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COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Lakewood covid cases
« on: September 21, 2020, 06:49:39 PM »
My office in Manhattan is still shut down if that counts.

My point is that if we'd have kept schools and weddings shut down for another year, it's very likely that there will be an uptick then. Maybe if we shut those down for 5 years not, but is it reasonable?

The answer always has been yes and no obviously if you don't vaccinate. Then that kind of answer doesn't appeal to you.

However better understanding of how the virus spreads etc means that preventive action can be taken.

Likewise, better treatment and care.

The summer was a great opportunity to let the virus actually die out, instead, you brought it back.

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Corona virus and your shul
« on: September 21, 2020, 03:09:19 PM »
What makes you think this happened any more because of the minyan? Either way, the risks from passing outdoors are so low.

Ironic that the metzora has to go out of the camp.

But covid-19 positive people, eh!

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Corona virus and your shul
« on: September 21, 2020, 12:54:25 PM »
The word bashing was a mistake. I regretted it a minute later.

my main point is that there are rabbanim on both sides and each of the sides have legitimate reasons for their opinion.

So whats the point of people here trying to convince one the other of their personal opinion on the matter.

Why doesnt everyone just ask their rav and follow his advice (If you want to ask your rav why he told you what he told you, its your choice too) but I don't understand all the back and forth here. hopefully your rav doesnt sit and read here and doesnt change his opinion from forum readers opinions so I really don't get it.

I follow my Rav, my Rav mandates all people in the shul wear a mask.

50% capacity max. We had 3 minyanim, 1 early, 1 a bit later, 1 outdoors.

Outdoor tekios multiple times for women and kids etc.

It's really not that hard, it just requires you to actually change your thinking

2nd day davening was over 4 hours long, with a mask on.. it really isn't so bad (I came late in my defense 🤣)

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Uman, Uman, Rosh Hashana???
« on: September 17, 2020, 12:15:38 PM »
So they'll spend rh at the border ?

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: So shoot me
« on: September 17, 2020, 02:10:17 AM »
What are you trying to say?

Cognitive dissonance?

In war, people just did their thing. And tried to live, But they never could explain why they survived and why others didn't

But now, it's just stupidity

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Lakewood covid cases
« on: September 17, 2020, 12:40:25 AM »
Debating the medical risks and potential loss of life the virus can cause does not seem to be the most effective way to persuade people to use masks and social distance.

Perhaps a more effective way to encourage that, is to highlight the risk of a DOH imposed community-wide quarantine if statistics rise substantially (like in white plains), and the impact on learning/tefila-b'tzibur/yom-tov/economic-impact/mental well being etc.

In any event, to judge the folks (taking this lightly) favorably:
(1) there is enough misinformation and changes to scientific opinion (and continued medical and statistical uncertainty, including whether the strain has gotten more mild) to confuse even well meaning folks and even a minority of experts.
(2) There is a view that society has borne enough inconvenience to protect the vulnerable, and at this point the vulnerable need to be the ones exercising extra care and let the young and healthy members of society return to normalcy so that the economy/schools/life resumes. (This includes the view that think herd immunity, is already far along, and the best way through this).
(3) The way this has become a political (republican vs. democrat) issue has those identifying with republican party, forced to choose between the views of their allies (who they trust) or the opposition (who they vigorously distrust as conspiring liars). The viciousness of partisan politics and the high-level-of-distrust undermines the arguments/evidence supporting the opposition on any individual issue.
(4) Mask discomfort, the inconveniences of SD, the emotional/psychological distress of being in quarantine earlier this year, the harsh economic impact on many, and the weakening of religious practice to those who feel passionate about that (as we all should), sway the risk/benefits toward the return-to-normalcy route.
(5) There are large swaths of people in our community who have anti-bodies have no concerns about their personal health (or spreading it to others -though I'm not sure there is 100% agreement on this).

I'm optimistic the unified and influential communications and guidance from the Moetzes will enhance unity and more consistent practice on such issues.

That does work including the fact that somebody would have to go into quarantine if they were in contact with somebody who tested positive...

The problem is contract tracing is not going to work because people are not honest.

