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COVID-19 / Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Discussion / Re: What is FL hiding?
« on: August 02, 2020, 01:55:59 PM »
Take a break for a week. FL's hospitalizations are lower than they've been in a while, at 8245 current hospitalizations with the main diagnosis of Covid. However, there have been over 3300 new hospitalizations in the last 7 days, so over 4500 people vacated their beds in the last week. Either they all got better....

One doctor told me that they are having more patients recover than before

On the other hand, testing sites botched up numbers.

The mentality seems to be that if we get it, we get it.

We take precautions etc but realistically people aren't going back to April and May.

I have cancelled so far 6 rt trips and my annual western road trips.

It's really not the governor or anything. It's just people . You see people hanging out by the beach , partying etc

Skateboard park at haulover packed with probably upper middle class white kids

I see black folks at the beach, white folks, Latina etc . It's not a demographic, age or politics thing.


Why did they actually trust people to follow the rules?

It's been proven repeatedly that people just do what they want

It's pretty full here. Most people just still aren't serious.

@chevron That's a lot to process... Let me try to clarify.

I don't want the state locked down. I do want them to take the virus seriously and to tell the truth to the people they answer to. I don't want them to make life impossible for residents. I do want them to impose restrictions that make it less attractive to tourists for a while. I don't want a nanny state, but I do want a regulatory environment that encourages prioritizing the public's safety. Most of all, I want a unified voice from all public officials saying, "this is not a joke, please take it seriously." Because when it turns into a political sh!tshow, people tune out and just dismiss anything Covid-related as "someone else's politics."

They said it's not a joke... And you think 20 year olds are listening? Or 30 year olds?

People just Wana live.. it's not a thing of the times, people also kept their normal lives up during wars.

As for tourism, it's 93 and feels like 105.. what nut job will visit ?

There's nothing the government can do to stop this entirely. Backyard parties are probably spreading it.

So now it's a nanny state? Call the cops? That should help the BLM movement...

I had to go yesterday to laundromat, it's Miami style so mostly open.

Some were wearing masks pulled down to chin, some weren't.

What should I do Go lecture  everybody? Call 911?

I put my wash in far from them and got the heck out.

So what are you going to do now close all the laundromat because somebody didn't wear a mask?

And since I'm anyways supposed to stay home I do it rashbi style? Naked all day ?!?

For a man who goes for Democrats, @CountValentine  has little idea how the lower class function.

They'd probably save $ eating at home, but many of these people survive on fast food takeout and cheap kitchen style stuff.

And the kids would go crazy if they can't go out.

But didn't we from the get go know that everyone would be infected?

Let's assume the first cases were begging of February?

It's been nearly 6 months. They need to get the infection rates down and slow the spread to avoid a repeat of NY etc but what exactly are you proposing ?!?!

 I was all for lockdown and caution but it's not realistic, it's been 6 months.

Wear a mask, keep distance, wash your hands responsible.

Even my most cautious friends get this. Will we all get it? You can be responsible.

Responsible hand washing. Avoid crowd's, wear a mask .

Shabbat is a Challange, but even there I mean try to space out, have good AC filters, cover any cough's or sneezes, keep the count low.

I'm sorry but even me, im not staying home for 50 shabbats, that's 100 meals alone.

I don't want the virus, I should test for antibodies, who knows if I had it?

I don't want long term damage, I have enough issues as is.

But locking myself up for a year won't make me happier.

Where's the hamster wheel....

Exactly what I've been saying (except for the 6 months idea, as I think it would be longer and not 100% effective). The restrictions were too harsh and not well thought out, and now they are "backfiring". I understand the initial panic when it seemed like a near death sentence, but now that doctors have learned better treatment modalities, and the restrictions have been in place for so long, a holistic approach needs to be taken in putting restrictions in place. That is not something that will happen with politicians calling the shots.

It was a death sentence when hospitals were overloaded It was a death sentence at the beginning when they didn't have good treatment So yeah the initial lockdown was to stop this.

Nyc got a taste. I'm not panicking here. I wear a mask, avoid others

If people wear masks and masks are effective at slowing the spread then that's good .

Better treatment, drugs, less intubation.

So now you have less people spending less time in the hospital. Less use of ventilator etc.

people would be better off not getting the virus given the fact that some people are going to have long-term health issues.

I don't know if I got it? I was in California in February.

And you have to remember that early on we thought people who were wearing masks were silly and that is because the CDC and the WHO did not come out saying this was airborne It was all about not touching your face and all about sanitizing your hands etc.

I actually very early on realized the effect of droplets and viral load.

But tachlis, people can't survive locked up forever.

Yes I do have friends who are spending the time out on the private houses and the private boats


OK. While death is a definite, measurable negative consequence, as @chevron pointed out, that is turning out to be much less of an outcome. Long-term physical damage, we will only know about in the long-term. Mental, emotional, and financial damage as a result of the lockdown - by far more prevalent than serious COVID-19 cases are.

Why don't you take a poll and see how many households that have had COVID-19 symptoms have any DEFINITE, MEASURABLE negative consequences, and how many have such consequences as a result of the lockdown?

The problem is there's just really is so much you can do You can't keep people locked up until they come out with a vaccine which could take 6 months.

Didn't @chevron mention at some point that immunocompromised people (or was it people on immunosuppressants?) were actually not getting that sick, something to do with not having a cytokine storm?

Some people who are on immunosuppressants their drugs are actually blocking the virus from attacking the body

It's stuff like this (I've seen it elsewhere, just was reading Vin and thought to post )

That has me worried. I mean these can be few and far in between but there is so much about the covid19 after effects we do not know.

Ultimately I worry about people who got it, no effects, have no worries and if reinfection is possible could see damage in round 2.

I worry but also I realized there's not much we can do. I avoid people and wear a mask.

I take my temp often and always on my toes regarding taste and smell (this is super easy, I'm crazy about coffee and wine... If any aroma or taste was off I'd know it instantly)

I also of course realize that newly infected with no symptoms shed the most, that's why I had really tried staying home Shabbat.

Now, the thing is, even with Florida blowing up, I only personally spoke to 1 person who had it and never was in contact with them.

Also while hospitals are filling up, I don't see bh a heavy death rate.

This gives way to what many are thinking, it's invitable, why stay locked up?

They are right that it's not as deadly, I don't think the virus changed, I think treatment is better, less intubation, drugs that work etc

This is also how the walking dead started so I don't know..

Many people have accepted the fact that getting it is invitable

The vaccine news is slow. It's just impossible to lock everyone in, as fatality rates thank God drop, I think people are worried but resigned.

I think people are thinking that they're going to get it anyways so white lock themselves up for 6 months to a year

It's just better treatment,new and better drugs. Less intubation etc.

Now, nyt says 43% of all us death's are nursing home related.

So we gotta address that.  Maybe they got much better?

Also one Dr told me, that in past, people were coming in too late

I don't see evidence that the emergency rooms are being overwhelmed and the hospitals are overloaded.

Miami Dade country mayor's are much more territorial than NYC.

So you have all these individual mayors of small cities and I feel that they are more attuned with reality He requirement for masks is very enforced.

Ultimately the key is to get this down untill a vaccine comes along.

I don't want permanent lung scarring etc .

The fatality rate is plummeting and recovery rates are faster.

Will Florida achieve some kind of immunity ? I dunno even at 3k a day stable that's 90k a month.

In a state of 22 million that's nothing.

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