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If the trip is mostly outdoor activities I wouldn't cancel.

Any recent travel, or local infection?
Did not travel. He has the common cold often and the result was from a rapid test. Blood work will take 4 days to come back. But the urgent care center said that they had 11 positive cases on Friday.

Close relative in Monsey just tested positive

Day one definitely. Day two might be too ambitious
Thanks! I was thinking the same...

Is this realistic in 2 days if I am on the road 6 a.m.?
Day 1

Day 2

Planning to visit from Monday - Thursday. Staying in Island Park, ID (30 min from West entrance). With 4 kids age 7-12.

Monday - Geysers  How to do this? Which ones? Is a full day too much? 
Tuesday - "Grand Canyon" & Hayden Valley
Wednesday - Which would you recommend????  (Mammoth, West Thumb/Yellowstone Lake, Lamar Valley)
Thursday - Grand Teton What to do here? Jenny Lake hike?(planning on driving halfway to Vegas after)

Besides for sightseeing, what activities would you recommend?
Uncle Tom's Trail
Fairy Falls Trail
Rafting or boating
Anything else??

Please share any thoughts.
I found those routes helpful

If anyone's going to Grand Teton and can do me a small favor, please PM. Much appreciated.
time sensitive? I'm planning to go in August

I booked a mixed cabin award flight. With the EWR-DEN flight in economy and DEN-JAC in Business...

I called and they put me on waitlist.
1) should I rely that i will be confirmed in business?
2) if it doesn't open, can I get a refund later, on the business award price?

I renewed my daughter's passport today. I was told that the (State department's) passport processing offices are closed. I should not expect the passport before 10 weeks.
Passport arrived yesterday BH


Have same dilemma, my son's passport is first expiring in Dec. Hope to travel soon to Europe (mother is a european so should work even if child only US passport).

Passport isn't expired, but its within the 6 months. is this rule really enforced?
First reach out to the embassy where your mother lives to grant you a permit - (it is not so easy to obtain, you might have to say that your mother is old and sick etc. My family is also from Europe and several family members were denied exceptions to enter. They are racist's against USA citizens...)

then see if you can also get an approval for your son.

Regarding close to expiration passport IDK, I would assume if it's a minor traveling with parents it's likely to be allowed, but that's my assumption. Take along a copy of his birth certificate for a better chance.

Are they up to phase 3 yet?
no, but if you have a ticket for within 36 hours it usually works. My brother (who lives in Israel, and wanted to get back home after having a baby a couple of weeks ago) made it last Friday, waited 5 hours and walked out with the passport.

I renewed my daughter's passport on may 6 and it's still processing.

Idea is applying now is a big unknown when you will get passport, and you lose your chance to apply with expedited process once (if?) they open it
expedited passport is available now in Manhattan same day if you have a ticket within 36 hours.

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