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I think the tuition discussion isn't really about a company, or vendor vs. a consumer.
The discussion points are more along the lines of makkas medina, the chasam sofer/rema, paying a melamed, parent's ownership in the school...
It's not clear if schools are a fee for service or something else.

I don't know much halacha regarding these topics, (the headlines podcast covered some btw) but I am overall pretty shocked:
1) The schools overall took it for granted that tuition should continue to be paid in full
2) The relative lack of clear and public rabbinic guidance here
3) The lack of parents expressing their dissatisfaction 

That being said, parents and schools are usually trying to accomplish a shared goal- educating your child. And when a parent isn't happy, they usually keep quiet as fighting a school is like fighting city hall.

All I can say about this topic is that seeing and hearing my kids learning this week, just increased my appreciation to their schools and teachers, and my motivation to pay tuition.
1000%, most teachers are extremely selfless and devoted.
This is totally an assumption but I would imagine there are many parents happy to pay, and also many parents that are paying with a very heavy heart, that they just donít wanna fight.

Did you sign up to use these other people for the whole year?  Because your playgroup teacher is doing what she does because x amount of people told her they will send their kids the whole year, now to back out on that commitment isn't right. OTOH if any of those professionals you also had a commitment for a whole year, maybe you should still pay %
I hear, but thereís nothing special about the time period of a year.
What might make more sense, is that thereís a group of people that got together and hired one person.
Or that you committed to ďa slotĒ.

Can somebody please explain why playgroups are different than other businesses?
Before corona, I paid every week for a lady to watch my kid X hours.
I paid every week for a lady to come clean my house X hours.
Letís say I also paid an instructor weekly to come show me how to exercise, a barber or makeup lady, a music teacher, an art teacher.....

Iím not hearing anyone say to pay X% of the regular amount to people in these other professions.
(Yes, I know theyíre less common)

I signed up for bikur cholims testing today In Lakewood. They emailed me when to go to the testing site and they took one vial of blood. Iíll report back if/when they contact me about donating.

On the topic of R Chaim Kanievsky Shlita- If I see a video of him saying something Iíll believe it.
Otherwise, any paper supposedly signed by him, or ďheís very pained by thisĒ, or he promises a yeshua to anybody who donates X amount, goes straight to trash.

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Cleveland Master Thread
« on: April 16, 2020, 09:38:42 PM »
Welcome to CLE  ;D
My welcome to CLE moment was hearing issis is closed motzai pesach, prob the only place in USA closed tonight.

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Cleveland Master Thread
« on: April 14, 2020, 06:34:44 PM »
How hard is it to integrate an existing POS system to a front end site. I imagine it's pretty simple to do, I don't get why more places don't do it
Good point, or at least to take orders via txt or whatsapp to speed things up.

Source?  This is a piece of information that i need adsp
I spoke to a school administrator just now. He said it isnít clear yet but highly unlikely parsonage would be included. Btw He said cross river bank is not letting schools put parsonage on the application.


What happened on April 1 was from the largest geneives in our history, taking someone elseís money without a heter from beis din is assur.
Youíre prob right, though for the most part the parents and the schools are on the same team-with the common goal of educating their kids. Iím sure there are some parents that are upset but afraid to open their mouths.

I don't see major lasting changes coming from this.
I would imagine major lasting changes to the cruise industry.
And minor changes such as more remote work, telemedicine..., and some people probably won't go back to work altogether.

Did you sign a contract in the beginning of the year?
I don't have any school aged kids.

Can someone please explain the HALACHIC argument that tuition should continue to be paid as agreed while schools are providing a fraction of pre-COVID 19 levels?

I understand the ďemotionalĒ/feel bad for teachers/how else can mosdos continue to operate argument.

Is it all based on the chasam sofers psak in his situation?

If you had COVID19 and have recovered, you can help save a life of someone critically ill from COVID19.
What if you had symptoms but never got tested?

then there is the ppp program that gives bigger loans
That donít need to be paid back?

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