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This item is cheaper on woot a subsidiary of amazon for 55.99 plus 5 dollar shipping and it comes just as fast when i order from woot it come in less than a week.

please see blow link

Hey I know most of the followers  on dans deals are Jewish and don't eat bacon, but it can be used with fake bacon as well.

to view the deal please click the link below.

this is the cheapest i have ever seen this i thought i should share

Saw this yesterday on for $30 today on + plus free shipping

One dozen free "Valentines" with purchase of one dozen doughnuts.
Each "Valentine" valid for one doughnut for a total of one dozen free doughnuts.

i believe only valid on valentines day i may be wrong.

Hey guys thought this was a great deal enjoy

From experience, you will be charged underage.

was that with this specific bcd code or was it any bcd code?


offer code (BCD): W852875
Coupon Code: MUGZ042

i called budget they said if you have a bcd code u dont need to be 25 you can 21 + with no fee ( i didn't go yet but i hope it works for me).

code is from Costco  (idk if you need to be a member).

Minimum rental is 5 days 3 hours.

i am going only for four days and going to return the car early that option is cheaper.

if any did actually use this offer please reply let us know how it went.

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Los Angeles Master Thread
« on: January 11, 2014, 09:38:57 PM »
I am staying in long beach in the upcoming week, i am wondering if there are any kosher restaurants in the area or would i need to travel to Heart of Los Angeles for that?

I will be traveling to la from 1/19/14 - 1/23/14

i saw a coupon code on budget

code 1:

this code only works for a week rental i iwll try to reserve a week and return early see what happens.
Code 2:

Off Weekly Rental

would i be able to reserve the car for a week and return it early or will there be a fee involved for returning the car early?

i will be paying for the week.

also has anyone here or the corporate code (W852875) does it work for under 25, or is it for only 25+

saw an infomercial for this item yest and then i saw this deal on

thought may be helpful

didn;t shop the internet for pricing but i did see the price was cheaper than the infomercial

i get their emails i thought this was a great deal


Get a grip on life with the Notch case by iOttie. Grab this chiseled 2-in-1 case on your way out the door to ensure a strong ergonomic hold on your mobile device throughout the day. While putting on the stylish and protective cover, all exterior functions are still accessible. Available in an array of metallic colors, this sturdy mobile device case isn't just another "notch" on your belt! Get protected. Get going!

Unique rubberized grooves provide ergonomic grip and ultra-comfort

Dual 2-in-1 rubberized and hard TPU case defend devices against daily use

All exterior functions and ports are accessible during usage

Case includes screen protector and cleaning cloth

Available in a metallic finish: Snow White, Phantom Black, Gunmetal, Cobalt Blue, Crimson Red, & Pearl Green

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

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