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Crown Heights as a COVID-19 lab
« on: September 15, 2020, 08:07:59 PM »

The rov said to listen to the doctors, besides dr rosen and the gedalia society there are other doctors in ch and at least one of them has said that makes don't help
If I don't wear a mask I'm still following the rov bc I'm listening to a dr

What makes dr rosen and the gedalia society expert dr in corona virus? That's not there field
Dr rosen is a pediatrician and the person who is in charge of the gedalia society I believe is either a radiologist or anesthesiologist
Just like in other fields, for example law I don't go to a divorce lawyer for bankruptcy, so too by Corona it should work like that

Fwiw, a very close friend of mine from the wine world is currently 72, He retired his chief anesthesiologist of his Pittsburgh children's hospital, after an over 40 year distinguished career.

He's also a scientist and world expert on intubation and various drugs, specializing in rare cases where people are severely allergic to anesthesia.

Saying that an anesthesiologist is not an expert, is like saying, a divorce lawyer has no qualifications as a mediator.

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: The current state of COVID-19 in Israel
« on: September 15, 2020, 12:28:47 PM »
My earlier message Purim time was slow the spread and let doctors learn to treat it better.

Many doctors travelled to NYC to help, this ny benefited and the doctors learned a lot.

If the USA saw a high level of multi state spikes back in March, it would have been worse, much worse.

Now? It's a question of keeping the numbers low, the spread low, slowly science and the medical world got better.

Stuff like proning And various drugs, we learned to take vitamin c and get sunshine or take vitamin d and so on

I read kikkar Shabbat and the pics there are a joke in terms of mask wearing.

It's true that they pick on the frum world, but they expect the leaders to act.

What exactly is ideal anyways about getting a crippling virus for 2-3 weeks and spend your entire tishrey in bed ?

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: The current state of COVID-19 in Israel
« on: September 15, 2020, 02:30:43 AM »
Because no one that's accustomed to a free society is willing to accept a Wuhan style lockdown. Short of that, what's the point of a lockdown?

I was arrested twice, I mean I'd evade the cops and army in gush katif, chevron etc..

I understand it all, the chareidi deep distrust and downward animosity towards the country..

The average guy on the street losing his business.

They would not be where they are now if everybody just wore a mask

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: The current state of COVID-19 in Israel
« on: September 15, 2020, 01:15:32 AM »
Why is everybody treating it like a game?

For the first time in my life, I agree with Aryeh deri.

Precisely because no one respected the virus and everyone just broke the rules and mocked the whole thing.


COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Uman, Uman, Rosh Hashana[emoji47]
« on: September 14, 2020, 03:02:53 PM »
Oh sorry didnít notice.

Israely passport has an issue.

Price tag is between $2200-4000

Crazy ..  and there's no poverty in Israel I assume

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Lakewood covid cases
« on: September 14, 2020, 01:07:33 PM »
You do realize there is whole frum world outside ddf, living life without masks. Not getting covid, not dying, and totally unaware of all the anger, frustration and name calling here. Shopping for clothing every day and not having issues, totally unaware of the controversy there causing here, fascinating.

And what was the price of the supposed immunity?

And the non stop charity ads I see about hundreds who died from coronavirus, are you single handedly supporting the widows and orphan's.

All that some selfish people can shop without a mask.

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Lakewood covid cases
« on: September 14, 2020, 12:00:04 PM »
If masks were the norm, you wouldn't find it binary.

I ate out once indoors begging of June when Miami re-opened.

Rest has been outdoors and to go. I don't miss anything.

I don't shop for clothing but man, I'd be worried for all the families shopping in store for chagim without masks

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: The current state of COVID-19 in Israel
« on: September 14, 2020, 10:39:32 AM »
The average Israeli won't be able to pay his bills?

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Crown Heights as a COVID-19 lab
« on: September 13, 2020, 11:23:22 PM »

There seems to be six different strains of the Coronavirus.

There is no actual solid data weather getting one strain protects you against the other.

Just as you can get multiple strains of flu or cold.

on the other hand studies are showing that some t cell immunity exists from other prior viruses.

My point is, we don't know and everyone is different

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