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There's a frum / yeshivish element here who are making a mockery of the karbabos.

Thank God, things are getting better, doctors got better with treatment.

For example, some people on immunosuppressants like jakafi who should have gotten very sick from covid19 were just moderately sick.

It's helped doctors use immunosuppressants for covid19 and cytokine storms .

Bh the more everyone knows about Covid19 means the better things are. Prevention, treatment etc.

And yes, a few days earlier would have saved thousands.

I'm not sure where and when, but I mentioned sometime back, that simply going over time, would mean that those who get the disease later would get better treatment as doctors know more about it.

As time goes on I'm more optimistic. hoping healthy hygenie and social distance carries over, mortality rates will drop as people adapt and adopt, get your vitamin c and d etc.

I actually know one of the top people at Gilead so that's cool :)

Now, let's go back to page 1. How much have things change with reopening shuls?

Are they taking this seriously or is it going to be like another joke and it's going to start all over again



While you blast Florida and Republican governor over spring break.
What about Louisiana and democratic governor over Mardi gras?
I have no recollection of you mentioning this at all.

Shuls closed before the government required it. The attitude changed significantly in the 3 days from when schools closed until shuls closed.

They closed 1-2 weeks too late

I don't think that's true, but I can believe it is true to the general public. That being said I don't see how keeping the other 2/3 locked up is helping anyone, it just means that as people whose re more at risk decide to take their chances and not come out they'll be at even greater risk.

It's been discussed endlessly, the medical capacity etc.

But vitamin D is critical.

I just read this;

If I boost my immune system, will I have a greater chance at surviving Covid-19, and if so, apart from the immune system what else plays in role in helping me survive?
The immune system and your vitamin D blood level have a very close relationship. Those patients who died from Covid-19 coronavirus were the ones who had a vitamin D blood level of 15 ng/mL or less. Those who survived had vitamin D blood levels of more than 30 ng/mL. If you want an immune system that is tops, a vitamin D blood level of 50 to 80 ng/mL is recommended (the higher end of normal).
In a publication of 2006 Dr. John Cannell and co-workers have reviewed why influenza has seasonal outbreaks.  They found that the innate immune system was very dependent on vitamin D3. Those who did not get enough sunlight in the northern hemisphere during January, February, March and April have an average 25-hydroxy vitamin D level of only 15 to 17 ng/mL.
In contrast, from July to September the same volunteers had vitamin D levels of 24 to 29 ng/mL. The authors stressed that this was the reason why in the late winter/early spring flu seasons come and go every year while in summer they disappear. Vitamin D is essential for the functioning of the innate and adaptive immune system. This is true not only for the flu, but also for Covid-19 coronavirus.
Here is my answer to your question: “If I boost my immune system, will I have a greater chance at surviving Covid-19, and if so, apart from the immune system what else plays a role in helping me survive?” We have known for a long time that a strong immune system is desirable to overcome flus and infections. But now with the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic it is again clear that people who have compromised immune systems are the ones that will suffer the most and possibly even die. It is the old and the ones who have other chronic diseases (diabetes, autoimmune diseases, kidney diseases, COPD). They often are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D3 is a powerful tool to strengthen your immune system. The “vitamin D hammer” can prevent viral pneumonia from happening.  This leads to better survival.
Here are some peer-reviewed publications on vitamin D:

In the U.S. alone, seasonal flu has already caused 32 million illnesses, 310,000 hospitalizations and 18,000 deaths this 2019-2020 season, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), making the mortality rate for this season 0. 5%. The incubation period for the flu I 1-2 days on average, so people know they are sick relatively quickly making it easier to identify and contain outbreaks

That's nothing compared to covid19, 90k+ USA death's

I remember a time on ddf when a @chevron was known only for his highly controversial and mildly inappropriate posts.

It's still the case

Without regard to any medical aspects, this is probably the best thing I've seen you write on DDF.

It is definitely worthy of a "Best of DDF award" and should be posted as a banner on top of every page.

Thank you... I used to hear things I disagreed with and start fighting.. I'd think of how to reply instead of listen to what someone else said.

I would love to be proven wrong in my seriousness of covid19 warnings.

