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Just Shmooze / Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: March 05, 2019, 03:00:37 PM »
-1 People made lots of money off the points, and they're only risking their Credit. If they have no plan on buying a house... then it might have been worth the risk. People made $15k every 6 weeks.  I would probably risk my credit for that, if I assumed it would go on for months or years.
Like others have mentioned itís nearly impossible to earn $15,000 every 6 weeks while risking only one persons credit. Thatís $750,000 on a 2% card. Nevertheless, your point stands.

Just Shmooze / Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: March 05, 2019, 02:23:47 PM »
I'm going to be interviewed by him tomorrow.
What topics should I bring up?
Besides the topics others have mentioned:
1) Huge misconception: You can just dispute anything.
2) if you wouldnít hand over a suitcase of cash, donít give out your CC
3) stay away from farmers
4) the difference between a secured loan and unsecured

Just Shmooze / Re: Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: March 04, 2019, 07:44:30 PM »
How bout google?
google actually did better than usual:

1. If you were told "do not tell anyone" or "it's a secret" - immediately run away from the deal.

2. All promises such as "safe profits", "zero risks", are at best imaginations.

3. Promises for "big profits" are fantasies or cheating (such things can only happen in drug deals or weapons and for that they do not need you).

4. Remember that a person who wishes to lie will distance his proposal (bless the Jews that his assets are close to the city).

5. The investments offered in the newspapers in the face of advertisements or small ads, ranked from very suspicious and certainly cheating.

6. If you find a contradiction. Hole or rendering in the words of the bargain offeror or a phrase like "You will not understand", is a cheater.

7. Never invest in a young student in the twenties.

8. Even a well-known trader who suddenly offers investments seems to find himself in trouble and exploits his record and his name.

9. Never run away from a sudden meteor that starts giving big sums to charity or driving in a luxury car.

10. If he is involved in the deal, even one dubious person, no matter what form, fled immediately. Do not think you're going to get some cheating, embezzlement, or theft with him. He'll steal you.

11. Those who need to reach small investors like you, is in difficulties.

12. Even if others have already profited from it, it is still "his investment" or in the process of entanglement.

13. If there are errors in contract writing or writing rules (also negligible) in English, there is no need to explore more.

14. There is no investment without documents, there is no Oral Law in business.

15. Do not sign a deal without a reliable lawyer on your behalf, and not an attorney that he offers.

16. Never sign before a few days pass, even if "the deal will probably run away." At least the money will stay with you.

17. Do not make a deal that your wife denies.

18. Never make a deal without consulting a person who has no interest: a rabbi, a rabbi, a good friend (he will surely invalidate 90 percent of the proposals)

19. If your rabbi is spoiled with a reason, the reason should not be correct, the very negation is correct (he can not always tell you the real reason)

20. Merchants (games, gamblers) in shares on the stock exchange - Stay away from them on any level.

21. People with "internal information" about "certain shares" are held captive by false beliefs. If it is true, do not need him and you.

22. Consider if you can be: at your investment of $ 20,000. Until the money reaches the destination, through the agent and the sub-agent, etc., ten thousand dollars remain for the investment. If the expectation is 100 percent, that is, 40 thousand dollars, is to earn 400 percent (since the business has only reached ten thousand dollars). All this is after taxes (40 to 35 percent), levies, currency swaps, office management expenses, CPAs, lawyers and profits that the 'big trader' has to earn - that is, no less than 800 percent.

At the end of the week "B'Kehila" pages 2-3-4-

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Cleveland Master Thread
« on: March 03, 2019, 03:40:45 PM »
Letís let ppl from the NY/Lakewood/Monsey think whatever they want about OOT, were much better off without their pollution.

Just Shmooze / Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: March 01, 2019, 12:00:52 PM »
Absolutely true. But with the right buzz (on WhatsApp groups). A podcast to go around (or excerpts) and a transcript, they will find out about him. He's definitely respected and does a good job.
IMHO: A large percentage of the kind of ppl that are vulnerable CC swipers and farmers would be very easily reached with a short video that would get sent around to everyones family chat, neighborhood chat, yeshiva chat......

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Selling New Bugaboos- Starting at $650
« on: February 28, 2019, 07:19:17 PM »
This is the only one I have left:

These are all brand new, in the box, in the plastics, and include the standard Bugaboo warranty. THEY ALL INCLUDE BASSINETS.

Bugaboo Buffalo in black
$579 base model
$670 complete with black fabric set.

Just Shmooze / Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: February 27, 2019, 10:16:17 AM »
On a side note, is this whole thing gonna make price of legit AMEX points skyrocket? What percentage of MR resale market were these guys supplying? Seems like a big number to me.
Why specifically MR? Cuz biz plat 1.5x on 5k+ swipes?

Have a bunch of 60k nights and a 50k night, you book.
$330 for the 60k
$290 for the 50k
Please check availability before contacting me.

Just Shmooze / Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: February 24, 2019, 10:21:51 AM »
I am not so sure that they came to the correct realization themselves. If they take out of this to be more careful then they missed the boat. They need to get to the real deep underlying issue of expecting free money.
Donít we all ďexpect free moneyĒ when signing up for a new CC?

Just Shmooze / Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: February 24, 2019, 10:13:03 AM »
How will they learn their lesson if they are only victims and do not share blame for the mess they got themselves into? That they should have been more responsible does not absolve the scammers, but that they were victims of a scam does not absolve them from digging deep into how they got there. Not only the irresponsibility of what they did, but also the underlying attitudes that led them to fall in. Of course, the scammer who took advantage of them is millions of times worse.
 anyone out $100k has learnt their lesson, they donít need our musar

Just Shmooze / Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: February 24, 2019, 01:03:24 AM »
too late.
Oh donít worry. There will be more. Whether itís a cc farm, Ponzi, MLM, swipe for points, or some new scam, many in the frum community:
1) blindly trust anyone with peyos.
2) donít view cc swiping as lending (& think u can dispute anything)
3) are just plain naive

Just Shmooze / Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: February 23, 2019, 10:27:03 PM »
Unless there is undeclared income and then the IRS will want its share. Additionally by Madoff those that came out ahead were required to return their profits to the victims.

Just Shmooze / Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: February 23, 2019, 09:50:06 PM »
There's tons of massive financial success in the community. (And it's not by being professionals.) I fully agree that the gashmius/materialistic values is our biggest problem, but is driven by financial success.

There are theives as well, and I'm sure some who borrow to live the lifestyle, but they can't be the majority.
True, most people donít steal to live their life in luxury, but as a community we got a HUGE problem keeping up with the Joneses/Schwartzes
What % of the frum community do you think lives within its means?

Just Shmooze / Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: February 23, 2019, 09:32:23 PM »
Do people realize that the logical next step is the banks and FBI getting involved against the victims for fraudulent income declarations?
Do the ďexpertsĒ here think thereís really a chance that the victims can sit?

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