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Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Cleveland Master Thread
« on: April 16, 2020, 09:38:42 PM »
Welcome to CLE  ;D
My welcome to CLE moment was hearing issis is closed motzai pesach, prob the only place in USA closed tonight.

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Cleveland Master Thread
« on: April 14, 2020, 06:34:44 PM »
How hard is it to integrate an existing POS system to a front end site. I imagine it's pretty simple to do, I don't get why more places don't do it
Good point, or at least to take orders via txt or whatsapp to speed things up.

Source?  This is a piece of information that i need adsp
I spoke to a school administrator just now. He said it isn’t clear yet but highly unlikely parsonage would be included. Btw He said cross river bank is not letting schools put parsonage on the application.


What happened on April 1 was from the largest geneives in our history, taking someone else’s money without a heter from beis din is assur.
You’re prob right, though for the most part the parents and the schools are on the same team-with the common goal of educating their kids. I’m sure there are some parents that are upset but afraid to open their mouths.

I don't see major lasting changes coming from this.
I would imagine major lasting changes to the cruise industry.
And minor changes such as more remote work, telemedicine..., and some people probably won't go back to work altogether.

Did you sign a contract in the beginning of the year?
I don't have any school aged kids.

Can someone please explain the HALACHIC argument that tuition should continue to be paid as agreed while schools are providing a fraction of pre-COVID 19 levels?

I understand the “emotional”/feel bad for teachers/how else can mosdos continue to operate argument.

Is it all based on the chasam sofers psak in his situation?

If you had COVID19 and have recovered, you can help save a life of someone critically ill from COVID19.
What if you had symptoms but never got tested?

then there is the ppp program that gives bigger loans
That don’t need to be paid back?

Tuition has never been about being fair. The model is to charge triple for each child with the understanding that those who can't come up with that much will negotiate down. Anyone who is unable to prove a shortfall or is unwilling to go through the audit process gets stuck with the inflated retail price.

This situation is no different. The "halachik" ruling is already predetermined (parents must pay) and the only thing in question is how to write the brief that interprets halachik sources to defend that foregone conclusion. Then, the parents who are able to prove they cannot pay and are willing to open up their books will be let off the hook on an individual basis.

One last thing- the stimulus bill potentially grants a lot of money to yeshivos as forgivable loans to sustain payroll (assuming they wont fire staff). If/when yeshivos get this money I doubt even the most creative poskim could find justification for double dipping.
IINM the stimulus bill only grants $10,000 as forgivable. The rest must be paid back, at relatively low interest.


If there is a specific program which would be a part of tuition that they are not providing then let us know. The existence of any such program remains to be shown. Note that not every program (a great example is the lunch program in some jurisdictions) is paid for by tuition. Some are paid for by government funding etc.

So now you feel that they do know what they are talking about? Or are they not the one you were referring to over here?
All right, utilities. You think they’re still heating and lighting the entire building?

Why are you assuming that the halacha is not on their side? The Baltimore BD seems to feel it is.
ETA: Oh right, you for some reason decided that they don't know what they are talking about.
maybe you should consider going back to school. Read paragraph #2 in their letter.

I don’t have any school aged kids but kudos to those schools being proactive and reaching out to parents regarding tuition. And shame on the rest of schools that are still charging credit cards and cashing head checks. Yes you can make emotional arguments why it’s “right” but similar to Ben Shapiro- Halacha doesn’t care about your feelings.

There are really 2 issues here:
1- The schools operating costs are obviously significantly less, (food, utilities, etc), why should any parent continue to make the same payment?
2- "My daughters school told me that since they expected a deficit this year they are continuing to charge tuition. And they will just need to fundraise less..."  AKA we admit we shouldn't be charging you the same tuition but we are anyway. Or a school saying "we can't fundraise as well from our regular donors so we're just going to charge tuition when we shouldn't be".

Basically my point over here
It is not the responsibility of the rosh hamosad or the board to keep the school in existence but rather the resposibility of the parents/community. Are some expenses lower? Likely. They are not using just about all of the items you mentioned such asBut on the other hand, they can also be losing out on a significant amount of fundraising such as if they have a simcha hall etc.

The rabbeim all still need to be able to feed theor families. That too is the responsibility of the parents and not the administration.

I am not so sure that it all schools will be able to take advantage of all of the programs out there. Does all compensation make the school eligible for these grants or is it only payroll? Are they all under 500 employees? A school with a number of parallel classes can start getting close once you include support staff.
Similar to the full tuition/scholarship issue. Full tuition is really those with school aged kids subsidizing the cost of those that can't afford to pay what it costs to educate their children. The responsibility to give every kid a chance to get a Jewish education is on the community as a whole, not just those with school aged kids. Hence why the current system ticks off those with a few kids that are paying full, [and not getting a tax receipt].

IMHO, the current COVID-19 situation is the same. Why should parents keep paying their regular payments, when the schools operating costs are obviously less?   This is forced fundraising.

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