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Considering booking flights directly with the airline as opposed to OTAís. Much better CS.

Up In The Air / Re: KSML (Kosher Airline Meals) Master Thread
« on: March 16, 2020, 11:41:21 PM »
Airline: VS
Class: Y
Route: MAN-JFK
Caterer: Food Story
Hechsher: KLBD
Flight date: 3/15/20
Meal in pics: Coming soon
Stogel-Hermolis Scale Score (1-10): 3

This is a new low.

Don't know if this has been a thing for a while now but I've never heard of it and I've been flying transatlantic for nearly 3 decades now.
When you're expecting Hermolis and you get this cr*p, let's just say it's a real bummer...
I flew VS LHR-MIA in December and was disappointed by food story, especially compared to hermolis. Dan wrote itís supposedly better. Not sure where that information came from

Ryanair cancelled all flights to Israel thru May

Anyone had luck with BA flights booked before March 3rd? Would they waive the change fee?

Iím booked on UA from TLV-IAD on 4/19, which is getting canceled. Will United offer me a full refund?

Up In The Air / Re: Which Flight Should I Take?
« on: March 12, 2020, 07:46:48 AM »
Huh? He's flying out of the US, not into it.

Up In The Air / Re: Which Flight Should I Take?
« on: March 11, 2020, 09:28:06 PM »
MIA to TLV on 4/1 in Y. My choices are Air Canada via Toronto or United via Newark. Iím asking about flight experience, chances of cancellations and where would be safer from Coronavirus? Any help would be appreciated.

says for israelis its from today
so what time does it begin at? if someone landed at 12pm today ?
It was announced at 8pm

So far nothing dramatic. Either way, it doesnít look like theyíll be selecting states or countries, itís all or nothing. They also wonít be banning entry for foreigners, only requiring quarantine possibly.

Israel health ministry wants to require anyone coming from abroad to self quarantine. This would need the PMs approval.

Has nothing to do with JFK vs EWR according to the quote.
The rule doesnít apply to connecting passengers, so the issue is not where the flight came from, but rather where the passenger came from

UPDATE. Rebooked on BA thru LHR. I had to change the date due to lack of availability in my fare class. BA would not put me in Premium even for the TLV-LHR leg. Travelocity rep very pleasant and worked with BA while I was on hold. Took over an hour!
Thanks. Did you have to contact BA or did they do all the work for you?

Anyone got Iberia flights canceled? Are they rebooking with LY/BA or just canceling? Thinking of booking for April but am afraid they may cancel.

Up In The Air / Re: mileage points transfer
« on: March 04, 2020, 08:40:54 PM »
I have over 100,000 delta miles, is there a way to convert them to virgin atlantic miles
Miles donít transfer between programs.

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