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Re: Panama Master Thread Thanks to everyone for all the help here.

Just wanted to give a quick recap of what I did with some comments

Took Uber from airport and back to airport. Uber in Panama City is super super cheap. No need to rent a car or use anything else. I paid a total of $74.76 for fifteen trips. 

I stayed in Sortis. I made my decision based on the posts here. I didnít have a chance to analyze the map beforehand because I was very short in time. It is a very nice hotel, but I am not sure why this is being promoted instead of the hotels that are by the water. Had I seen the map before I wouldíve chosen one by the water. There are some restaurants close to Sortis but there are also restaurants close the Trump hotel and others. (I wasnít there for shabes. Could be shabes is a deferent story)

Day 1
1st breakfast we ate at Kava. Kava isnít inside Sortis anymore. Itís about 2 blocks away. Food was great.

We did Monkey Island tour with Sorhay. She is not the cheapest, but she is a GREAT guide and we very much enjoyed our time with her.

Dinner was from Pita Plus. We were tired from flight so we ordered in. By the time food came it was cold so I cant really comment on the food.

Day 2
We had scheduled a cave tour with My friend Mario because Sorhay wasnít available. The night before they sent an e-mail saying that it was canceled because they only had us 2 and needed 6. I thought is was a disgrace to let me know the night before and by e-mail. What if I didnít check my e-mail?

We went to pool in the morning. Then to Jefferys for breakfast. Food was great. Then we went to hike Ancon Hill. Didnít see much wildlife. Then we went to the Miraflores locks. Was very interesting. Then we went to the Multiplaza shopping mall. Dinner we ate at Aria. We really liked this place.

Day 3
San Blas Islands we booked through Sorhay. Had an amazing day. Dinner was at Lula. We liked the food, but we liked Aria better.

Day 4
Anton Valley with Sorhay. We went hiking the sleeping indian. Then we did the square Tree trail. We did the hot spring with the mud. We also did horseback riding. We stopped somewhere to see sunset. Dinner we ate at Aroma Cafť. The food was fine.

Day 5
Breakfast by Darna. Food was good. We then walked Cosco Viejo, the Amador Causeway and Cinta Costera. We then made a short stop at Kava, and it was time to go home.

Thanks again for all your help.

February 07, 2019, 09:33:36 PM
Re: Summer: NY/MIAMI/CHICAGO (and more) to Africa from $262 RT booked may 23 to 31 to Casablanca. Booked wife on separate booking in case she decides she doesn't want to go.
December 31, 2020, 04:25:02 PM