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Depends on when it was earned. Check to see what dates it covers on the actual check. If he issued it with dates of let's say 5/1-5/15 even if it's technically for 3/1-3/15 it might be an issue because the state will have a report that there was a check for you for the period of 5/1-5/15.
to clarify, self employed. And was for a specific service  provided  ,so payment doesn't have a pay period. lastly, was paid with cc

Do Funds received during unemployment for work done during employment disqualify me from being able to claim that weeks pay period?

They do realize that you're eligible even with a loss on your Schedule C, right?

Back to the matter at hand, I'd put in $1.
yup I argued different points,in the end I just put in 1$

I guess wait for it? The other alternative is to get a live person on the phone so...
I'm able to get a rep on the phone, however they can't help/are clueless how to enter 0, one rep told me it includes the year 2020 ,she told me to enter any amount :-\

Did you get an email/online form as well?
not yet

Received call today from DOL, was then forwarded to the automated telephone filing line for pua, when asked what my net gross income was for 2019, I don't have the option to select 0 and the system won't allow me to proceed. Just hangs up. anyone have this issue? (Ny)

This was harsh and was meant that way to make a point. There will be those in the low income bracket where it will be a hard decision.
definitely harsh,many people making less then the current UI deal were likely  struggling to make ends meet as it is.

General Discussion / Re: Bird Feeders and Backyard Birding
« on: May 10, 2020, 12:02:48 PM »
Depends where you live, you won't find parrots or peacocks in the NY/Nj area. Basically most specie of birds found here is in the OP, compare to that.
have Quakers/monks all over the ocean Pkwy area in Brooklyn ,see them pretty much every day(actually had one as a pet for a couple of years)

Is that true in NJ as well?
reports upthread about working in other states,not sure about NJ,tarb

who do I call? is is even possible to get through to anyone?
file a claim with your assemblyman,they can get you can call back even if you don't have a claim in the system

Sounds like it's only a matter of time before funds hit your account, hope you get it soon.
yes be'h, release date on all of them is may 6

... So you already rec'd funds? Looking for DP from people in NY who've already started to get deposits. Filed 4/6 for UI as of 3/23 and have yet to hear from anyone or get anything. Really discouraged, will try calling assemblyman, ty!
think it's too early to actually receive funds,my account was updated today for the first time since I received the call back on monday. Online shows dd for all weeks being claimed (UI and FPUC)

Did you manage to get reps direct extension?
tried, could not :(
But was definitely a call back due to me calling my local assemblyman office, they referenced it in the beginning of my call. same with someone else,they were called today exactly a week from when they called the assemblyman office.

 I Applied online waited a week,called my assemblyman to expedite a call back from DOL(as was mentioned upthread), they called me back a week later and was able to back date my claim successfully (online dd shows for all weeks claimed)

It's officially 46% but it depends on a few things so it's not a perfect rule.

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