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I'm not sure there isn't a counter-argument to the first part, as I really don't know the science, but if the virions travel via droplets or aerosols, isn't it the size of those that matter rather than the size of the virions?

However, the last part where he talks about touching the masks is 100% spot on. I linked somewhere to an Israeli article about possibly exempting students from wearing masks during extreme heatwave, and there's a video interview with a doctor there who says the same thing. Constantly touching a mask, which is what most laypeople would do, especially when uncomfortable, is probably worse than not wearing one at all.

Stupid post.

I'm pretty sure that if somebody was an infected carrier and sneezed, a mask would help

He was just saying that this whole not talking in shul campaign makes us lose focus on what shul is really about

I think talking in shul makes everyone lose focus of what shul is about ....

There was an article that used cellular tracking data to track where the infected from spring break Florida then spread out.

I was wrong about the Mardi gras dates, that was earlier.

He lost me with the talking in shul part. So the Satan wants us to close shuls but it's not the Satan who wants us to talk in shuls?

I can assure you that talking in shuls will never lead anyone to respect kedusha of the shul. They talk as younger men, grow up, their kids follow their father.

I don't care about the narrative.
Mardi Gras - March 14
Spring Break - April 10
By April 10 everything should have been closed. That is why FL was called out. Nothing to do with D or R.
ETA:Where did you get 3/14 as the date for Mardi Gars. It ended on fat Tuesday.

Did you even read the New York times article that I posted

The exact number of people who returned from leisure trips to Florida with the coronavirus may never be known. Cases as far away as California and Massachusetts have been linked to the Winter Party Festival, a beachside dance party and fund-raiser for the L.G.B.T.Q. community held March 4-10.

Why are you saying April for spring break? Miami was in shut down sorjl

Mardi gras March 14

Spring break 4-10

Mardi gras quotes
"When itís not taken seriously at the federal level, itís very difficult to transcend down to the local level in making these decisions,Ē Ms. Cantrell told CNN. ďBut when the experts told me that social gatherings would be an issue, I moved forward with canceling them."

Always blaming the federal government If you look at the narrative in the two articles between Louisiana and Florida you'll see a big difference even though Mardi gras was later.

Why did Dr zelenko resign?


This just goes to show how the thinking evolved. Early on, they were less worried about human closeness, more about contaminated surfaces.

All that wiping down at shuls while people were close together was pointless.

Depends how religious the wedding is...

I saw some pictures from Ger and belz Rebbe's children / grandchildren and it looked as if there wasn't even the kalla at the chupa 🤣

It's a bit of both. I said early on, it's crazy to try to understand things in a pandemic.

The medical system always operates on near capacity. It's not a hotel, they can't just throw them up.

Each bed cost $, the actual room, bed, equipment.

Also hospitals have to have supporting equipment and infesreucture. So If they want to have 700 beds vs 600, they need much more resources.

They don't want this, It means investing more money in construction and equipment.

Our hospitals are not designed for pandemics. You really cannot expect the doctors to treat properly when they are overwhelmed.

I think that it came together because thank God all these doctors communicated, biologists, immunologists and virologists, infectious disease experts etc..

Necessity does often breed innovation too. Urgency is often the call to arm's

Thanks, Dan!  Likewise!

Yes, those possibilities, and more (no immunity after the first infection, or the first infection was a false positive, etc.)

My point was only that when studying this experimentally, you can take 1000 people today, selected for having a particular prior experience, infect them in a controlled setting, and get a pretty clear-cut answer in a few weeks.

When you wait for people to become infected naturally, the new cases dribble in, one by one, each one with different prior experiences.  And each one has to be analyzed to figure out exactly what had been going on with them in the first and second infections, and so this will take much longer to get an answer.

Right but as a friend told me, it's possible to have the virus multiple times in mild form, this would likely mean that the person didn't develop immunity to it ?

yeah, kind of it's never too late. But i meant in the context of losing so many community members, it was way too late.

It's impossible to say honestly. There are so many factors involved.

But just simply cutting down the rush would have saved lives.  If 50% less were infected, could 75% more have been saved?

Now they intubate much less and mortality rates are dropping bh.
The whole severity of the virus is that we knew we couldn't handle pandemic numbers.

Hence the shul dilemma


CNN: Why are grocery stores, bike riders and inconsiderate runners less of a concern when compared to sharing enclosed spaces like an office or restaurant?

If your kids are acting out during the pandemic, they might just be sad
If your kids are acting out during the pandemic, they might just be sad
Bromage: It comes down to the concentration of the virus in the air and the length of exposure. In larger spaces with better ventilation or outdoors, the concentration of the virus can be diluted in the larger volume of the air. The lower the virus burden in the air, the longer you can be in that environment before receiving an infectious dose.

CNN: What is the difference between sneezing, talking loudly and singing in terms of virus transmission?

Bromage: Respiratory droplet emission follows this sequence. Talking loudly emits a lesser amount of droplets than singing. Sneezing emits the most. The more force by which a sound leaves your mouth, the more respiratory particles are emitted, and they travel a further distance.


The minute the yeshiva's open, the virus will go away!!

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