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But the stores pay for the promos. I would only do it if the store isn't harmed by taking advantage of the deals.
No, Mogl pays the promos.  The store pays the flat rate monthly fee, and at times, the normal cashback not part of the promos (the normal daily cash back percentage set by the restaurant) and they only pay it when activated by the account-linked credit card purchase made by the customer.

Thanks so much for the clear detail!
But there's no more referral or signup bonus.
No problem.
There hasn't been since 2013 I think.  Used to be $5 per referral.  Petty compared to the promos though.

No biggie, but why no HT for me too? haha  ;)

Quote from: princea143 on June 15, 2015, 05:55:03 AM
20% off coupon code "CTWENTY" for all items including GCs: Max GBPounds 50 ($77); Min GBP 20 ($31)  only June 15th UK time.  Worked for me multiple times.  Buying up to $385 to get full discount.  Via

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Credit Card Retention Bonuses
« on: June 21, 2015, 07:10:01 PM »
Same story. Wait a month or 2 & if you are approved you will get the bonus
I read somewhere that Chase is cracking down on approving people for UR-based cards (SP, Freedom, Ink).  The rule apparently is that you can't have more than 4 or 5 cards newly opened from any banks within 2 years.  This does not apply to the other Chase partner cards (BA, UA, Hyatt, et al).  They're trying to block churners. haha  Is this confirmed?

I have 4 UA club passes 2 exp 12/31/15; 2 exp 9/30/16 and 2 AA club passes exp 6/15/16.  Where can I sell these if this is not the thread and how much are they each worth???

You say that in some cases the restaurant pays the cash back. Don't they lose in those cases? How do I know when that is,  so I only purchase when it's beneficial to them?
Also, do I have to 've there and do a physical swipe, or do keyed-in transactions work too?
It really depends on how Mogl and the restaurant negotiate the service/membership.  I've spoken to some owners who say that they pay $199 a month; some $299 or $399.  It may depend on how much advertising they want out of this or their earnings or how big the company is.  Many franchises are part of this also. 
Mogl pays for the $10 off $10, $20 off $20, or whatever promo they advertise).  The cash back part (if applicable) applies to the 1%-30% and up cash back (this is determined by the restaurant) that the restaurant would supposedly pay out to Mogl which goes to the buyer.  It's no different from using a BOGO coupon or Happy Hour or percentage-based coupon.  The only difference is that the restaurant pays the "discount" back at month's end instead of giving the discount upfront.  It's good advertising as the promos bring people to restaurants inside and even outside their area radius.
In addition, there is a challenge at participating restaurants that give more cash back to the first three biggest spenders of the month.  I believe that as long as promos include the participating restaurants consistently, it would be quite profitable for the restaurant.  I've even been in situations where I take people out and the bill goes over the amount of free gcs that I bring from past promo purchase, and I gladly pay out of pocket.  That helps as well.  The point is to make people aware that these restaurants exist, and if their food and service are great, people will keep going back despite the monthly promos.
There is a promo out right now which is 50% off + applicable cash back depending on the time of purchase.  I personally don't participate in these ones unless the gift cards/certs are resellable or the cash back percentage at the restaurant gives and additional 15% or more.  Once signed in, you should be able to receive emails of promos going on. 
TIP: Get to know the managers or owners and pay over the phone to cover more ground and maximize earnings.  Explain to them what's going on so they become comfortable.  You may have to go there the first day to meet them and show that you are not doing anything fraudulent (cards are under your name).  Pick up the gcs/certs on the last day of promo.