I merely sound the bugle call of multiple ideas. If there are choppy sea's and one hangs a sign "danger of drowning" this doesn't imply anyone who goes swimming will God forbid drown. ..

You have so much to gain and nothing to lose by washing your hands with soap and insisting all those around you do.

Fresh air and sunshine, excercise and vitamin D both are critical to your health and will especially prove important during covid19

As someone who is learning this stuff right now, I can tell you all that immunology is frighteningly complex, and unless anyone in this thread has expert knowledge in it (and can interpret things like this:, I suggest that this is all an exercise in futility.

I have never said that I know anything and I have quoted many great doctors who said that the more they understand about the virus the more they realize that they don't understand anything.

I haven't been trying to be a fear monger I'm trying to get people to just try to understand that we don't know what we're dealing with and we should be careful.

I'm making no attempt to scare people I'm making attempt to wake people up to various things or some of them known some of them unknown that's all

Could you provide a source of this supposed reinfection of sailors?

It would be the first recorded reinfection.

You accuse me of not listening, I listen to doctors. But I will never listen to that unhinged doctor who has been proven wrong time and time again and has lied and tried to ruin people’s lives just to try and get some attention.

Oh so I’m downplaying it and he’s comparing it to the Holocaust. I think I’m much closer to reality then he is.

Well it's the best comparison I could think of. Where people were warned and ignored.

I just read that sailors on the ship got infected a second time.

What about that ? What if anti bodies or having had the virus means nothing ? And then you have to remember there are two types of the virus So what if you can get both?

What if we CV have another wave and another 2500 dead Jews? Will you then listen ?

In Israel the flu was worse. Period.

In the USA COVID (death rate not sick rate) was worse. Period.

I'm not sure I understand but I also understand that there are multiple versions of the virus, the west coast USA from China not so bad. USA east coast from Europe more severe.

People get the flu, it sucks, they recover. If you get covid19 And you have life long damage That's a different story

Exactly. And that's why he lost credibility by a lot of people.

Did anyone listen to the recording how he is screaming against purch minyanim? He had to call his rav Friday 2 minutes before the zman to complain about it. He is ranting about people davening on balconies.

Its sad enough that we had to close the shulls. Something which hasn't happened since ww2 in Europe. Yet some people got a kick out of it and just want to make sure that we shouldn't Daven with Minyen at all. Even when it's in compliance with local health guidelines. One of the examples where the cure is worse than the disease.

When Rav Michel ber weismandel went running around Europe trying to save lives, people said he was crazy.

He died young from heartbreak.

A doctor is working all day every day, he puts his life in danger, he is beyond breaking point.

And some nudnik's come along assuming that "God looks after fools and idiots"

You bash the doctors, you ignore what they say, you get sick and sadly many die and the doctor cries and screams "ad Masai"

He cries for the dead person, he cries for the almanos, he cries for the yesomim.

I know because I talk to these doctors, I talk to their wives who stay up all night as their husband's work 18-20 hour day's, as they pray for their husbands and patient's.

I'm not saying I have the answers, I'm saying that din v'cheshbon is needed.

History will be your judge

You have to remember that early on the concept of masks and social distancing was not explored.

Even I was a little behind it wasn't until the day after Purim that I was starting to see that. Up to then it was a precaution measure. That was my first Shabbat home alone, this will he #11 I believe

If you explore these pages you will see that the original concerns have to do with sanitizing surfaces etc.

Everyone on DDF who said this, please come to me hat in hand. Jk

But in all seriousness, I have friends who are still sick 2 months later.

People who are still weak, suffering from fatigue. Medical sources are saying people have long term lung, kidney, liver etc damage.

My question is, where does this arrogance come from?
Also I strongly urge people to cultivate friendships with people who differ from you in opinion and also at least a few medical professionals.

I think like because I have such a diversified corpus of friends, many I strongly disagree with at times, all whom I respect, it opens the mind to a broad array of ideas.

It was incredible.

Generally I shrug off such concerts, my hearing doesn't appreciate it

But I had this open on my TV streaming YouTube live at least 4 hours total on and off.

It (and some wine) also mobilized me to text over 150 contacts to give.

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