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General Discussion / Electric scooter recommendations
« on: August 28, 2020, 04:57:16 PM »
Whoever has an electric scooter and rides in NYC please share their experience and what to look for when buying a scooter

Goods For Sale/Trade / Google Pixel XL 128gb Not Pink For Sale
« on: March 19, 2019, 03:05:37 PM »
selling Google Pixel XL 128gb Not Pink, pm me for offers
located in crown heights, activated it and left it in the box ever since.


Wonderful Yeshiva really works with each boy individually

Just Shmooze / Target Closing 13 Stores Nationwide Citing Falling Profits
« on: November 04, 2015, 06:01:44 PM »
Target plans to close 13 stores nationwide, including one in New Ulm and two others in Milwaukee and Superior, Wisconsin.

The Minneapolis-based retailer says a decision to close a store usually follows several years of decreasing profitability. The retail giant plans to close the stores on Jan. 30, 2016.

Target was hurt by a massive credit-card breach before Christmas 2013 that sent shoppers temporarily fleeing. The company also botched a major expansion into Canada and pulled the plug on that earlier this year.

Layoffs in 2015 included 2,500 jobs, or about one-fifth of the workers in the companyís corporate offices in Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park.


- See more at:

 Color white, For 10.49 at newegg shell shocker, it goes on Amazon for 19.99

To Whom This May Concern,

As a little girl, I expected that my life would go smoothly, happily. I expected to have a better life than my immigrant parents who came to America after their entire families were exterminated by Hitler. I expected to have a great job, husband, and kids, whom I would raise in good health. I did not expect to have four children with muscular dystrophy.

Tziporah, now 21, began falling often at 11. She was diagnosed with CMT, a type of muscular dystrophy. Currently, she can barely walk. Tzvi, 18, was the next one to start falling; his degeneration, as he is male, came quicker. He hasnít walked for 4 years, confined to a motorized chair. Rivka, 23, called from her gap year, crying, because she had started falling too. She currently walks with a pronounced waddle, and falls frequently. Racheli, 15, started falling in first grade. She is currently confined to a motorized chair at school, and only walks at home, short distances, slowly, if my husband or I hold her hands, as one would with a toddler.

We all endure hellish struggles just to get through each day. Besides their walking/falling issues, those that still walk cannot transfer to a chair, toilet, or their own beds unassisted.They have enormous difficulty getting in and out of cars. My son, at 5í9, and about 165 pounds is the most difficult to transport because my husband and I can barely lift him in and and out of our car.

I recently went to the neighborhood movies, where my son and his friends were coincidentally going to catch a different movie at the same time. On a bitterly cold night, ice and snow everywhere, my son and I left simultaneously, he in his scooter, I in my car. I drove parallel to him as long as I could. When I had to turn down the next street. I cried , knowing that my son was out in the frozen night, and would be for another 20 minutes, while I, his mother, GOING TO THE SAME PLACE couldnít take him.

We rarely travel as a family, as we cannot maneuver everyone into the van; my son rarely goes anywhere- malls with friends, baseball or basketball games he loves, because we canít lift him. Medical expenses prevent us from affording a ramp-van. Winning one would improve all our lives.

This Monday: A 'Sefira Concert' in crown heights
say if you went and your experience/upload pics/vids

Anyone has south western federal taxation 2015
Or wants to chip in for a pdf version? The price is 173.95 + 15.44 tax Please say if interested and we'll see how many people we get

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