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What does your immune system do?
Your immune system works to root out germs and other invaders that have no business in your body.
For example, if you inhale a cold virus through your nose, your immune system targets that virus and primes you to recover. It takes time to get over an infection, and sometimes you need medicine to help, but the immune system is the cornerstone of recovery.

If you punch somebody who is 25 years old and in perfect condition it's most likely that they can just walk away from it.

If you punch somebody who is 75 years old with serious medical conditions it might kill them.

Small viral loads to healthy people and the body can basically fight it off.

now here's something that I was talking about today what if somebody never got the virus but had multiple encounters with small loads, could this be why many people would be testing positive for antibodies? It's like they got a vaccine ?

Great article, but we need to know how wearing a mask affect the equation.

Correct, it's also why stores should have limited to no talking. Most stores here require face masks.

And you should get out ASAP.

One thing I want to address, I'll ask around, but viral load.

Say someone comes in contact with someone with Corona but their body fights it off. They may incorrectly assume they got it and have immunity.

They may get it later and spread it?

It's one reason the anti body testing isn't definitive.

WOW!  A must read: a thoroughly organized summary and info I haven't heard elsewhere.

Here is the background info on this immunologist and professor:

I have been reading about viral loads for a bit.

But that clearly would explain New York's heavy and high infection rate.

Shsbbat zachor
Purim seuda etc


Lots of events involved large crowds indoors, close contact, singing etc.

You have subway, lots of elevator use etc etc

And as I said 6 weeks ago, you have the laws of probability.
More and more infections = more and more contact with infected people.

Yanky Daskal and Malchus put on quite a show in Meron with no crowd as well.

There was a few hundred in meron.

I watched boyan's hadlaka. Honestly I missed so much but the time changes is making me nuts..

I had 30 surgeries.

I had good nurses and ok nurses. But people spreading lies are repulsive human beings.

When you are so far off on the facts at the beginning you shouldn’t be relied on anymore when it comes to the same subject.

That's stupid. So that means you would never listen to anybody?

If someone warns you not to do something and you do it and don't die, are they unreliable?


Right this is part of the problem that people had no symptoms. Others were going around shedding like my cat . Etc

motz"sh before Purim, he was on a popular podcast saying not to worry.. just wash your hands etc

It's on his fault This was the data that was available then This is what the big discussion back then was about washing your hands and not touching your face.

It was only about 1 to 2 weeks later that they started discussing seriously about sneezes and coughing.

But even before purim I was concerned about coughing and sneezes. We explored various AC UV light filters It's supposedly would kill any sneeze.

Based on expert advice in the community we did not do that and instead I spent $500 on advanced AC filters for the shul.

Each thread has 20 different things going on. Sometimes it is even between to the two main characters.

You need to convert to Judaism... The fact that you understand this means you're one of us..

It's classical talmudic discussion.. everyone is discussing 20 different things on 20 different opinions and 20 different subjects..

Why?!?! No one knows..

so does quarantine work or not?
Maybe we should do it like Israel, lock everyone into hotels?!?

It works but you have to have a lot of discipline.

In my family it's rough. My mother wants to play with her grandchildren, meanwhile my grandmother lives by my parents.

After 3 months of this it's hard for people to be in control.

Also, nothing really changed in the context of law and EO, it just the fact that people are realizing that life will have to go on, with new rules in pace.
Also, many don't see this as the pandemic GOV was screaming it was, it wasn't Ebola or similar Fatality rate. Yes, it's bad but not as bad as some were screaming, this makes ppl naturally more lax.

Maybe someone should give Murphy a buz.

This hurts me. You should read up into the medical documents and news about what's happening. People who had covid19 may never fully recover, they may have life long liver, kidney, lung etc damage...

I was repeatedly mocked and made fun of for sounding warning calls.

As I have said here many hundreds of times, I have no medical knowledge (although once in talking to @jj1000  fil I mentioned some medical stuff and he was like woah there Ollie! Where'd you learn all that)

But mostly I listen and engage. It's dangerous to shrug things off.

I agree that life has to go on to various extents but you can't just shrug things off "oh well"

Unless somebody is absolutely 100% certain that they had a virus they need to be cautious that they don't catch it.

We don't know what we will do shavuos .  🤷

But in other news I save a lot of money on my dry cleaning bill

There's no winners. If you had taken precautions you can look back and muse that you over reacted. If you took no precautions etc and nothing happened or if you took no precautions and muse that things wouldn't have changed etc .

Bh here in Miami it's been stable , a lot to do with weather, geography etc but I think we just took it more seriously and it never really spread.

Cross posting.

You blamed Florida for spring break spreading this.

When was it evident that NY was spreading it? 2 months ago....

When people came back from NY after Purim and got sick..

It's why we made draconian laws to shut new Yorkers out, forcing everyone to self quarintine (and how many really did ?)

Other states should have taken preventive measures, New York should have closed it's borders like Wuhan.

This is the problem what we are having a prolonged pandemic.

All that had to happen was, NY and NJ go on lockdown for 1 month and end it.

Bill is hurting himself and the Democratic party and propping up Trump.

Any statements or accusations that Trump waited too long to act.

He just needs to point to the mayor of NYC who is a Democrat and encouraged people to go on with their lives.

California democratic governor shut it down.

NY governor a Dem, didn't.

There's really no way these people can blame Trump.

Republicans in general are big supporters of state rights and will hold the state responsible.

All Trump has to do to defend his actions is say hey you guys made your own bed, go lay in it.

When NY was begging for help, Trump said hey I got a
Whole country here.

Bush mismanaged New Orleans after Katrina but that was a localized emergency not a national pandemic.

The situation is even more comical when you consider that deblasio ran for president in the D ticket.

I believe he ran for hubris, cement his post mayor career in speeches and books etc

But Democrats constantly accuse Republicans and Trump of being racist and to have a mayor and former presidental candidate do this .
The situation isn't helped by Joe Biden accusations when the #metoo crowd basically says "well we will forgive you if you have a chance of beating Trump"

That part of his post was a joke, IINM.

Of course it was a joke.

The narrative was pretty simple. A community that had widespread virus infections is shown in national media as flaunting the rules.

As I did, the nyt basically said the same thing, de Blasio was the last person to be pointing fingers but he needs to blame someone.

Why not blame chasidim?

Organizers said they planned with NYPD, NYPD said it was discussed and no permission given etc or I dunno the narrative by now.

It did seem they threw the NYPD under the bus regardless of who was to blame.

I'm sure the cops are pissed.

The satmar narrative is what many in this forum said , listen you are drawing attention to yourselves so they sided with the mayor and everyone blames someone else

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