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Credit Cards / Re: Misc Credit Card Questions
« on: August 03, 2017, 05:43:19 PM »
If I have 5 additional cards on the Amex gold card and then I add 4 more cards then they charge $35 fee for each additional card after 5. If I cancel now the original 5 that I had to make it only 5 additionals will I get refunded the fee or only if I cancel the card which triggered the fee?
Iirc , cancelling the original 5 doesnt restart the 5 free AU's.


Is this the one you were referring to?
The number? Yes . Atleast its one of them. Ive been told there are a few services like it.


If only the experience would be as good as the site...

I dont know your experience. She catered one if my kids brissim and did a great job. Ive heard that ordered meals are very good as well (but no personal experience)

So its not a situation where the Israelis get a better deal than the Americans. So do you now agree that it's a myth?

Myth in the sense that if an american actually socialized with israelis they would get the same price. Yes its a myth. However gemerally americans pay more and willingly get ripped off much more than israelis because they dont know how this country. Heck , the fact that eshkolet is still around and pyup looks like its pumping millions on paran says it all.

You're the first I've ever heard complain about them..

Any kashrus experts I can call about this?
Emkay seems to be pretty knowledgeable.

Its rabnut Mehudret and not mehadrin meaning there is no mashgiach


1)Cool, will have to try it out.
2)Later this month if it happens.

3)Need some suggestions for kids activities, can be anywhere in the country :)
1) you might wanna look into the kashrus aspect
2) wow. Enjoy!
3) every year i bring my kids (ages 3-9) to ein gedi (start from bottom and go 4 falls up), davida's petting farm in moshav yishi (my kids can be there all day year after year between the petting farm, milking show, water stuff & trampolines, planting & horse rides), kef tzuba , gan yehoshua, ein yael, ein prat & einot tzukim (kids love it but wife gets grossed out).

Does your number only work for Israelis and not tourists?
FWIW , an american freind used tjis specific number a few times amd was happy

We used to use for online grocery in Yerushalayim when we came but that seems to be out of business. Does anyone know of another such service? Todah
Rami levy has an online delivery


So to be clear - this number helps Israelis get better deals on hotels?

Villas, zimmers etc..

any threads on citycar?
i heard its 25 shek an hour all hours of the day for next 3 weeks

Every bein hazmanim they do that


The phone number is listed in the Elders of Zion welcome packet?

Yes under section 403 paragraph 3. Right after the bold lettering in the terms and conditions stating "As Elders of Zion members we protect the public in promoting not to use greedy and stuck up the a**  TA's like chaikeltravel, etc..".

And for anyone else who knows how to ask properly ...0529708175 is one number i was given just now . I have no experience with them.

Youre gonna need to do better than that
Most israelis don't book online . There a few main numbers out there that you can call, tell them what you're looking for and you get called back by owners of places that most suit you request. At that point they are the ones who are selling to you so you get your references from them , pics etc.. the ball then is in your court to decide on who is giving you the best price. Ive been told this from a few hocker israelis.

It's a myth
Anyone do this? Hechsher good enough for parve candy?
Id stay away
Looking for a caterer to cater yom tov meals (take out) for succos. Will be in Ramot, but can pick up from anywhere in Yerushalayim. If you have recommendations, please let me know. Contact info + hechsher greatly appreciated.
The Kiddush Club (Donowitz) 0547825824
Does delivery . Eidah chareidis , good food

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: Free night Hilton Certificates
« on: July 27, 2017, 02:24:02 PM »
bump can someone please answer me if they had any luck getting a premier room with certs ?2. On weekdays using certs?
Most accounts being sold and booked from are gold accnts . IME The upgraded rooms are only given when the "AH" comes to check in and upgrades are avail. Otherwise its standard. - i might be wrong though

Looking to buy nights for $500
How many ?!

Credit Cards / Re: Amex Platinum Master Thread
« on: July 25, 2017, 01:56:27 PM »

AUs have to be Plat, or is additional Green AUs enough?

It's on personal plat (so au's would be either gold or plat). Seems from email that golds would qualify.

AU's can be green as well . Also , the offer is not only going out on plat, i received on prg as well.

Looks like Amex is taking a break from 150K Platinum mail offers, only 100k/10k offers sent out this time.

Yep . Reg offers seem to be 100/10 & targeted offers 100/5 + 50/10

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