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Applicable to participating restaurants noted in the link.  They had this promo during the holidays.  It's legit.  I got the cash back and the cash back that I normally would have gotten without the promo.  I had 4 accounts and averaged 6 restaurants each day.  Buy gift cards!  So, whomever is in AZ and CA, enjoy!

This used to be more lucrative when they did not require you to call to verify as they've been cracking down on multiple accounts per person.  Although, I'm still creating accounts once in a while.  If you know someone in these countries, it would still be worth your while: (Click on Send Money To)

I used to send money to help out family in the Philippines multiple times a month (now only once or twice a month), and each time I would send $50 and get back 2X$25 in amazon or WM gcs.  I would send the referral email to multiple real and dummy emails, and set up separate accounts when ready to send.  Each account requires your billing info, so you could still do one for yourself, spouse, children with bank accounts or ccs, etc.  Sometimes you could open more than one if you have a long name (ie. one account with your middle name, one w/o, if you have multiple names or a suffix even better).  As long as the name is close enough to what is on your cc account or bank account it should be fine.  I had little issues.  Each account needs to be attached to a cc or bank account, so if you have multiple bank accounts and cc's, it would be perfect.  The $50 potential bonus per send is totally worth the $4.99-$6.99 service charge and the currency exchange rate.  It was the best 2 years ago when they had promo codes to waive this fee.  Oh well.  Still works for me.  Hope others benefit from this.     

Deals/Deal Requests / Cheap Book of Mormon Tickets in LA
« on: April 25, 2014, 01:07:28 AM »
Hi.  Anybody have leads on how to get cheapest Book of Mormon Tickets in Los Angeles?  Score Big is completely sold out, so I went through Amex.  All I could find is $61/pax for Orch Right side on May 4.  Let me know if there's any way to get cheaper.  Dates and times are flexible, but weekend night is preferred.  Thanks.

Just got mail stating the above. On the line with rep who is trying to waive all taxes, upgrade fees , and miscellaneous to make it completely free for wife and me as long as I extend for 2 more years. I'm currently on their 2 year plan with 6 months more to go and paying $130 for unlimited call and text with 2 gig data. Still a good deal or does anybody have a better deal out there with another servicer w/ or w/o contracts?

Deals/Deal Requests / Deal Request for Board Games
« on: March 10, 2014, 04:30:37 PM »
Anybody have any leads on Board Game deals like Cards Against Humanity or Pictionary on Amazon or other sites?  Any promos, rebates, coupons, etc for these?  I'm a Prime member if that helps.  TIA

Hi!  I was wondering if anybody could give me insight about how to and what to pursue in a restitution hearing for being a victim of assault and battery.  The defendant plead "no contest" and terms were anger management, community service, probation, and restitution among others. 
Backdrop: (I am not even making this up)
My Older Sister's BF brought tequila (classy) to my younger sister's wedding and overdid it.
I helped him to the car because family made OS and BF leave the reception as BF was being aggressive with everyone and making a fool of himself and could not walk or stand up.  I am attacked on the way to the car.  I get him in a guillotine (type of headlock) and he BITES himself out of it World War Z style, and starts punching me on the ground (this is not made up).  He attacks 2 others who try to stop the beat down.  I have a bite mark scar on my chest!!! :o How do I pursue restitution, what can I be recompensed for, and how much can I get from him?  You could PM or reply to this thread.  Thanks in advance. 

Check out the link.  If you used Ink Business cards can you get 5 points per dollar if purchased online (assuming that GFs can be purchased on  Haven't done it before, but for $10 off a turkey and MyPoints earnings, it's probably worth a shot. 4000 MyPoints is roughly $25 in rewards cards.

Credit Cards And Finance / Is it worth it to consolidate Capital One CCs?
« on: November 02, 2013, 12:45:07 AM »
So, I have had a Capital One CC since 2006 (my very first one as I was just starting to build my credit during college) $500 CL no rewards program and me as primary, then a Household Bank CC in 2007 $300 CL 3% cash back and me as primary, and finally a Capital One Platinum in 2012 $1,500 CL for my wife with me as AU, and her as primary.  With CO buying HBC out and converting all three into Quicksilvers w/ 1.5% cash back, is it wise for us to just consolidate all three CLs into the 2006 CC to keep the credit history and to make everything simpler since it is completely redundant?  How will this affect our reports and scores?  Any advice is appreciated. 

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