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so my fridge was delivered Friday, XPO Logistics was pretty courteous and were on time with the appointment. They did not complain about having to take it down to my basement.

uh oh

more on this later

since davidmal was a little worried, I took some closeups for him.
so interestingly enough, there is no lock on this fridge even though the exact same model on ajmadison shows a lock.



Rail system for shelves

Oh right, about the damaged door...
So I called Amazon as it's damaged, turns out, they don't have any more in stock and will be unable to send me a new one.
However, they were able to offer me a small discount to keep the item, the rep suggested I can cover the discoloration with magnets perhaps. While we were talking I mentioned I have a 3 year old daughter, she did too and bought these magnets for her daughter to play with. for 13  dollars, it would cover up the discoloration if I'd agree to keep the item for an 80% discount. Yes, you read that right. 80 percent.

Oh yeah, I also called Fagor customer service who will be sending a technician with a new door as it didn't make sense for Amazon to have to send me a new fridge when just the door has an issue. mileagejunkie, thanks for your deal post. davidmal, thanks for suggesting I update the thread.
For those too lazy to do the math, my final cost was $131.05



I personally have it and it straps in to your scooter and is one of the coolest toys I have ever bought
a picture is worth a thousand words...

did you get ship notification yet?
btw, amazon back at full price

There were lots many years ago! Sorry you missed out.  ;)
did anyone get an extra one I can buy off them?

For this price I will use foam bowls without thinking twice! And great for hot soups and etc..... grab it while its still alive! And not to mention the movers coupon making it a fantastic price!
Anyone seen a deal on a new ozone layer?

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Mega Bloks 1-2-3 Count! Bag for $5.49 from amazon
« on: December 28, 2016, 03:27:16 PM »
says 6.10 for me

Deals/Deal Requests / 50 Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils, 22-7251 2.10
« on: December 28, 2016, 06:48:54 AM »

click other sellers
seller Kris Schmi actually shipping

I will wait to see if its actually the correct item

When is bring a ddf'er to work dayour if its going to the office?

Shelves still look thin

but i see LED's

great call..
so now we know who 2 of the buyers are.... lol

look at the amazon review with the damaged door, the shelves look thick there

i see what you mean
i'm assuming/hoping it's a bad image upload.
worst case scenario, bounce it on delivery
i changed payment to amex plat just in case and would suggest you do the same

Cute, but no Shot.

Check this out

vs. Amazon's

I bought it and am concerned it's not the deal i thought it was.

Honestly what's your opinion?

what bothers you?
amazon loses picture resolution for the zoom option
spec look the same to me

And the 4 were.....waiting for their replies!
Guilty but may cancel. Need to the Mrs in to it

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