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Deals/Deal Requests / Re: My Sprint Rewards Master Thread.
« on: April 06, 2019, 10:54:39 PM »
Don't know if it's much of a deal as I've seen it before, for $60 you can get a Costco membership which is the standard price, but they're offering three free products, liquid laundry detergent, 30 rolls of toilet paper, as well as some to tequila chips.
 And every membership comes with one free household membership.

The lady told me that because I bought it from the UK, I would have to pay to ship it back to the UK myself. She said she cannot return it or exchange it for me. She couldn't believe that I got it for only 20 pounds and that the site allowed US addresses! She told me that the best advice she has is that I should keep the shirts I do not like because I got a great deal.
Smart lady, would have told you the same, not to return. but why not allow you to exchange ? its all the same shirts? what they losing?

Just Shmooze / Re: Good Shabbos!
« on: April 05, 2019, 06:54:29 PM »
Good Shabbos, and Rosh Chodesh!
Amen and the same to you..

No, but this will encourage scammers to post pad in order to look legit. (Although I'd say not just to look at post count before deciding to trust someone)
Either you loose your money or spend a few seconds and look what type of post's the member your trying to buy from has on ddf, and from there you can see if hes post padding or actually supplying quality stuff to the ddf community.

Is there secret info here?
Nope, good info for all the crooks to see and will think twice before scamming someone being that ddf was warned multiple times about fraudulent sellers.

Still promotes Pad-posting. Unless its kept sooper seekrit
Take a peek at the members post and see whats what..

Call up ct shirts and get a label they are free to exchange, no need to tell them where you bought it from as they can see what ever they need to see on their end.
  And why return? The shirts don't rot for the price you paid just exchange for the right size and use at a later time.

i have 2 sets of additional pages (may not have been obtained in the most kosher way)

Just a tease. will try to make a video.

I'm not sure what has more your passport or a harry poter book?  ;)
 Like the passport, looks nice and used.

Why does YUL, YYC, and YYZ stamp but not YVR?
Flew to YYZ many times, and haven't gotten a stamp even once.

Up In The Air / Re: Hidden City Ticketing
« on: April 05, 2019, 04:30:38 PM »
Is there anything to be worried when taking just a carry on going to nyc, and then off to a random island without me?
   Yes while in Canada you go through the border agents but will i have problems  being that i'm going to some random island?

Don't do much buying/selling, but if I was buying from someone that hasn't built up trust yet, I would simply say that I won't pay until I get the item or the GC is used. If they need references I can always provide it.

Trusted members should naturally have the upper hand.
Well said!

For one, people have been telling people to post more.
The post padding deletions and PMs are getting unbearable. Might need to undo this and/or just delete this board.
It's probably a good idea to even keep this board alive so scammers and newbies bump into this thread and realize what they're doing before buying and selling.

I was going to say to add a new board where only members with 500/1000 or something posts can access the board while we will have only members which have some sort of creditably. But then again, each person buying and selling can decline or not respond to a seller with less than that.
 So the only simple solution is buy and sell at your own risk, there's noone to come crying to if a deal goes bad, Dan is offering a free service allowing members to enjoy and make a few $ but to do a stupid deal and then come crying, sorry doesn't work like that around here.(Sell on ebay or another platform if you can't seem to sell and buy at your own risk and pay the 10% and 2.9% fees).

You've been biding your time since 2015....
Yup, been 4+ years Anniversary, To bad I only came across ddf then.
 I remember the first transactions buying Target RC, and selling 20-30 boxes of hot tomales.
 Signing up for an account was originally to buy and sell, but with a bit of time did I realize there's a lot more to the forum than that.
   Now just because you created an account back in 2008 or 2011 it doesn't make you more trusted, if you post one post a year, it's no worse than you creating account today and having 10 posts.
 Again it's all about your prior history with other members that make you trusted and that your active around the forum.

Using PayPal 'goods and services' should be a good solution, no?
Just sold an iphn here, I would think that I would be a trusted member around here, but the buyer didn't feel that way, as he doesn't know me from adoms.
 So i ate the loss of 5-10$ just so the buyer feels safe and he knows he's covered should an issue arise.
 Yes Paypal is a good way to avoid all these fruadalent transactions but then again that's 2.9% which might be a burdon for some, as the product they're selling costed them money, and the need to ship and still want a profit.
 Each member has the abilty to do it through pp freinds and family, but being that you didn't there's noone to blame other then yourself.

Instead of all the restrictions being put in place, one needs to use his head before buying anything on the forum.

 Most of my transactions were done with members who have a nice amount of posts, as well one with HatTips and likes is even more of a reason to trust them.

 When one would go to Manhattan to see a vendor selling camcorders for half the price you would see it in the store, would you buy it?
 Well maybe yes and then again maybe no, some would buy and some would stay far away with a 10 foot pole.
 Now those that buy should be smart enough that if im buying such a product, I'm going to open the product in front of the guys face to make sure there's no rocks and newspapers in the packaging instead of the camcorder.
   So the same applies here, when one is going to trek in the wet waters you got to make sure you know how to swim and stay safe, if your unsure then stay away.

  In English if your unsure STAY away, if people realize that I'm not having any luck around the forum selling stuff, people will start to realize if I slowly spent some time here on the forum and build some relationship I will be trusted and ppl would want to do business with me.
 All it takes is one stupid transaction and that username is toast, especially a newbie who spent 2 months trying to gain trust and he does a fraudulent transaction, there goes his two months of work.

  Again as the famous saying goes..  "Better safe than sorry"

Vas is "Billig is Teir" and Vus is "Teir is Billig"..

(Yid., ביליק): cheap, shoddy (said of merchandise); common expression "Billig is Teir" (cheap is expensive).

And so much for United.

  So we're left with ba and IB for last minute flights? (Even that was cut in half.)

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