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Pickup location: MCO
Drop Off location: MCO
Pickup date & time: 1/21 4PM
Drop Off Date & Time: 1/28 7AM
Preferred Car Size: minivan
Age (if under 25): Over
Best quote: $260 Dollar

On The Road / Re: Sheraton Vacations
« on: January 06, 2014, 06:46:04 PM »
I've been there 3X. Love the place. No shul in walking distance for Shabbos.
but heard someone walked 2 + hr for a minyan.
You are walking distance to Publix for food-Location is great (Xcept for shul)
You're stuck with a timeshare presentation, though.
Last time I was stuck for 3+ hr on a friday.-you have to travel to other sheraton to start the presentation-about 10 min away and they bus tour you around and then you go back for the hard sell.
The first time we got a phone call for them,more than 5 yrs ago- we were also wondering about the deal--just make sure it's from sheration/starwoods-if so, it's real

How did you get an invite???
Let me know, please. 

I'm going this month-couldn't get a package rate like you-sold out for the package for my dates.
It's not a 5 star hotel -maintainance staff fair but it has very beautiful accomodations and clean-i"ve only stayed in the 2BR-ask for the renovated rooms- Now they have free wifi in the rooms-

I posted looking for a timeshare owner last week to refer me- no one answered my call.
Put down a deposit last night before the best rate I got would be sold out.

Need minivan in orlando (MCO)
from 1/21 4PM
Return  1/28 7AM
have Dollar rate of $260
I think thrifty is the same
What other rates can be had?
age -not a problem

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