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Max I believe is $600 at a time. They're maxed at 4 swipes per transaction so the actual BB/Serve card is 1 and then 3 $200 GC.

What should I tell the cashier? I want to load 600 then what ( a lot of the cashiers are airheads lol)

Yup it sure does

If serve is a much better option I was at the bk dds and didn't hear any mention of this card only bluebird... (just asking)

Also is there any way to split payments at the Walmart atm? I'm loading staples 200 gc and each transaction takes close to 2 min... can I do 5x200 in 1 transaction?

At wm you can only load with debit/gc, on you can load with cc

So wouldn't that make serve much more valuable than bluebird? (you can't have both bluebird and serve)

The bluebird site says up to $1,999.99 per day... where did you see $2500?

My first post on ddf #welcomeaboard  :)

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