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We need someone to design the ad.
Any here able to do that?
I can do that free of charge i just need words.

YES! the pulls wont even be noticed in a few months and will eventually fall off your report entirely. you call a FR a "JUST"?!
Whats the big issue of a FR they will see how much i filed by the IRS and they usually let it open. The only thing that bothers me is the Chilul Hashem.

Forgo the points.  Call him and tell him you changed your mind and are closing the cards.  Then close all the accounts.  Get a credit monitoring service.
Is it worth to drop out now after getting some credit pulls, When i can make 2k just to avoid a FR?

I would tell the whole story to a rav who will chap, and ask what you should do in this case.
I don't want to start up with someone who knows my name, address, DOB, and social... would you?

Maybe call amex after they finish spending and say your identity was compromised and change login info and keep the points
I don't want to be a Ganav (perhaps its considered "Hagobav Min Haganav Puter...)

Last week. I have no clue what he is spending and what he is doing with all my info :-( i regret  going to him! But too late :(

Goodness. I went for this offer. Any way i can make sure not to get a FR?

Just to make so are you aware if it, you can only set up plan B on UA metal.
Sorry I'm new here. What is "UA metal"?

I want to attend a wedding in Austria in December. I want to fly business with united. Should i wait till the saver reward becomes available or should i book now a "plan B"?

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