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Idk if the Loungeclub comes automatically or not. When I asked about it, the rep made it sound like it's something you have to request.
With iNk you only get 2 passes. (Though each AU also gets so I made 5 AU and 5 more loungeclubs 8)
With the ritz card you get unlimited visits until the card expires.
I didn't go to the Thai Lounge.
(I plan on writing a trip report when I have time-dtw-JFK-jnb-cpt-jnb-bkk-cnx-dmk-sin-hkg-ewr basically all on one UA 80k ticket!)

Credit Cards / Using forex for MS
« on: January 07, 2015, 01:08:36 PM »
Does anyone have experience funding forex accounts with CC, trading a little, and withdrawing to bank accounts?
I did a little research and it seems it was very easy a few years ago.
And most brokerages only accept visa/mastercard.

Overlooked benefit: unlimited visits to Loungeclub lounges! You have to call and ask them to send you the card. Idk if your membership gets canceled when you cancel the card(i.e. With the plat, amex cancels the priority pass right away) data points, anyone?

Btw I used my Loungeclub from INk on my trip to thailand   :-*

I don't get all this needless hocking. Seat assignment officially count according to the T & C. Book a refundable JetBlue flight. Buy seat upgrades. Call chase and get your $300 credit. Cancel the flight. Zeh hoo! STOP BUYING GC AND HOPING CHASE DOESNT REALIZE!

@rng I successfully did a delta pggm and got my $300 credit. I would advise booking a delta flight shortly after midnight and buying EC seats. Then you have almost 48 hours to cancel. As soon as the EC charge posts, call chase for a refund. You should have no problem "beating" the delta refund. Alternatively, book a refundable JetBlue ticket for more than $300. Runnergirl was told by a chase rep that they can't tell what JetBlue charges are for.

Update: Jetblue doesnt need an accurate security code! just booked seat upgrades totaling $300+
exp is 12/17 btw

I used BAhayman's hack mentioned earlier in this thread to get my fathers card number even though he doesnt have this card yet.
Delta needs a correct security code to process any charges. Southwest doesnt even ask for one on the phone but the charges wouldn't go through. Any advice on how to get the $300 for 2014 would be greatly appreciated.

I just got my $300 credit after calling in on Sunday for my pggm. If you're refunds and charges are posting the same day I would advise doing the united PGgM or attempting a southwest one.( book 6 passengers on oneway from mex-San Antonio for around 30,000 points and 350$. Then you don't have to worry about refunds getting in the way.

I did a delta PGGM NYC-tlv RT (2 119$ charges and a NYC-lax flight with an 89$ EC seat)
I called while it was pending and was told to call back later. I just called after it posted and said they were seat assignment fees and got the $300 credit! I'm hoping it posts in 2014 so I can get another in 2015. I will post again as soon as the credit posts.

And for the $300 credit, I plan on booking southwest tix to Mexico/carribian with points. I would charge the 65$ of fees per ticket on this card( 5 tickets). I would then call chase for the $300 credit and then cancel the flight. Any advice on whether or not that would work?

I was instantly approved on Thursday morning. But because it's a co-brand my account is still not set up. I would recommend anyone applying for this card to first set up a ritz Carlton rewards account and then apply using that account #.

Credit Cards / Re: Amex Small Business Saturday up to $30 !
« on: December 21, 2014, 08:24:59 AM »
All my amex cards that were swiped through amazon local register didn't get automatic credits. I called and got the credits manually processed on Spg biz and blue cash everyday. With BB I keep getting the 90 day speech.

I hear you now have six months to get the AF back when you close a Chase card.
Can anyone confirm? If true, you can leverage this for 140k points + $400!

Credit Cards / Re: New Wawa ATM limit?
« on: December 14, 2014, 01:43:10 PM »
must be a new thing. I did 400 from my AFT a couple months ago

Credit Cards / Re: Amex Small Business Saturday up to $30 !
« on: December 09, 2014, 03:59:38 PM »
i did a few hundred dollars of swipes at a small business that processed them through Amazon Local Register. I just checked and there are still no credits. I did a lot of searching and I can't find a thread that talks about this. It seems from reading this thread that DDFers had more success calling Amex than chatting. Is there any chance the credits will post soon? Any advice would be appreciated.

( I think the T & C state that third party processors are excluded) BTW four of the cards were bluebirds.

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