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You planned an awesome trip to MLE and 11 days before the trip comes rebbetzin flo.
You can't change the dates or get all the awards lined up again.

Do you cancel the trip or ask your LOR about using the ocean on night 1?
On the topic of the ocean, a Rav once told me he'd rather have a woman go during day 8 than going to a dark ocean at night.

DDFers donít take buses so we have another impediment to Aliyah :)

They used to always let me and a couple fam members go over CL by about 50% (up till 75k on a 50k CL) in the last week or so theyíve only let about 20% over

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Gifting Mosaic status
« on: May 19, 2020, 09:48:15 PM »

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Gifting Mosaic status
« on: May 19, 2020, 08:01:37 PM »
selling @175

I'm not asking this to be insensitive, but merely to have a better understanding. There are quite a few members on this thread who seem to have a clear or implicit bias toward this matter. Some are biased because they themselves or a family member runs or works for a school. Some were simply (B"H) unaffected by Covid, and have no problem making judgements on "yenems cheshbon". Yet others consider themselves to be righteous and saintly, and demand that we all give everything up.

Almost every industry outside of essentials (and even some essential industries) have had to make compromises, layoffs and paycuts.

Hundreds of millions of restaurant owners, salons, repair shops, dealerships and more have had to close their doors and suspend operations. Doctors are being forced to see less patients, and lawyers are having to postpone cases. There is no doubt that tens of thousands, if not millions of school parents are among these people.

Schools are CLOSED. They are compromising by providing online classes which I am very grateful for. Nontheless, the classes are still not what a physical class would be, not nearly as many hours as physical class would be, and require the parents to be involved every day with tech support.

I reject the notion that the parents, many of whom have lost their jobs or have been forced to take pay cuts, are responsible to continue paying into the school the same amount so that they can keep its' doors open AFTER Covid. As I see it, if parents have to take pay cuts, so do the teachers. I don't understand why schools feel completely immune to dealing with the consequences of Covid, when almost everyone else has to deal with it.

The stories about how parents would sell the shirts off their backs to pay a melamed were for the melamed to learn with the boys a certain number of hours in person. If the melamed in those stories would cut his hours, the parents would cut their pay accordingly.

Contrary to how this comes across, I don't have any beef with my childrens' schools or their teachers. (well, I do with some teachers, but that's a different discussion). I am not asking schools to forgo tuition. I am asking them to be proactively upfront with the parents. Some have done this. Most have not. I don't appreciate them taking for granted that they may continue charging my credit card as if all is normal.
FYI I have no school age kids.

I agree with most of your points.
This is mainly about communication and transparency, and by and large it seems the mosdos have failed in that regard.

Re Pay cuts- teachers can barely make it on a regular day, thereís really no room for them to take pay cuts.
Now the Deans, administrators, principals-while they have been working much harder now due to Covid, they have higher (undisclosed) salaries, maybe itís time for some transparency there.

Sounds like the "Its a halacha question and don't do anything unilaterally" was only meant in one direction.
ever heard of the concept of muchzak?

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: Donating blood/plasmas
« on: April 30, 2020, 03:05:32 PM »
I did the bikur cholim Lkwd test. They had me go yesterday to RWJ in New Brunswick. They did an iron prick, weight and height, blood pressure then hooked me up to the machine. I was on it for about a half hour. It was pretty painless, same as giving blood. Iím not sure where to get results if I wanted.

This is a huge generalization, and I have no clue if this true or not, what do you guys think:
1) In the "modern" world, schools have much higher accountability standards than in the more "yeshivish" world. Leadership positions are based more on merit than on yichus. The boards aren't afraid to fire a principal, dean, or administrator if they are incompetent or leading the school in the wrong direction.

2) Because of this, there is less friction between the parent body and the "modern" schools.

Any truth here?

That is only if you look at the school as a fee for service and you child's chinuch as a product.
Please explain alternate ways of viewing the schools role in your childís chinuch.

I think the tuition discussion isn't really about a company, or vendor vs. a consumer.
The discussion points are more along the lines of makkas medina, the chasam sofer/rema, paying a melamed, parent's ownership in the school...
It's not clear if schools are a fee for service or something else.

I don't know much halacha regarding these topics, (the headlines podcast covered some btw) but I am overall pretty shocked:
1) The schools overall took it for granted that tuition should continue to be paid in full
2) The relative lack of clear and public rabbinic guidance here
3) The lack of parents expressing their dissatisfaction 

That being said, parents and schools are usually trying to accomplish a shared goal- educating your child. And when a parent isn't happy, they usually keep quiet as fighting a school is like fighting city hall.

All I can say about this topic is that seeing and hearing my kids learning this week, just increased my appreciation to their schools and teachers, and my motivation to pay tuition.
1000%, most teachers are extremely selfless and devoted.
This is totally an assumption but I would imagine there are many parents happy to pay, and also many parents that are paying with a very heavy heart, that they just donít wanna fight.

Did you sign up to use these other people for the whole year?  Because your playgroup teacher is doing what she does because x amount of people told her they will send their kids the whole year, now to back out on that commitment isn't right. OTOH if any of those professionals you also had a commitment for a whole year, maybe you should still pay %
I hear, but thereís nothing special about the time period of a year.
What might make more sense, is that thereís a group of people that got together and hired one person.
Or that you committed to ďa slotĒ.

Can somebody please explain why playgroups are different than other businesses?
Before corona, I paid every week for a lady to watch my kid X hours.
I paid every week for a lady to come clean my house X hours.
Letís say I also paid an instructor weekly to come show me how to exercise, a barber or makeup lady, a music teacher, an art teacher.....

Iím not hearing anyone say to pay X% of the regular amount to people in these other professions.
(Yes, I know theyíre less common)

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