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Re: $200 Staples GCs Now Online
you talking to me?

No, there was another post that got pulled.

It's the forums equivalent of a pie to the face, and one guy ducks, hitting another guy. :)

July 13, 2014, 09:44:14 PM
Re: Niagara Falls Master Thread We were there last week, the week after 9 Av. I'll try to post a TR if I have the time, but I've edited the wiki in any case on a few points.

In terms of the restaurants, they are both expensive, as you would expect from seasonal "destination" kosher restaurants, but the fleishig was surprising excellent, both the food and service, and we were there literally their first night, with a pretty steady crowd. I hope they do well, what a pleasant experience! The milchig has been open all season (at least). You order at the counter and sit inside or on the back porch, and they use those buzzer things to tell you when to come in and get your order. The night we were there their service was horrible, we had to wait an hour plus for any food to come out at all with almost no one in the place, and they forgot half the orders. The foot was only barely passable. Not a lot of pride here, unfortunately. There was no option to get anything like a bottle of tap water for the table at all, buy it or stay thirsty. Oh, and they wanted us to tip when we ordered, despite no wait staff. (You might be better off with a to-go breakfast or lunch from them, I wouldn't know.)

Package of 6 large, moist OU-D blueberry muffins at a local supermarket for 6 CAD....

Minyanim are "8:30am hodu" and 15 min before sunset Mincha/Maariv, though it seemed like there was an earlier morning minyan from the number of people leaving when I was arriving. We still had 40-50 men for shachris each morning I was there.

August 01, 2018, 04:45:06 PM