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This has nothing to do with the end of your contract (job expires end of school year, Coronavirus / school closure aside)..
Per that contract, you were never supposed to be working in the summer, so you can't collect unemployment.

If you had another contract for summer work and that was cancelled, you can possibly get PUA.
(small edit- there was no contract in my case,(it's month to month)) it's pretty clear from the questionnaire sent that it's not necessarily contingent on whether  I was supposed to work in the summer,but rather if I can expect to return to the same job after vacation,
If one is let off indefinitely in June,it would appear its no longer considered vacation period  between successive terms
See here as well

: What constitutes reasonable assurance if I am a ‘regular’ employee?

A: You would have reasonable assurance of a job, if you receive:

A letter for hire
A letter for re-hire
Verbal assurance that you are to return to work for the following term
If you have a history of re-hire (unless you have been told that you will not return) AND you can expect to earn at least 90% of the prior term's wages and benefits

Notice from who? What does your contract say regarding payments of summer months?
notice from DOL, the contract is officially a 10 month contract, Wich does not include the summer, although we were let off without a return date

Anyone receive a notice in the mail that they worked in a school system and possibly won't receive a payment for the summer months ,along with a questionnaire to fill out?
How are you going about it?
Technically we were laid off without a return date and so should not be considered vacation leave

Odd. I have seen $0 deposits with $0 benefit determinations.
the payment history page shows that funds were released to a DC, do you see that as well on 0$ determination?

The bank claims that it's an authorization (it's a posted action not just pending) the banker claims he's seen it on other accounts receiving dd from dol

Do you have a $0 benefit determination?
no, have base rate of 182+600 (ny)

Requested to have my benefits sent via dd, on the payment history I see it was released to a debit card. Furthermore,on my bank account I see a DD for 0$,  ???

BofA charges interest and reports as well

FPUC is retroactive to the week ending 4/4
PUA is retroactive to the date of unemployment, which for many people was 3/18. Although there are no reports of anyone getting it from before April.

From filing date. They claim eventually we'll get from unemployment date.
Keep in mind, only the PUA is supposed to be retroactive to date of unemployment not the FPUC ($600).
fpuc is only retroactive to filing date?

Friend was approved for pua 2 weeks ago and hasn't received a dime yet. to be expected? Anything he can do?

I'd say for 85%+ payments get released as you certify (the backpay is a separate issue).
Then there are a few lucky guys like @AsherO who are stuck in limbo...
hmm, already certified from mid March till now. But was approved yesterday.

How long after approval, are pua/fpuc payments being sent out? So far just see my last week worked in payment history

then you don't need to fill it out.
The message was always marked urgent, it was just not displayed on the main screen.

Do you already have a monetary determination?
yes I have a specified amount

Theory: the system flags all unread messages as urgent if you have't read it after X amount of days or the DOL sent out a mass update that all unread PUA messages be flagged urgent.
I have a message to fill out the pua form marked as urgent,(previously started the process,but ended completing over the phone) my case is approved,still need to fill it out?(ny)

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