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Re: Amex Amazon Deal Working Again For Those Who Already Did It (20% Off Up To $100)
Just tried another account which the link didnt work, started a week trial for $1.99 and activated the code via manually entering it, thanks for next $200.

Exactly what I did too.

July 17, 2018, 10:12:39 PM
Re: South Florida Master Thread I've been to NoMa a few times since they opened and have had varying experiences. The first time I went with Dan when they first opened and the service/food was pretty awful. I've been back twice since and had an enjoyable experience. Last night topped them all and I had my best restaurant experience period, in a long time. Our waitress was great and the food was unique and delicious!

Recently they picked up David Benrey (the former executive chef at Harbour Grill), so I wanted to check out what he was able to add.

He will be updating the menu soon, so not all of the foods below are available on the menu yet.

NoMa has a huge bar area, and while I haven't been blown away by any of the drinks I've gotten here (26, Fuego, and Backyard all have better drinks IMO) but we were celebrating a birthday so we ordered a couple drinks.

We got on a beach in Tel Aviv and A grapefruit mint drink $12/each:

The mint drink was supposed to come with Arak which I despise, so I had them replace it with some Bacardi instead. Unfortunately the bar tender missed that and sent it out with Arak inside, I almost puked taking that first sip. They promptly replaced it and the new drink was fine.

For apps we started with their incredible ARANCINI $14:

The regular arancini comes with a marinara sauce underneath, but David used more of a Alfredo sauce and it was great. The fried slices of garlic places on the top of each ball are what dreams are made of. Such a great bite. (I liked it as well with marinara sauce, you can always ask for some on the side to try it with both).

Next we ordered the fried ravioli, which the chef informed us wasn't their best item and will be taken off the new menu, instead he said he would prepare something special for us.

And special it was!

Handmade ravioli $18:

Everything on this dish was handmade, from the ravili pasta, to the ricotta cheese mix inside, the yummy cheese strips sticking out, and most notably the best marinara sauce I have ever had. I love black pepper and that shines in this sauce. The chef put black peppers into a pan and sautes them until a potent oil comes out he then creates a wine reduction with those oils and finally adds his marinara sauce to the mix. All said and done it is a unique and delicious black pepper marinara sauce I couldn't get enough of.

For our main we ordered one of the most unique items on the menu, their BRULÉED PEAR Pizza $16:

I was honestly nervous about ordering this, but we decided to go ahead after the waitress gave a glowing recommendation when we asked about it.

The pizza was fantastic. The pears were delicious, and the arugula with balsamic vinegar on top really put the flavor over the top. The dough was also nice, it was crisp, but not too thin. Really delicious pizza. Of course nothing like a traditional pizza, but it just works.

We had started the evening at 26 where we got the always amazing sushi pizza (with cooked salmon) and sake teriyaki roll fully tempura'd along with delicious home made guacamole and chips. So we weren't too hungry going to NoMa. At this point we ordered some dessert.

We went with the baked cheesecake:

Again this is a new dish created by David, with everything made in house.

The plate was loaded with goodies. Our favorite was the chocolate bark with rice crispries and marzipan inside. I like banana in general and enjoyed the banana ice cream. The cheesecake was more cake like than the typical creamy cheesecake. They switch up the toppings without notice it seems, we had a blueberry topping which was yummy.

All in all, I am super excited for the new menu to be released and can't wait to try some more of David's creations. As you may have noticed his plates are truly a work of art.

October 10, 2018, 10:35:55 AM