house my self?
because you don't know to whom to sell, but mileage if they would advertise, ppl would go to them same way as they are going to the brokers

Brokers often also sell to travel agencies, who charge customers $3000 more for a business class ticket when it only costs them 50,000 miles to upgrade.
how does the customer receive the full mileage for his trip, if its only an upgrade?

By that logic shouldn't you be advertising first class tickets in order to cut out the miles buyers themselves as well?
lol. first class tickets is another story, but if a seller has to sell his miles, why shouln't he be able to go to the buyer VS the broker

The broker is the middleman that makes the shidduch.
but why are not the ultimate buyers advertise themselves, so everyone will go to the directly?


if a broker sells it to another buyer, why can't the seller go directly to the ultimate buyer and get more money?

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