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General Discussion / Re: EMT MASTER THREAD
« on: May 14, 2020, 03:50:48 PM »
Members (as in the total amount of them) doesn't mean much, it's active members that count (flatbush especially)

Too many members -  I'm with you. Though of course that doesn't literally mean that everyone single EMT should have a radio, it definitely IMO should be tilted that way more than the current exclusivity. Would also help shoulder the burden off the very active members & nights and shabbos.

Insurance - Most neighborhoods softbill now I belive, as they should. No use in throwing away free money. I laughed when one coordinator went to the news and publicly resigned because he said if they start billing then it"ll corrupt hatzolah. As if lol.
I hear ya.
 Well I guess that explains why Shomrim has a branch off or for those who couldn't get in called shmirah.
 And then same for chaverim called chavivim in B.P.

 Interesting that they didn't branch off with a new Hatzalah organization?

I use LINKO or v4ink unusually, not sure if they
 have chips but there fact is that sometimes it'll just get stuck with the the toner empty unless cleared.
That's quite funny, those are the brands I've been using for quite some time.
  Most of them iirc had a chip, as you need a chip for it to work, unless you remove the old one and put it in the new one.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Free router
« on: May 14, 2020, 03:28:42 PM »
That's fine with me
I can print you the label if that helps. And sent it your way..

General Discussion / Re: EMT MASTER THREAD
« on: May 14, 2020, 03:27:49 PM »

I know where you are coming from (a good place i'm sure) and I know what you are thinking and where you want to go. I'd rather not air out that much dirty laundry on here, so we can take it to Pm and you can call me if you have any further questions. However I''ll lay out some info here for everyone. I''ll try to keep it pareve, because i'd rather not bash them in public.

Hatzolah in many neighborhoods has become and exclusive club, you can't get in unless you are very connected to someone, or come with a lot of money, or if you are in an area that they are really really struggling.

Also they are mostly run like personal fiefdoms therefore what may seem logical and simple just doesn't happen. For example, I know many medics that are/were current members of various hatzolahs that they refused to let them ride as medics (they had to ride as emt's) simply because that's what the person in charge wanted. Only after much fighting, rabbonim etc did they get bumped up.

With that said - I would not change your life radically (e.g. move neighborhoods/take a paramedic course instead of yeshiva/etc) IN THE HOPES that you one day may be able to join hatzolah, many have gotten burned, and as overall their stance is they simply don't need you etc you most likely will be burned out and frustrated.

Chesed can be done in many other organizations that desperately need your help. I know (been an EMT for a few years now) that rolling to jobs and doing chesed at the same time is super awesome, but don't base your life around an organization that's stance is that they don't need you, and you"ll spend years trying to prove otherwise.
Well said I must say, but what I don't get, why wouldn't Hatzalah have as many members or at least a bit more than 250 throughout Flatbush for example?
  Take Israel for example they have over 6k members on ichud Hatzalah.

    What's the problem with having an overflow of members and put less stress on other members by them knowing there's only 3 members in this neighborhood, now they can have 6 or whatever?

 As well, I thought they started to charge insurance for calls ? Or was that only if you had insurance?

i ended up using Fedex for $36
I hope you bought someone's Amex offer and got your label reduced further?


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Tech Talk / Re: t-mobile Wifi calling on non t-mobile phones
« on: May 14, 2020, 04:53:13 AM »
Only using the built-in settings, is there an app for it?
Well for the phones that don't have it usually there's an app.

What I'm afraid of the DCPL2550 (since I haven't used it yet), if it's also that easy to reset toner counter.
What's the point of resetting the toner count so it doesn't show cartridge empty?
  All my new tonors have new chips in them.
What do you use?


last 2 phones!

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Purple (Good condition) - $260

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Pink 128gb (like new) - $420
S9 Gb? And both unlocked?

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Used Cars Master Thread
« on: May 14, 2020, 02:53:26 AM »
can you also send me?
Why not post it here?

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Free router
« on: May 14, 2020, 02:52:52 AM »
Pick up in Passaic
Or if someone wants from OOT ,offer for free but ship at buyers expense.
 If under a 1lb then USPS which is mad cheap usually.
 Or if under 6lb then for $5 you can get a label.

General Discussion / Re: EMT MASTER THREAD
« on: May 14, 2020, 02:49:17 AM »
Easy to get accepted in queens, and even easier if your a paramedic.
I think I'm moving to queens! ;)
   If it's quite hard getting  onto Hatzalah, what about a previous member from another location?
 For example a Lakewood member who moved to Flatbush or vice versa? Assuming that would help? Or a member from queens to Flatbush?
  If you're doing that move just to join the location you want then you gotta be pretty desperate.
  Curios does Hatzalah allow a Lakewood member to get a number in the Flatbush as well if he comes or works in Flatbush or Manhattan during the week?

When I was there there wasn't any.
Oh well, thanks then.


Am almost sure it used to be $2.98 though.
Thanks, any pics by any chance of the price tag?

Seems odd... Lots of people have been able to get ahold of Clorox Wipes (Thank you Dan and JJ), however Lysol Wipes are nowhere to be found! Just a random thought :)
After Trump's speech, seems like people started to use as toilet paper, being that digesting it wouldn't be safe, according to Trump.

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