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I guess I'm spoiled with Instacart having plenty of kosher here.
Pro tip: Make orders every couple days and edit the order as needed closer in.

Oy, I felt sensitivity in my teeth the other day, and DW has a serious toothache...
Can also be the flu

I also didn't leave for quite a few days.
despite the fact, that its hard to get basics delivered in Brooklyn.
but theres no outcry for people going to grocery, just about minyanim.
Like what?
I get emails from many Brooklyn groceries offering delivery.
There's instacart, doordash, Amazon, etc.

What do you really need to go out for, that's worth risking your life for?

#2. everybody goes out for what they seem essential. some see minyan as essential. and the minyonim I see are upholding to the rules pretty well.
Speak for yourself. We haven't.
Unreal to see people so maykil in sakanos nefashos. So much for being a smart people.


China figured it out pretty quickly and now produces millions of test kits per week (and not just faulty ones).
This place?

Supposedly it is. I believe mount sinai is testing for it.
Only if you tested positive. That's not what CV was asking about.

Additionally, every single doctor who claimed in Jan/Feb that the regular flu is more dangerous than this virus and laughed the whole thing off SHOULD LOSE HIS LICENSE!!!
Amen. Some are still saying it too  ::)

Is there a test that can tell if you had the virus. What I mean is you never showed any symptoms but had the virus.
An antibody blood test.
I don't think that exists yet in the US, but it's being worked on.

My grandmother, Mrs. Miriam Mintz. BDE. 10 minutes before Shabbos.

Please daven for her Neshama to have an aliyah. Miriam Etel Bas Shalom.


BD"E :(

And could not smell the besomim tonight.... hopefully on the way out now. I would like to add something I heard directly from a Dr. in Maimonides, he said they've been finding that staying in Tylenol pretty much back to back has been helping alleviate the symptoms for those with milder cases and more importantly, seems to shorten the duration of them as well. Everyone stay well and refuel shleima to those who are sick!!
Never heard of Tylenol shortening the duration of anything.

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