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Re: Kenya Safari TR Part 2

We were up at 8:00am on Thursday to meet our driver, Nick, with whom we will spend the next day with.  After retrieving our precious freezer bag from the hotel staff which were kind enough to store it for us, we loaded up and headed to Lake Nakuru National Park. The drive takes about four hours traversing through many small towns. There is great elevation and the occasional nice view.

We stopped along the highway to check out a small shop selling its wares. There was a school, I would presume on a trip, with its students looking at us as though we were from an entirely different planet. We assured them we were human and their bewildered faces adjusted.

On a side note, our guide expressed to us that people are scared to visit Africa because of Ebola, not being aware that the Ebola breakout was closer to London than it was to Kenya.

Our vehicle

View from the car

Itís sad; lots of the city looks like this

School children and shop

We regrettably had to turn down his corn

We checked in to Sarova Lion Hill Lodge and were greeted with a cold eucalyptus scented towels and fresh mango juice. It was here that we discovered that the hospitality in Kenya is incredible.
We were given a brief tour of the camp grounds and headed off for our afternoon game drive!

Our cozy cabin

From the outside

The grounds are very nice and tranquil

Bountiful occupied birdsí nests

As soon as we began the drive, a monkey came inside through the top of the roof and stole a bad of goodies. Realizing it contained nothing of interest, it dropped it on the road and took off running. What a great way to start, I thought!
I took a bunch of zebra pictures unaware that they are as common as cows in the Midwest.

Zebra, of course

There are usually more flamingo, they say

I donít know what this is

Nor what this is

Ah, yes, a rhino

We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this guy

When we returned to camp and denied dinner, the chef requested to speak with us. He said he was expecting us and made a kosher dinner. We politely declined and attempted to explain that we keep ďreal kosherĒ and that what he made unfortunately didnít fall into that category.
He begged with us just to see what it was he made for us.
Incredibly, he procured a brand new cutting board and knife! He also had a closed bottle of olive oil and plastic-ware.
He went on to say that he had a whole fish and potatoes double wrapped in the oven. We were shocked. We passed on the fish and opted for a salad instead.

Got to work right away

Dining area

Chef Nicholas

Turndown service

Tomorrow is our flight out to Masai Mara.

July 20, 2015, 09:44:09 PM
Re: Kenya Safari TR Part 5

As life has it, all awesome things must come to an end. Our safari would be no different. We had a departure time of 8:45AM from the Olseki airstrip to Wilson Airport, a forty five minute flight. From there we would be driven to Nairobi for our flight to ADD.

Here are some photos at the camp Encounter Mara.

Yes, very important to see

Bucket shower

General lounge area

We asked to leave to the airstrip a bit earlier so that we can take advantage of the extra time and perhaps get to see some more wildlife along the way. This worked out nicely as we got to see a lioness with her cubs, a wandering leopard and a flock of vultures consuming the carcass of a zebra.

It is safe to say that the most frightening part of this trip was flying on this aircraft whose last maintenance check is still unknown. Upon arrival at Wilson, we met our driver for the 20 minute transfer to NBO.

The airstrip terminal

I felt a bit safer with two engines

At NBO. Perhaps practicing for the presidentís arrival?

When we arrived at the airport we asked if we can be placed on the earlier flight to ADD which wasnít open at the time of booking. After speaking with a manager who allowed it, we attempted to check in. After an hour of failed attempts, they proclaimed that their computers were hacked and were shutting down. We panicked. If we werenít going to make this flight, we were ready to purchase a ticket on any flight that would get us out of there.

They finally said they would be issuing handwritten boarding passes. When we finally got ours we headed to the lounge.

Lounge in Nairobi

And that is why I donít fly Kenya Airways

The flight was better than expected. We didnít have a kosher meal because we took the earlier flight. I didnít at all mind the trade-off.

We had a long layover in ADD. We initially wanted to leave the airport. But it was dark, we were tired and we would need to purchase a visa, so we scrapped that idea.

The lounge in ADD

These were great!

A new 787 to LHR

When looking to book a safari, there are many factors which influence price, such as time of year, location, duration and level of luxury. The place we chose was all inclusive. Additionally, in Mara, there was no cell reception, Wi-Fi or swimming pool. There are those locations with more amenities but arenít as exclusive.

I also want to point out that we never went hungry. We packed a large bag of provisions. Such as bread, peanut butter, granola bars, instant soups etc. We also had our freezer bag and had hot meals in the evenings.

Although not required to enter Kenya, we did get yellow fever and typhoid vaccinations. We also took malaria pills.

A visa for US passport holders is $50 which you can get on arrival.

I would like to thank Platinum for all his help booking this trip.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

July 23, 2015, 09:09:28 PM