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Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Woot Master Thread
« on: September 17, 2019, 12:27:52 PM »
thanks much!
I'm curious is the discount the same for everyone or what did you get?

 And of course smack that like button.

Good job, at worst you'll negotiate a 100 dollar credit from Amazon.
Yup, or flip to someone that wants it for $350.
 Or sell on eBay... Thanks

Most other places its about 700.00

Trans Globe Lighting MDN-906 Indoor Balboa 24" Pendant, Brushed Nickel ($73.84)

Save $5 with Amazon Assistant. Promo code K86PHWOT is saved to your account.
For a limited time, save $5 off your $25 Home order when you purchase through the Amazon Assistant web extension ( Click on the Amazon Assistant icon in your desktop browser to view offer. Promo code K86PHWOT is saved to your account. Here's how (restrictions apply)

ordered one let's see what happens...

Brand New sells for $279 From Amazon, best buy, Walmart, Target and ....

 Selling for $200 in a closed sealed box!
Here's the Amazon's link....

I have a $25 dollar ticket, sitting with some ppl from my shul.  How much you offering?
I have $36 so  doubt I'll want the 25 unless the sets is in fact better and facing the dayis?

Thank you all for suggestions. All leads being followed. He did speak to Zev several times. May have found something for now but looking for new place for after Sukkos.
your best bet is word-of-mouth tell him to ask around and just be a bug.

Zev Zeer 050 414 4385  Speaks English
that number is connected to a WhatsApp which you might be able to reach him but faster if he doesn't pick up his phone.

Anyone have any leads on a bed in a dirah near Meah Shearim/Geulah area for my 20 year old son who is in Barry Kleins yeshiva? Kind of urgent as he is couch surfing since he was accepted into yeshiva.

Has he spoken to Zev? He's usually on top of the game for Mir guys

I know him personally, great guy and go to his office if you can't reach him and I'm sure he'll find you an open dira.

 He is connected to the mir ,but he has apartments for other guys as well.

The website says that all tickets cheaper than $180 are sold out. Is this surprising, or maybe not reflective of the real number of available tickets?
Are people really reselling it or flipping them?

Looks like it's one time, the code I got is different then yours
Then I guess that answer the question.
  It's weird that in the terms and condition it seems like it's the universal code.

STAPLES: FREE Case True Clear water w/code 2798073025117390 Terms:
 Customer pays tax & deposit. In store only. Ends 9/18.

I'm assuming this code can be used for everyone and it's not a one-time code go ahead and try see what happens.
 because when clicking on the terms and condition it seems like it's a code for everyone.

 If you happen to be in Staples anyways today and tried getting this free case feel free to post back.
     I would only call this a free case in a state that doesn't collect bottle deposit,or maybe I would consider it a free case even in New York as no matter what you have to pay bottle deposit, here you're just getting the water for free.
  Or to make a really free just collect the bottles and deposit them for the $0.05.. Lol

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Woot Master Thread
« on: September 17, 2019, 11:11:32 AM »
Use code "MonkeyTime" for a discount on your woot order!

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