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Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Crocs Master Thread
« on: Today at 04:37:14 PM »
30% plus 10% off. Today only.

Tech Talk / Re: Radar Detector
« on: Today at 04:33:46 PM »
I have a valentine 1
The unique feature about the valentine is that it tells you in what direction the radar is coming from and how many bands it's picking up, which is useful when there's more than 1 cop on the roads

Its not worth it to get a cheap detector bc if it doesn't work as good as the better ones you'll get caught and waste your money

I've had mine for 2 years and it saved me a few times from a cop
Sounds like a nice piece.
Agree 100% if your already spending money don't waste $200 when you spend double that or triple and buy one that actually works.

 If you have a minute can you post a link of the one your referring to? Thanks

No question the little one.
Only that it's one piece vs two separate pieces, but I think that's far outweighed by the smaller size & weight.

Come to think of it, IIRC I was never happy with the compressor, I always had issues with it. @chaim'l has a nice little one with a digital meter and auto-stop, two features this doesn't have.
I used my little one for ~10 starts without recharging it, and I have an SUV with a big engine that needs a lot of juice to start.

IINM most of the little batteries have adapters to plug a cigarette lighter plug into it, so if you wanted that portability for the compressor it should work.
Then I think it's going to be the portable one.

 Any chance we can get @chaim'l'l to chime in so I can know which one to look into?

 Thanks for your help.

Credit Cards / Re: Misc Credit Card Questions
« on: Today at 12:46:13 AM »
If you value Chase UR points highly, the freedom unlimited is a free card that gives 3 ppd on 1st 20k. that's 20k spend for 60k UR.
The Barclays would get 110k points for 20k spend
they did say they have the preferred card so that would make a good choice taking the freedom unlimited to get three times per a dollar then transfer to the preferred and book award tickets.
Now they did mention as well they have the freedom not sure if it's the freedom unlimited or the regular freedom so they might want a different card.
as well they already come out ahead with the Barclays card worth $1,100 which is the freedom only 700/750 after  redeeming for cash, or using for flights you can get a lot more value.

Get a Lithium-ion one instead.
It's so much more convenient. Even if you have to get a separate compressor you still come out ahead.

I used to have one of theseIt's huge and heavy.

Now I have this (I got it a few years ago, there are newer versions.) I find it so much more convenient.
Being that you had both, which one were you happier with?
 For the few times you needed it probably easier to carry around the small one and a air compressor for 10-15$? 

 Or is there a may'lah for the big one?

Get a Lithium-ion one instead.
It's so much more convenient. Even if you have to get a separate compressor you still come out ahead.

I used to have one of theseIt's huge and heavy.

Now I have this (I got it a few years ago, there are newer versions.) I find it so much more convenient.
Good idea, I always had the thought that owning one of those portable hand car boosters were a kids toy while the 20pounded cable booster worked better?
 I see it has 800 amps which is quite impressive, seems to be only one use before needed to recharge it.

 And like you mentioned weights nothing and can store it anywhere.

 Curios if people today still buy the big clunker's or these small portable banks?

 And the air I would need one going into the cars cigarette hole, vs having a portable one. Makes no difference I'm using it for a car, so what's the difference should I use the battery of the car or be busy charging this big 20 pound clunker.
 Will sleep over this idea of yours!

 Good night.

 Only downside with your idea is, I have to make myself crazy to find a decent small one that has good CCA and is not a piece of garbage.

 Vs the big one I already know should I take one, will probably go with the $80 one. And then still buy a plug for $5 and a case for $12.

לילה טוב       


Found this to be a very informative article, surprised that @Dan never made such a post, definitely worthwhile spending some time to put out a post that way all  DD/DDF members can make use out of their miles as well as well as their kid's miles and like mentioned over there ba and JetBlue one can pool them (then again even when pooling there's the ups and then the Downs of doing that,like with ba limited to who you can book a ticket for if you have a household account.)

Credit Cards / Re: Misc Credit Card Questions
« on: Yesterday at 11:52:41 PM »
Ye, I'm sure chase or amex points value may be greater (with the right cards...) But I think the Barclay is perfect for her being that she's earning 2 points per dollar and she is able to book travel wherever she wants, and use points to pay it off...
And that you get 70000 or rather 80,000 after she spends 5K in the first 3 months.

That's already worth $800.

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Tech Talk / Re: Tapatalk Problems
« on: Yesterday at 11:43:29 PM »
Other forums...
Yup that's what it seems.


Thank you for contacting Tapatalk!

The Dansdeals forum is running on a forum software that doesn't natively support Like function. Therefore, it doesn't show a Like button in the app, as the Tapatalk app only supports native function.

The give Kin is a Tapatalk App feature which basically rewarding the poster crypto currency. No, it does not replace the Like function.


Credit Cards / Re: Misc Credit Card Questions
« on: Yesterday at 11:41:46 PM »
yes, she is thinking of travelling, She wants to fly to Hawaii, will she have good flight options?
She was actually thinking of going with this one. if anybody has any other recommendations, pls share. thanks.
Remember the card gives you points and those points can only be redeemed for a cash paid flight or travel on your account.

Looking to spend in the 50 to $70 range on a portable jump starter , and preferably one with an air compressor to inflate tires.

  Anyone have one that they would recommend, here's three below which I would go with, not sure how many cranking amps suffice for an average car? Do I need 350 starting cranking amps or 500 needed?

 Here's three different ones that I was thinking about buying.

STANLEY FATMAX 700/350 Amp Jump Starter w/120 PSI Compressor (J7CS)

Reason to get this one is it's $50 and has the air.


STANLEY 1000/500 Amp Jump Starter w/120 PSI Compressor (J5C09)

Has air and this one higher cranking amps.

 Or this one for $60 but without the air, don't want to carry around an air pump and a jumper, when I can have a jumper and air compressor without the need to plug it into any socket.

STANLEY 1000/500 Amp 12V Jump Starter with LED Light and USB (J509)

There's another one which I see a lot of, chaverim, mechanics seem to have the " clore automotive Jump And Carry" version for a few dollars more, worth splurging to get that one?

 Any feedback will be much appreciated.

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