Who pays for this - merchant or Mogl?
Sorry off the grid for a while.  Mogl gives you your promo cash back, and in many cases, the normal cash back depending on the time of purchase.  So, the way it works (as I have spoken to the owners of many of the participating restaurant) is that the restaurant pays a flat rate per month depending on their earnings or whatever is negotiated, and in some cases, they pay the cash back that the customer is entitled to depending on the time of purchase.  The promos each month rotate the participating restaurants, but many times some restaurants are consistently included in the promotions.  I've purchased $100s to $1000s at many restaurants in the past when the T&Cs stated PER ACCOUNT.  Now, it is PER PERSON, so I'm left with $10 X 2 or $20 X 2 per restaurant per day (me and wife). 
So, I work with the owners to purchase credit if they don't sell gcs or certs.  And, when needed, I just order the food in the future for myself or to donate.  Some places require you to buy up-front, but once you get to know the managers or owners, they're pretty open to crediting for future use.  I end up helping small businesses out and feeding the homeless, family, and friends while getting paid for it with points and cash back.  I was able to double dip by using my freedom cards to get the 5X this quarter.  Chase hasn't clawed back the 4 extra points nor the 1 ppd, but some of my other cards that I've used have clawed back the 1 point per dollar credited back.  I probably will dispute that this is not a refund but a credit as they code as cash back and not a refund.
My thoughts are that the more people who participate in the promo and as long as the participating restaurant is part of the promo, it would be beneficial for not just the customer, but also the restaurant as our purchases would offset their monthly dues to Mogl and can even prove to be profitable for them.

General Discussion / Re: eBay: Master Thread
« on: June 19, 2015, 07:08:09 PM »
20% off coupon code "CTWENTY" for all items including GCs: Max GBPounds 50 ($77); Min GBP 20 ($31)  only June 15th UK time.  Worked for me multiple times.  Buying up to $385 to get full discount.  Via
Why didn't I get the HT on this one???  :'(  ^^^^  I want some love....

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Credit Card Retention Bonuses
« on: June 17, 2015, 09:03:14 AM »
They just offered me even less:
1. $100 no spend
2 5k MR no spend + 10k for $2k spend
3. Downgrade....
Said will call back ( huca.....)
You may have called when RD was closed and spoke to CS instead.  Try 11am-8pm EST.  They have better retention deals

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Credit Card Retention Bonuses
« on: June 15, 2015, 11:48:30 PM »
The first number offered in the wiki for amex isn't retention its plat cs

Really?  They said they were retention dept  ??? 

Update: It is CS once retention closes 11pm EST.  Open again 8am EST

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Credit Card Retention Bonuses
« on: June 15, 2015, 07:15:00 PM »
Plat Personal:
1. $200 no spend
2. 5k MR no spend + 15k MR for $3k spend in 60 days
3. 5k MR no spend + 10k MR for $2k spend in 60 days
4. downgrade to PRG (I already have), Gold, or Green

#2 looks to be the best option of the 4, and since I will be getting the $200 airline credit next year as well, I'd say that it's an overall good trade off.  Anybody else get this or better?

Credit Cards And Finance / Re: Credit Card Retention Bonuses
« on: June 15, 2015, 04:41:01 PM »
I got 4 offers now for advantage exec.

1. Spend $5K in the next 3 months get 15K miles.
2. Spend $1.5K every month for the next 7 months and get $50 statement credit every month (total $350)
3. Spend $1.5K every month for 3 months and get $100 and 5K miles.
4. Every month in the next 16 months that I spend $1K, I get 1K bonus points.

I was billed on the 23rd so I need to decide today if I want to pay or cancel.

I can take 1 of the offers and then cancel within 37 days from the 23rd but I won't be getting any of the bonus points by then. (Unless I take option 1 and spend it all before this statement closes, maybe they'll credit the points before 37 days. Not very easy to spend that much in a manner that it will post by the 23rd.)
Only was offered 1-3, but also an option to downgrade to Plat (which I already have), Gold, Bronze  ::), or any Citi non-AA card that I would like.  What?  haha  Are there any Citi non-AA cards worth downgrading to?  I was told that I wouldn't get the bonus for the card I downgrade to, so I am shooting for closing or #2.  Thoughts?

General Discussion / Re: eBay: Master Thread
« on: June 15, 2015, 11:26:31 AM »
If you log into your paypal account you can change the default payment method to a CC. You can also change the payment method while purchasing, as long as you remember.
It specifically said that to buy the gc, you have to pay "direct."  There was no option or prompt to change method at all or else I would have.  I'll log in again to try.  Thanks.

General Discussion / Re: eBay: Master Thread
« on: June 15, 2015, 06:00:11 AM »
Since most gcs must be paid directly through paypal on eBay, has anybody ever kept less than due amount in bank account to trigger the back up credit card?  I wonder...  Bummed that $385 came straight out of account instead of being able to get points on my cc. Still happy though for the 20%.

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